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    learning to love life without an easy bake oven...

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  • My Year To Get Skinny - The Diary of a Fat Girl
    Or The Diary of a Chubby Mama. Bitching, venting, baking, cooking, eating, exercising, and getting to my goal weight. There may even be some bitching, venting, laughing, and loving everything else in my life too! This is my year to be able to walk into an

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    Heidi Richardson Evans: Artist, writer, bleeding heart bisexual breeder, baking junkie, unapologetic feminist, blogger, & anatomical non-conformist.

  • Apifera Farm: where animals,art and lavender collide
    She baked him a pie, and love was zizzling inside the crust. They moved to a farm in Oregon, and named it Apifera. Creatures arrived, then puppets. A donkey has pie parties. Sheep teach lessons. Cats fall from trees, unscathed. Goats abound. And then, mag