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I received a question regarding this post: How do large programs work? Hi Calvin. I thought we're supposed to write granular, encapsulated programs. I have read that the highest quality code is also some of the smallest code. If that's true, then
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Comments and questions about translation of Swedish,German, Danish, and Norwegian crime fictionas well as "real" literature. "Music is supposed to wash awaythe dust of everyday life." Art Blakey
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Has anyone used this mask before? Does it do what they say it is suppose to? Is Biore the only company that makes the nose/face strips? Search Domain
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One of SXSW’s newer and more questionable traditions is the giant rock show from the giant rock band that’s supposed to be a “secret” but everyone knows is coming because there’s a big gap in the schedule at Stubb’s. La
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always busy counting, doubting every figured guess . . .
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