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With nearly fifty years of performances in Hammer & British horror films, German krimis, Italian gothics, and international productions of the macabre and fanciful, Christopher Lee is the Lord of World Fantastique. Search Domain
Tags: christopher+lee christopher dracula films horror+films horror interview lee+interview lee man+chart mirek nazi+hunter

Also known as Shoegazer, Dream Pop is basically a psychedelic blend of layered guitar and vocals with a distinctly British feel. Bands characteristic of the style include Ride, Lush, The House Of Love, Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Catherin
Tags: atlantic+underground day dream ethereal gothic+paradise gothic indie music pop radio rock shoegaze twilight+radio underground

Starting with The Lords Of The New Church, Southern Death Cult, and The Cure, the Punk guitar sound mixed with dark downbeat themes gave way to a secondary Gothic movement focused on Dance, best exemplified by Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus. Goth left the
Tags: darkness+radio darkness death+guild death ethereal goth gothic+paradise gothic mix+gothic mix new paradise radio+merlin radio

With roots in UK Punk, Industrial music sprang from Manchester, England in the mid 70s with bands like Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle. In the late 80s, Industrial came to America and featured harsh guitar, filtered and distorted vocals accompanie
Tags: ebm goth+darkness goth gothic inch+nails industrial+ industrial metal mix+gothic mix paradise+club radio skinny+puppy station

Toutes les dernières critiques de jeux et suppléments en ligne...
Tags: avec colonial+gothic coureurs+orages coureurs dans des est jeu les mais orages pour qui sur très une

Toutes les dernières critiques de jeux et suppléments en ligne...
Tags: avec colonial+gothic coureurs+orages coureurs dans des est jeu les mais orages pour qui sur très une

Gothic Lolita clothing: Harajuku street snaps and Goth fashion. Millennial hipster travel blogging, Kawaii cute Japanese clothes, Japan shopping maps guides, Tokyo Goth industrial alternative nightlife. La Carmina style, subcultures, travel TV hosting.
Tags: back+style blogger+outfits blogging+year fashion+blogging outfits+travel review+back style+blogger travel+recap year+review

Kraftwerk is ground zero for over 30 years of the Electro sound, which merged in to the mainstream with the electronic sound of New Wave 80s. Moby again popularized the Electro sound as we entered the 21st century. With roots in Techno, Electro now bran
Tags: club+mix club dance+music dance edm electro electronic gothic+paradise gothic house mix+gothic mix music new radio

Music from the Genre EBM, Industrial, Gothic and Dark Wave Hard Industrial Work ist eine alle 14 Tage Freitags live bei RadioX Frankfurt/Main ( (91,8 MHZ) in deutsch produzierte Musiksendung von und mit Tom Westbang. Thema der Sendung is
Tags: hard industrial+work industrial ist+eine podcast+radio tom+westbang tom von work+hard work+podcast work

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Solo Música Oscura... Only Dark Music... Gothic, Darkwave, Folk, Neofolk, Cold Wave, EBM, Etéreo, Dark Ambient, Deathrock, Electrodark, Synthpop, New Wave, Gothic Metal, Doom Gothic, Punk, Post-Punk, Heavenly Voices, Indie, Shoagaze, Noise, Neóclasico
Tags: canciones corde+oblique corde disco este guitarra muy más música neofolk oblique tema trabajo voz álbum Folk

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