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  • The Good Human
    "Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites." ~William Ruckelshaus

  • Mona's Apple
    A hungry girl's slice of life and food in New York City. "The primary requisite for writing about food is a good appetite."-a.j.leibling

  • Comments on Chris Hamer-Hodges: Feeding on the Word

  • Yarnophiliac
    (pronunciation: yarn-o-FEEL-ee-ak) noun; 1. one having a tendency toward yarn; 2. one having an abnormal appetite or liking for yarn

  • Bosky says : The web log of Bhasker V K
    Being there, doing that as a full stack developer building , Previously { Early employee at @taptolearn (YC '12), entrepreneur at (soft-landed), Early employee at Tutorvista (acquired) } @bhaskerkode on Twitter