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Trends in Biochemical Sciences RSS feed.
Tags: kinases mechanisms protein+kinases protein proteins regulation rna strand synthesis translational+modifications translational

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics RSS feed -- Online First Articles
Tags: cancer cell+lines cell cells drug expression inhibition kinase met model models patients treatment tumor

SciBX: Science-Business eXchange from Nature and Biocentury contains articles that highlight, analyse and report on the scientific and commercial potential of the most important translational research papers from across the life science literature thus hi
Tags: inhibiting kinase mouse+studies mouse science studies+suggest studies suggest+inhibiting suggest translational treat vitro

The latest patents filed by Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Tags: compounds derivatives+kinase derivatives heteroaryl+compounds kinase+inhibitors kinase methods+compositions phosphorus+derivatives

Biochemical Journal RSS feed -- Immediate Publications
Tags: activity akt binding cell cells complex domain expression human interaction kinase protein proteins terminal

The latest patents filed by SuperGen Inc.
Tags: imidazo+pyridazine inhibitors kinase+inhibitors kinase protein+kinase protein pyrazolo+pyrimidine pyridazine+pyrazolo pyrimidine

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences RSS feed -- recent Immunology articles
Tags: activation bcr+signaling bcr cell+receptor cell cells function immune immunology kinase receptor selection signaling tregs

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links posted by lancecasey
Tags: cancer cell chemicals inhibitor inhibitors kinase+inhibitor kinase+inhibitors kinase selleck+che tyrosine+kinase tyrosine

Wiley Online Library : Molecular Informatics
Tags: activity based binding chemical compound compounds data design generative kinase model models molecular structure

Biocompare Editorial Articles
Tags: assays biocompare+edi cell content+analysis high kinase molecular+cytogenetics technique terminal+deoxynucleotidyl western+blotting

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