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Published: Tues Dec 5 2017 12:00:00 GMT

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An Ordinary December

Tues Dec 5 2017

I think I'm having an ordinary December (so far), in that I was able to shovel snow again this morning (we had two weeks of milder temperatures when the snow was shrinking), I'm working away at the projects I want to finish by Christmas, and over supper I'm also baking peppernuts. On Saturday I mixed up my mixing bowl FULL of the dough for peppernuts. Those are the hard, spicy nut-sized cookies that are . . . . . MORE

A Whispered Secret

Tues Dec 5 2017

How about if I just share a quick, whispered secret with you? (It is so much on my mind, I can't think of anything else to tell you about). This e-book I'm working on will have quite a nice long list of businesses that a person can do alone on the internet. Complete with notes as to what it would take to start and run it, and what kind of resources or training you would need to get first. There are so many people going online in hopes of making money and many are falling for traps that promise the world as your oyster, but I'm afraid they are getting fleeced. . . . . . MORE

Christian Christmas Music 24/7 all December

Tues Dec 5 2017

Do you enjoy Christian Christmas Music? It is on 24/7 all of December at You need to choose your language, (1 out of 8), when you arrive at the website. Then you are taken to the right one, where you turn on the radio with one click. Most computers already have the correct software installed to hear their broadcasting sharp and clear. I always listen all day long on my desktop where I have good speakers. It creates a lovely atmosphere - like a sound scent - . . . . . MORE