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Personal blog, online journal, funny, dark, serious, wacky, random thoughts, rants, musings, observations, etc. Topics include relationships, family, work, food, books, movies, music and more.
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I write and record a song four days a week (M-Th, posted the next day). Fridays = covers (posted Sat.) I have 3 sick days a month... (Spoiler Alert: All songs sound WAY better over headphones!)
Tags: cover dark+future™ don+feel don heaven kidnapping lied mundane+guess posted recorded song songs stuck+mundane week write

Living One India beauty section presents the latest and hottest trends for on hair, skin, fashion , makeup, clothes and accessories for men & women
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Welcome to the official blog of THE NIGHT CHILDREN. Here you’ll find updates on the series, behind the scenes info, personal stories and writing advice from the author, Scott Bryan and some extras thrown in for good measure.
Tags: book children dark day love meet night+children night things time tooele+writers tooele writing

Il blog delle comic strip, storia, novità, personaggi, autori, originali e discussioni sulle strisce.
Tags: dark+fears deco+deep deep+dark fears+fran fran+krause giorgio+tino italiani+quando krause+lettori quando tinoshi+giorgio provides the latest news on astronomy, space, earth science and space exploration.
Tags: black+holes black dark+matter earth galaxies matter nasa new planet planets space star stars team university

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Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Check in every weekday for a new work of art, from the heart of the East Village in NYC....
Tags: check+weekday dark+check day+dark new+work night+shift original+art painting+day shift+painting weekday+new work+original

Free resource of educational web tools, 21st century skills, tips and tutorials on how teachers and students integrate technology into education.
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Starting with The Lords Of The New Church, Southern Death Cult, and The Cure, the Punk guitar sound mixed with dark downbeat themes gave way to a secondary Gothic movement focused on Dance, best exemplified by Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus. Goth left the
Tags: darkness+radio darkness death+guild death ethereal goth gothic+paradise gothic mix+gothic mix new paradise radio+merlin radio

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