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  • icase2006
    This blog was to support the sessions from me at ICASE in Singapore in November 2006 A Plenary and two workshops on Web 2.0 in Teaching & Learning and also Podcasting. Well .. it is all over now and everyone has gone home ... I hope you enjoyed it as mu

  • KUSP's Live at Lunch Music Sessions Podcast
    Live music and interviews of musicians from near and far, recorded in the KUSP studios, Santa Cruz, CA.

  • Mefeedia Video Tag : bumrushthechar
    Watch the latest Bumrushthecharts videos on MeFeedia.

  • mu''a'vo' mu' - A Klingon Word from the Word
    Thinking about the Scriptures, through the lens of the Klingon Language Version of the World English Bible.note: Klingon used in older entries here is a pidgin Klingon - a targh Hol so to speak. Newer text will be more grammatical tlhIngan Hol and can be

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