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Albert Fang is a UCLA Economics major who aspires to be an entrepreneur that combines innovative technology with business. The personal blog is a collection of Albert's deep thoughts, experiences, and ideas on business, politics, and society today.
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Over breakfast one morning, my three-year-old, deep in thought, looks me in the eye and declares, “Mom, I love you better than boogers.” That, for me, summed up what it's like to be the mother of little boys.
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Deep and not so deep thoughts, blended into some kind of thought smoothie.
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Daily ramblings and occasional deep thoughts about my weight loss journey all combined into one package!
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A site for comics, computers, and time traveling sci fi loving rodents with horns.
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I've wondered about Rodin's famous sculpture. Is he engaged in deep thought or sitting around wasting time? And why isn't he wearing pants? I ask the same of myself. Here we comment on well, mostly politics. Or we may just sit! If you like it, tell a frie
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