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Resting place to my thoughts and ramblings, inspiration, writing, hip-hop, mind-release, rants and other instances of complete randomness. Basically, the oil to the hamster that runs on the wheel in my brain.
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Ramblings of Rick Rockhill. Pet Industry Veteran. Dog & Cat Nutrition Leader, Business Consultant & Advisor. Public Speaker. Student of life, doing what I love. Following my passions and that which inspire me. World traveler, passionate about pe
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sharing thoughts, ramblings, moments of inspiration and creativity...and just highlights from a day of grace. "I want to be known as a Christian...that colors outside the lines and sometimes runs with scissors."
Tags: back book check god hugs+debbie hugs life love make much new school share things time wonderful work

Created for the enjoyment of myself and as an avenue to share with others the things that I love, appreciate, and cherish, whether my own creations of art, the inspired wisdoms and creations of others, and/or sharings of God-cidences (more than just coinc
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This is a journal of the thoughts and ramblings of an amateur artist. It includes displays of my artwork and the work of other artists I admire. This is a forum for the discussion of ideas inspired by this work. Constructive comments are welcome.
Tags: american blog family gay hope i’m life love man movie much new people thing time words work ”

Random ramblings of a dot com mogul wannabe. I'm inspired to earn and help fellow bloggers earn online income while having fun in this online adventure!
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This blog contains stories of inspiration in my quest to touch and save lives , my experiences and struggles, the joys and pains encountered, my rambles and rants, and almost anything that can be tackled about.
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A collection of pictures, ramblings and meanderings of an inspired soul... mommy...wife and experimenter of experiences. This is a place where inspiration is explored.
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A place to display my work, post my ramblings of the paper crafting world, and hopefully inspire someone to be creative.
Tags: back blog+hop colored cosmo+cricket gallery hop love mft new paper pti pure+innocence ribbon set time xox+kirsten xox

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