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Harangues that just make sense
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Hi guys, We all have been there, we have some text we need to allocate using a regex, and we cannot really define what can be between 2 sub matches, so we simply uses the easiest solution .*? . You will probebly wont notice the problem, until the day
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Mainly a place for ye administrator and webmaster to post notices about updates and changes to the Latarnia Forums and Latarnia Website. You can also post here if you are having technical problems on the message board or website. Search
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Lots of people suffer from Ear Nose Throat problems but competent professionals are available to lend a hand.
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A brief request of the recappers:Although there's absolutely no problem with swearing in your recaps, I've noticed that the fucking cursing has, at times, overrun some of the posts. This isn't the blue room at the Apollo, so unless you're recap
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STATUTORY NOTICE:Buy At Your Own Risk....Due Diligence is a must....therefore it is advisable to act cautiously and cross check the matters..from other sources, before taking any investment decision and without assinging any liabilty to me...the owner of
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Fuck My Life is an ongoing collection of anectodes about bad shit. I noticed that too many FMLs (funny as they might be) wouldn’t be FMLs if the persons knew how to not take themeselves so seriously. What they need is a little perspective. I’m here t
Tags: called don fmylife+today fmylife friend girl i’m people problem realized sock stupid today+realized today told work

Have you tried all types of diets and exercises but still cannot improve your weight problems? Have you noticed that once you stopped dieting, you would gain the pounds back? If that sounds familiar to you, have you considered trying weight loss hypnosis?
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