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Exotica is the pseudo, non-native, musical impressions of Polynesian, Afro-Caribbean, and Hawaiian music that became a popular form of escapism for the middle-aged cocktail set in the late 50s and early 60s suburban America. Notable artists include Marti
Tags: blue+tiki cocktail easy+listening escape+exotica exotica+island exotica hawaiian island lounge+exotica lounge radio tiki

Stone Pages Archaeo News is the leading resource for extensive and timely information about the most recent archaeological meetings, digs and breathtaking discoveries, mainly related to prehistoric and megalithic monuments. The Stone Pages is also the fir
Tags: arabian archaeo+news bronze+age dogs early+modern iron middle+east modern+huma pages+archaeo pages prehistoric stone+pages stone

I'm a middle aged male who used to get gout, a lot. Since I've managed to get rid of it for good, I want to help others understand how important it is to cure gout, rather than just put up with the gout symptoms.
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Award winning historical fiction author Elizabeth Chadwick uses this space to discuss her work, her research, and share her love of the Middle Ages.
Tags: book castle eleanor henry historical john king life make marshal read son time william+marshal william years

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~ Writing my own happy ending. A blog containing reflections, thoughts, and observations of a single, middle-aged woman ~
Tags: cam day didn don good life make mike people relationship someone things time tmi vegas work year years

Feed of posts on tagged "getting-rid-of-belly-fat"
Tags: belly+fat belly fat foods+kill grilled+chicken middle+age orange+spice people red+fox rid+belly rid spice+grilled weight

The musings of a middle-aged, back of the pack, often injured, semi-retired ultra runner. Running, biking, camping or hiking, I do whatever I can to live an outdoor life. "The older I get, the better I was."
Tags: back bay+circuit bay circuit+trail day hike hill long mile miles race races run running section time trail

The fascinating world of a middle aged American man.
Tags: cats+dogs comment+truth comment david+soares david fancy+italian fbi+spent heart italian+dinner soares truth+cats ziti+meatballs

Official website for author C.K. Kelly Martin with book info and blog entries focusing on writing, human rights issues, media awareness, movies, music, sex ed and health and more.
Tags: age amazon blog book books canada cover friends kelly+martin martin middle+grade naomi+friends naomi read stricken year

Biting Commentary about Infinity...and Beyond!
Tags: ages+middle challenger didn https middle+ages middle morning+update much multiple newman rand+simberg rand silence simberg

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