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We are warning of the dangerous times we are in! the Holy Bible says these are the end of times and the beginning of a new age brought in by our Messiah! We keep a close eye on the coming war with Gog, magog, Iran, ergo persia, and of course Israel
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At the beginning of the 30s, they were trying to forget the Depression by dancing to the "sweet bands" that ruled the airwaves. By the end of it, war was growing ominously closer, and the young folks were jitterbugging to BG and Glenn to ease their fears.
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In 1981, "The Beatles: The Days In Their Life" was broadcast in the United States. Following The Beatles from their beginning to the end and beyond, this in-depth, 30 hour radio program filled with original music, interviews, and information was eventual
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Preparing, not for the end of the world, but for the end of a particular way of life. Accepting depletion, seeking abundance, beginning the process of regeneration. Oh, and going on about it a bit.
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Where does fact end and fiction begin? Does it matter?
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Santarém Sistemas de Informação Desenvolvimento de Sistemas Linguagens de Programação
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The 80s saw the end of the Cold War and the beginning of AIDS. New musical styles emerged as electronic instruments became mainstream and more affordable. MTV provided opportunities for new artists to achieve rapid stardom. Popular artists included Prince
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