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Parkinson's disease is a condition in which an area of the brain becomes progressively damaged over several years. The main signs of Parkinson's disease are tremor, slow movement, stiff and inflexible muscles. There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s
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Physiology is like software, while anatomy the hardware in human bodies. Physics, including biophysics, can explain many mechanisms of these 'software operations', in physiology and other allied medical disciplines. This blog emphasizes on this analytical
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knitting patterns and video tutorials
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Journal of Neuroscience RSS feed -- recent Cellular articles
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Keep a personal wellness journal on DailyStrength to track your health and communicate with friends.
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knitting patterns and video tutorials
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The media pundit's pundit. Written by NYC insider Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine covers news, media, journalism, and politics.
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HMS scientists tackle a variety of important questions, ranging from how your neurons work to which genes play a role in particular diseases. Our podcast gives you the scoop on some of this work, providing context and highlighting the latest trends in med
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The National Institutes of Health
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