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Published: Tues Jan 16 2018 12:00:00 GMT

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I Turned Carpenter

Tues Jan 16 2018

My dad used to build this kind of shelving for storage in the basement back home. I brought most of those with me when I moved here, and with the help of cousin Gary, I've built a few extras. They don't look grand or expensive, but they are very useful. Basically, they consist of two ladder like structures made of 2x4s . . . . MORE

My Exercise and Strength Building

Tues Jan 16 2018

Which all goes to show that I should work at my exercise and strength building every day through the week, and not just on Saturdays when I throw all my willpower into accomplishing heavy duty physical projects that wipe me out. Hey, I DO have a health and strength building plan for this new year, but I'm still trying to develop the habit for these things. Others give up on their New Year's Resolutions as soon as. . . . . MORE

Aloe Heat Lotion for Your Aches and Pains

Tues Jan 16 2018

Are you finding more places on your body that have aches and pains? I have just the thing for that. I am a Forever Living Business owner and have a wonderful assortment of aloe vera products for sale. But the the one item that people keep ordering again and again, the the Aloe Heat Lotion. Just smear a dab on an achy joint, . . . . . MORE