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I am a mixed media artist, who envisions herself as a modern day alchemist/archeologist. I love taking items that are broken, rusty, vintage, lost, forgotten, sparkly, torn, and tarnished things and transform them into new creations.
Tags: day fabulous+friends fabulous halloween jewelry kitchen+tar lot love new photo pretty shop spring tarot vintage  i

Welcome to Roger K. Allen, Ph.D. The site was created to disseminate strategies and skills to help people make better choices, achieve success, meaning, and fulfillment in their personal lives and create loving and nurturing relationships within their fa
Tags: deep don’t expectations heaven+don’t make+choices make marriage people+heaven people relationships roger+allen world

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A podcast ran by a bored, not-doing-schoolwork-when I'm supposed-to girl... From the randomest shout outs ever, to a quick guide to Japanese culture (*from time to time, always RANDOM) along with our favourite J-ROCK, Visual kei, and mixture of punk, emo
Tags: emo kagrra+special kagrra list love plays+pretty pretty+baby rhymes+hideous rock set+list set special time xander

IT security is a critical aspect of IT strategy, with the threat of cyber attacks increasing and becoming ever more sophisticated. We examine the latest technologies for protecting your organisation.
Tags: assess+security cyber+attacks cyber+security cyber ensure messaging+apps messaging security+resea security+smartphone security

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Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News, Covering Celebrity News and Hollywood Rumors. Get All The Latest Gossip at TMZ - Thirty Mile Zone.
Tags: dallas hellip+women hellip husband+years husband love new news star tmz+video tmz video women+dallas women years

Welcome to DJ Theo's Monthly Soulful San Francisco House Sessions. Each month there will be a new mix to listen and download by everyone around the world! Much Love! EMAIL:
Tags: francisco+house house+sessions love+war love make+love mix san+francisco soulful+san theo+soulful theo war+peace

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My love of shoes, shopping and fashion! Bringing you my style diary and the best of the British high street.
Tags: boots day dress it’s long november+– november outfit+november outfit sweater tall work –+primark boots –

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A food blog focused on fool proof & easy recipes, beautiful food photography, quick cooking techniques from across the world and occasional local restaurant reviews. Currently in its 9th year of existence, it is a passion am truly proud about. Join m
Tags: affair+mlla affair+roundup affair legume+love legume love+affair love mlla recipe+legume recipe+veganmofo recipe veganmofo

Articles, rants, testimonials, etc., from people who left Christianity. Atheism, atheist, agnostic, agnosticism, deism, deist, skeptic, anti-Christian, ex-Christian, former Christian, reason, rational thought, freethought, humanism, humanist
Tags: christian+human christian demonstrate existence experiences feelings god human love+christian love+love love mental people

Did you know that 123Greetings have ecards for over 3000 events? We celebrate something on a daily basis! Get yourself "in the know" with Popular Upcoming Events RSS Feed. This way you'll remember all the important as well as wacky events on the calendar!
Tags: cards+raquo cards christmas dec ecards friends+family happy loved popular+cards popular raquo+popular raquo season

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