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Those of you consulting this article are most likely people who run for exercise, and are hoping to improve the experience or make it easier. (...)
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Golf Stretching Exercises - Flexibility Stretches for Golf Performance Enhancement, Pain Reduction and Recovery Time
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What will a consistent golf swing do for you? Well, how about knocking 6-8 stokes off your game and more than likely having you go round in under 80. To get the full information - just play the video in the right hand column.
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golf swing tips
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Your one stop for golf fitness exercises, swing tips, training drills, training aid reviews, and everything else you need to help improve your game and lower scores! Pipe includes main website RSS feed, Facebook feed, and Pinterest feed.
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Golfers tend to suffer more pain and injury to their backs than any other athletic sport, so doing the proper back exercises for golf is a must! In our golf swing, the back is the stabilizing pillar, and everything rotates around this pillar. The fact is
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