Terms of Service

Feedage Terms of Service
By using Feedage you are bound by the following terms and conditions.

Personal use:
Feedage is intended for the personal, non-commercial use only.

Disclaimer of Warranties:
Feedage cannot be held accountable for the accuracy, content, usage or availability of the information contained on this web site.

Limitation of Liability:
Feedage, under no circumstances, shall be held liable for any damage, real or other, resulting from the content of this web site.

Request for remove form our database:
If for any reason you would like to have your feed removed from our database, please contact our support team and include with your request the URL of the feed(s) to be removed.

Automated "crawling":
Automated "crawling" of Feedage and it's data-base are strictly monitored and prohibited!

Junk Content (Spam):
Feedage.com will remove all feeds and accounts from users that submit large numbers of low quality feeds, or users that create multiple accounts to subvert our quality guidelines.

Adult Content:
Adult content is strictly prohibited. Feedage.com will remove all adult oriented content. Feedage.com reserves the right to remove all content from a user that has been found to submit adult material. To further block adult content, we no-longer display user submitted images.

Duplicate RSS Feeds
Feedage.com will disable the account and remove ALL RSS Feeds from any publishers that intentionally submit duplicate content.

Affiliate Marketing RSS Feeds
In order to maintain a directory of only the highest quality RSS Feeds, we may at times remove or block RSS Feeds that are for the sole purpose of affiliate marketing.