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Published: Tues Feb 13 2018 12:00:00 GMT

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Transitioning into LEAP

Tues Feb 13 2018

I've been transitioning into LEAP, my new operating system on my computer. If that catches you by surprise I should remind you that I've been installing Linux operating systems on my desktop computers for quite a number of years already. (Since about 2004 or 2005 I think). I like Linux systems far-FAR better than Windows. Never mind which version. Once I discovered that I could download any of about 365 Linux distros (distributions/flavours) of these totally FREE operating systems, burn them to a CD or DVD, and then install them on a computer, no one has been able to stop me. When I first moved to Saskatoon, word got around .. . . . . MORE

My Swing into Full-time Business

Tues Feb 13 2018

I've been plotting my swing into full-time business too. I see about 8 or 9 Stages I want to go through, and the first one includes the plotting of writing lots of content on my blogs, websites, and social media. Branding myself has to come first, and I've outlined two large sheets full of ideas/plans. I need to design some graphics to go with those pieces, but yes, I should be becoming quite prolific in the next while. I may give you some links to some of these articles and posts here in the RoseBouquet, but I'll try not to overwhelm you with them. My goal is to start posting in social media, especially on . . . . MORE

A Digital Valentine's Card for You!

Tues Feb 13 2018

I was busy with a guest on Sunday, so didn't get any valentine cards made. But hey, I have an account at the site, and so I've just set up a lovely, animated Valentine's card that any and all of you can see if you click this link; . . . . . MORE