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  • Israel National Radio - Walter's World
    Walter Bingham travels all over Israel and the international Jewish world to bring you in-depth reports in his exciting magazine style program. Topics range from cultural and entertainment events and social problems to major political interviews and state

  • PaleoJudaica.com
    Visit PaleoJudaica daily for the latest news on ancient Judaism and the biblical world. E-mail: paleojudaica-at-talktalk-dot-net ("-at-" = "@", "-dot-" = ".")

  • StandWithUs International Blog - Israel Advocacy


  • Free Israel Now!
    Free Israel from Arab Muslim Terrorism, Genocide, Apartheid boycott campaign, Racist monopoly via threats and oil power in the international arena & vast media, for so long, against Israel the victim.

  • Zionists Out of the Peace Movement
    To defeat the aggressors is not enough to make peace durable. The main thing is to discard the ideology that generates war. —Ludwig von Mises, Human Action (4th ed.), p. 832.