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Longtime Houston attorney Tom Kirkendall's observations on developments in law, business, medicine, culture, sports, and other matters of general interest to the Houston business, professional, and academic communities.
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We are a multi-disclininary health practice offering Chiropractic, Massage, Myotherapy, Counselling, Stress Management, Naturopathy, Sleep Treatments, Custom Foot Orthotics and exercise prescription.
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Bluetooth headphones - earbud headphones, over-ear headphones, and on-ear headphones reviews and more
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High Order Blog is an online blog focusing on Streetwear Fashion, Music, Art, Events, Sports and General News.
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Videos uploaded by Mersin Yetkili Servis on Vimeo.
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Pittsburgh Web designer, WordPress developer, discount WP Engine hosting
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Diseño gráfico, Arte, Dibujo, ConceptArt, Animación, Caricatura, Ilustración e inspiración gráfica.
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Classroom page of Y7/8 at Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, NZ. (Formerly Room 8@ Melville Intermediate School). 2009-2013. This site is now closed.
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" They are the chocolates that aren't considered perfect enough to go in the fancy boxes..They don't conform to the expectations of what a proper chocolate should be, they're something different, a little stange..!" J.C.
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An exploration towards how technology can reveal posthuman life to us and how we can have an active part in this by mastering our minds and becoming one with the technological environment we create.
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