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Personal blog, online journal, funny, dark, serious, wacky, random thoughts, rants, musings, observations, etc. Topics include relationships, family, work, food, books, movies, music and more.
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Princess Kimma's tips, hints and previews of what's new on Planet Sarillion
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I discuss stocks, investing and the current events that impact your wallet. Then I spice it up with a little politics, sports, and hot babes. I am a warm weather fan, tech geek, TV watcher, news junkie, exercise hound, NFL fan, and I love dark chocolate.
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Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
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This is the blog of writer and musician Hank Shteamer, whom you may reach at Thanks to all visitors, and especially commenters: I read your thoughts with care, even if I typically respond only in my head.
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A compendium of dark delights for those of morbid sensibilities.
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Check in every weekday for a new work of art, from the heart of the East Village in NYC....
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I write and record a song four days a week (M-Th, posted the next day). Fridays = covers (posted Sat.) I have 3 sick days a month... (Spoiler Alert: All songs sound WAY better over headphones!)
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