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Why is SCO taking action against corporate giants like IBM? How will all of these lawsuits affect the corporate acceptance of Linux? What are the most exciting software projects taking place right now? Follow this Linux Technologist as he provides his u
Tags: blogging business company economist+reports economist linux+technologist linux long+time long new novell+quiet novell system

Follow one Managing Consultant, guided by years of experience managing both domestic and international business for global IT companies, as he shares research and provides unique insight on global issues impacting the IT industry today, including the offs
Tags: budgeting capital+budgeting capital case+study case implementing+myco myco part project study+implementing study

Follow an Enterprise Architect as he presents a unique view of the ICT industry in New Zealand, sharing his own personal experiences with service oriented architecture, integration, governance, business process engineering, and agile software development,
Tags: brew+brew brew business development+project ict+new ict mobile much new+zealand new software+development technology zealand

A software entrepreneur shares his unique real-world perspective on entrepreneurship, software development, software deployment, and real-time Business Intelligence software.
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Follow the Executive Director of an IT services organization based in India as he shares his unique perspective on the outsourcing phenomenon and navigates the highly competitive "wherever" market of providing strategic consulting services to organization
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Follow my quest for order-of-magnitude savings in IT costs. In this weekly newsletter, I explore an alternative viewpoint which challenges the fundamental orthodoxies of IT and presents thought-provoking alternatives. You will not agree with everything
Tags: data+structure data member+types metadata+r metadata metrici nodes storage structured stuff types versatile web+pages web

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Find the latest news articles, viewpoints and podcast audio downloads from The American Farm Bureau Federation - the unified national voice of agriculture.
Tags: agriculture american+farm american bureau+federation bureau dinner farm+bureau farm nafta thanksgiving+dinner thanksgiving

Climate change from the viewpoint of a skeptical former Sierra Club activist and USEPA senior analyst
Tags: change climate+change climate climategate famously+steady good information kudos land political site thought times usepa

Climate change from the viewpoint of a skeptical former Sierra Club activist and USEPA senior analyst
Tags: carlin+economics climate+religion climate economics+science hypothesis model models religion science scientific+method scientific

Climate change from the viewpoint of a skeptical former Sierra Club activist and USEPA senior analyst
Tags: carlineconom cooling global implausibility+hypothesis nofollow period rel+nofollow rel significant+effect temperature world

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