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  • Aarthi's Weblog

  • Ad Nauseam - ramblings of a technologist
    I've been with Microsoft, as a technologist, for over 10 years. Occasionally, I stumble across a nugget that I think others will find interesting. I put those nuggets here.

  • Target's GO designers lines
    does anyone else absolutely love these lines? i think i've bought something from every designer they've had. the new Libertine one is especially cool. Search Domain

  • ''''''''''''''''''''-mutant cheese doodle podcast-''''''''''''''''''''
    it's the podcast! a.k.a the worste podcast on teh internetz. this is a podcast about my website ( i talk about what i want. new episodes every week. very cool. you want to subscribe to this podcast, trust

  • Probably old news.. Regarding Chris
    I was watcing Fairly Oddparents with my son, and Chris is now on the show as the singer Chip Skylarker. It's kinda cool to hear him sing.. since you never really did when he was with the group. Search Domain