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To spread the Besorah (Good News) of Yahusha Ha'Mashiach to set people free from false doctrines to serve the Living Yahuah (YHWH).
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A node between the physical and digital. The rants and raves of Simon Wardley. Industry and technology mapper, business strategist, destroyer of undeserved value. "I like ducks, they're fowl but not through choice"
Tags: business change chapter context+specific doctrine figure map mapping maps people product strategy system time

Tags: boyz+blog chicago+boyz coin committee+publi doctrine grand+strategy grand kilcullen+doctrine kilcullen strategy zenpundit

Offering free apologetics blogs such as creationism, evolution, cults and false gospels in an easy to use blog format.
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The Gospel is the power of God for Worship, Missions and Renewal!
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Tags: blood body carrie catholic christ church david drink+blood flesh+blood flesh gospel jesus playbook taste+flesh taste

A weekly podcast exploring Mormon culture and current events.
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During times of war and during times of peace, we must prepare for tomorrow with the realities of today.
Tags: entitlements+reparations free+speech free house rank+file reparations+act speech welfare+entitlements “fairness+doctrine”

Troca de informações sobre desenvolvimento WEB
Tags: distancia+tempo educação+distancia jquery ler+mais ler lista+arrastando lista mais mudar via zend+acl zend+framework zend

Politics & Culture from a Catholic Perspective
Tags: capitalism catholic cchd charity ends government human justice knight love means money social socialism stated+inte todd

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