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  • Information Literacy & Fluency (Videos/PPoints)
    This theme blog showcases videos designed to support k-12 educators in the area of information literacy (information fluency). ... and some fun stuff I just could not resist. The main Information Literacy area on Shambles is at

  • Teachers & Teaching (Videos/PPoints)
    This page showcases online multimedia videos and powerpoints related to teachers and teaching .. a general perspective. There are many areas on the Shambles website that list free resources to help with this topic ....

  • Technology and Computer Fun (Videos/PPoints)
    This "Theme Blog" showcases videos and PowerPoint presentations which offer some fun and humour (humur) related to Technology, Computers and ICT Other relevant areas on Shambles: |

  • Blogger Template
    Tutorial computer Anda gadget review, tips to repair computer and free download software, theme wordpress, blogger