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"Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex intelligent behavior. Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple stupid behavior." -- Dee Hock
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Peter DeBetta's blog about programming in SQL Server using technologies such as T-SQL, .NET, CLR, C#, VB, Visual Studio, and SQL Server Management Studio.
Tags: book check+change data diabetes hoc+queries hoc marissa new queries server sql+server sql sqlblog stored+procedures

Complete introduction to .NET framework. Learn about ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# and other related technologies.
Tags: clr controls+net controls framework net+framework net+server net server+controls server understanding+net understanding web

A blog on coding, .NET, .NET Compact Framework and life in general....
Tags: application arduino+avr arduino assembly clr code esp file graph managed native net test+graph test windows

Miniblog to blog z tekstem, foto i wideo. Założ swój miniblog.
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CLR Program Manager: Reflection, LCG, Generics and the type system...
Tags: clr compiler dispatch+internals dynamic internals+joe joe+duffy language metadata method+dispatch new reflection system teched –

CLR Program Manager: Reflection, LCG, Generics and the type system...
Tags: clr code exception heap instance invocation language method new object objects reflection rotor runtime system

Info about the Common Language Runtime's Profiling API
Tags: api clr code cor dll metadata net new process profiler profiling+api profiling rejit run running time

Dynamic Languages on .NET - IronPython and Beyond
Tags: clr dlr dynamic+languages dynamic ironpython+action ironpython language+runtime language languages runtime+clr runtime talk

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CLR internals, Rotor code explanation, CLR debugging tips, trivial debugging notes, .NET programming pitfalls, and blah, blah, blah...
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