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So spannend ist Kultur: "ttt" berichtet über aktuelle Ausstellungen, neue Musik, aufregende Aktionen, große und kleine Stars sowie Trends der internationalen Kultur-Szene.
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The four elements act as guardians of world justice--if they can just get along with one another. They're elemental, they're temperamental, names are four letter words!
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Discus fish are one of the most beautiful aquarium fish you could ever want to keep. These small wonderful creatures are great pets to keep in an aquarium. With their beauty comes a price though. Discus are very temperamental creatures. They are not like
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Aguarela a várias cores e tons, consoante o estado de espírito.
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Mental health and substance abuse disorders can include alcohol-induced mood disorders, where a person’s mood can be very temperamental when they are consuming alcohol. Even though depressive moods are common during drunkenness and irritability can also
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