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WELCOME TO REVOLUTION 21. It's good music and a good time. It's a blog, too. R21 is a mixture of the sacred and the secular. The serious and the foolish. Rock . . . and roll. And blues in the night.
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Chord Kunci Gitar Dangdut dan Lirik Lagu Indonesia dari koplo, qasidah, tembang kenangan, bugis, campursari, tarling, banyuwangi, lagu lawas, bisa request
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In the sixties, the British Invasion inspired thousands to start their own bands. Teenage angst with three-chord riffs, few Garage bands achieved fame. Eighties Garage Rock revival bands went against the grain, following the fashion and music of sixties
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These articles are the most popular over the last month.
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WFMU's most recent playlists from Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock, updated every time that DJ publishes a new playlist!
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Hindi Guitar Chords Tabs Lyrics Strum
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Sing Books with Emily: Celebrating the Wonderful World of Illustrated Song in Singable Picture Books
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As the Punk movement began to fracture, the pieces were gathered in an even more kaleidoscopic representation of chaos by late 70s and early 80s Post-Punkers. Artists like Joy Division and Pere Ubu added a dose of the avant-garde to the three chord basic
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Awesome gadget reviews, technology news and gadget video reviews. MP3 players to mobile phones, digital cameras to laptops, Top 10 reviews - all at
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