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Get Tips to Save a Marriage That Works!
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Are you in a sexless marriage? If you are, how does that make you feel? Of course, it's important to make sure you and your partner get along, have a good time together outside of the bedroom, and do not argue, but intimacy should not be ignored. To
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Dealing with a sexless marriage can be a difficult thing to do. The frustration, humiliation and depression that can come with this awful relationship problem is enough to drive some couples to terrible things. Some end up cheating on thier partners, oth
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The negative effects of being in a sexless marriage are far reaching and can be quite dire for the relationship and for personal mental and physical health. Coping with a sexless marriage is therefore something that anyone stuck in this unfortunate situat
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Living within a sexless marriage is far from unusual as one mght think these days. In fact statistics state that as many as 1 in 20 couples in their 30's are celibate - and many of these people don't want to walk away from the relationship they
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How to survive a sexless marriage on a day to day basis is what many couples these days are asking themselves. According to a report published in Newsweek many couples are not participating or enjoying any sexual intimacy with their partners. For some cou
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Most couples who want to know how to help fix a sexless marriage have arrived at this thought because of the realisation that their relationship isn't simply going through a 'phase'. Admitting you have a sexless marriage is not easy - and i
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