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  • Cuerpo y Arte » Arte Corporal

    Everybody's always down to be the painter but no one's wants to be in the picture....I'd rather be the painter left stroke, right stroke, paintin' the picture ...Ouu baby so soft I will be your painter...Paint that picture for you girl what's the business

  • The Daily Muse by Susan Martin Spar
    I'm a recent graduate of Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, Washington and have just started to compile a new body of work. Much of what you see here prior to 2011 is older work and hopefully you'll note an improvement. Because I paint both in Alla Prima (fas

  • Artful Endeavors
    Enjoy the gallery where you will find photos of my original designs, paintings that I have taught in classes, as well as creations by some of my awesome students. Please visit my Artful Endeavors web site for more class, workshop, seminar, and event infor

  • The Trend Spot
    I am the trend guru (unofficial title) for iLoveToCreate, which means I am always looking at emerging trends and creative new ideas. I will give you a peek into these trends, while inspiring you to get creative!