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International award-winning journalist, author and educator. Bohemian, left-of-center Christian evangelical. The future lies in the Third World, a dystopia created by the First World. Photo on a windy day shot in Juarez, Mexico, with FBI agents digging cl
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A subtropical suburban oasis in Wandsworth, south-west London designed to defy the depredations of global warming, garden pests and kids without recourse to carbon emissions, chemicals or cranial damage.
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This is the place where u can find all about celebrity news,celebrity gossip, celebrity images,celebrity video, latest celebrity news, recent celebrity news, latest celebrity gossip and lot's more.......
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"Life's Rich Pageant"
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Modern Celebs presents celebrities in Hollywood, Bollywood and others: TV, entertainments, music, sports and other fields of human excellence and personality development. We also give you celebrity gossip, videos, news on beauty, health, fitness, fashion,
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Asian American literature, ideas, and common sense
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