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Рассылка выпускается сайтами,,, и содержит новости этих сайтов (литература,
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NOTICE ! We no longer update this blog. It has been moved and all future updates will be found at:
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Minnesota Legislative Reference Library - Newly acquired Minnesota state government reports
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I am an edu-explorer. I promise to walk on the edge of reason and let you know what I see. I use this blog to think out loud. If this promotes informal sharing and learning on technology integration issues, thank serendipity!
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Search Engine Land: News On Search Engines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
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Looking for the optimal reader? Unsatisfied with all of them? Get help from our expert forum members
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Points of interest to the West Coast Law Librarian. Highlighted sources on KM, Web Development, and Law Library Management. ... And hey, if it's got a Vancouver perspective, that'll work too. :-)
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MU Libraries New Books List for Theory and practice of education. Updated every Wednesday.
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MU Libraries New Books List for History - Northern Europe. Scandinavia. Updated every Wednesday.
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MU Libraries New Books List for Political institutions and public administration (United States). Updated every Wednesday.
Tags: american+politics american books call election+michael list new+books new political politics presidential+election united+states

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