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    Lifehack has all the refreshing ideas you need to end negativity, get things done fast, and achieve your goals.

  • The Random Guide To The Galaxy
    This is the podcast where common sense doesn't matter. It is completely random. We aim to be as Random as possible but we do have some idea of what the show may entail: Random Top Tens, The School of RAndom & More. Unless we go completely, randomly off th

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    That's my thing, keepin' the faith, baby. --Joe Friday

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    I've been observing personal computing behavior for a long time, and now I have some things to say. Here are my two cents about computing, music, software, and related topics.

  • Eyes on the horizon, feet on the ground...
    Every ten years or so technology in learning cycles between individuals and communities doing "cool" and pioneering things, then back to governments and corporations who think Content is King. Stephen narrates this inevitable cycle to help everyone with u