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I suck at facebook
Shade died on October 25th (ish)2015, a few days before he would have turned 40. I didn't get confirmation that it was really him until December 22. I was at work when they called with confirmation.

A story that never, ever happened...
Long before Xeno met them in Devon's castle, RG invited Sketch to visit his natal Italy and tour the country a little. Sketch jumped at the opportunity, took the first plane to Rome and there met RG and his current girl, who was introduced to her as Amanda. Amanda was a tiny blonde, only a little over five feet, with a childish face and body in everything but her notorious and nearly perfecfect bosom. She could have passed for a teenager but for that little -well, maybe not that little- detail.One time, during that visit, the three of them were in RG's car...

Only a Decade Late, part 3
So, it has been impressed on me, via a hostage situation mixed with a little bribery, that I am to continue writing the account of my trip to Spain to visit Arthegarn. So here I am again, since apparently I do negotiate with terrorists.

Electronic Saviors
A few years ago, my friend Jim Semonik was diagnosed with cancer. This was actually bad news for the cancer, since he subsequently made the cancer his bitch and kicked it right the fuck out of his colon. He continued to promote shows here in Pittsburgh, as well as perform with his band Rein[forced]. It was after one of these shows that he was talking to Eric Powell of 16volt, when he decided to put out a compilation, and have the proceeds benefit cancer research. This started as a single disc, and then grew to 4 with a 5th digital disc added on near the end. Thus, Electronic Saviors was born.

Preface: Many words have lately become hijacked and given meanings contrary to their original, causing an unusual lack of words to accurately and unambiguously describe terms of integrity or truth (conservative now means religious warmonger, for example, instead of its old meaning which had more to do with actually conserving resources, and science used to just mean knowledge and its objective pursuit but has come to be a dogma unto itself), so damn the torpedoes, here goes truthism.

Karma vs. Physics
Rogue just convinced me to fix the Karma system that has been keeping people from posting for the last few years. I can't guarantee that everything else will work - in fact, I know there are a few things that are just broken. I don't have the time or motivation to fix them right now, but at least by fixing the karma, people will be able to post and try to motivate me to fix more.

Only a Decade Late, Part 2
So, it seems like my installments are being written at the speed of Shmeng. I guess it's a good thing that my trip to Spain was so memorable, I can wait four months and remember it like it happened yesterday.

Only a Decade Late, or The Meeting of the Confessor and the Council
A few weeks ago, I did something that several of my dear readers had been hoping for years that I would do. I went to Spain and met Arthegarn. These are the chronicles of that historic meeting.

Prayer, hyponosis and BDSM
A long time ago, when I was a Catholic and I used to pray, I could hear God in my mind. It's not exactly that I heard It, of course, but I could sense God's replies to my questions and prayers. It was like as if, as I was verbalizing my emotions, giving them the shape of a thought by wordingthem or, at least as I was being conscious of what I felt and thought; I found God's answer inside me. My conversations with God consisted in a discovery, in the removal of a coat of doubt or fear or pain that covered an answer that had always been inside me. They were not, as I have been told that happens to other believers, like a dialog with an external entity. It was much more similar to the echo of a thought: I would make a thought and I felt how it quot;bouncedquot; inside my mind and turned into a reply. But the prayer never got out of my head, it didn't have to cross the vast interstellar spaces to the edge of the Universe to find God there.When I was a Catholic and I used to pray, God was within me. I felt God in me, with me, as a travelling companion, as another organ of my body or another side of my personality; more than as some kind of universal and know-it-all referee.

Memoirs of Divinity: Chapter 7
The people of Israel needed a leader, so we could not fault them for following Moses. They wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, then finally built a home. Once they had a home, they went about the business of actually living. Moses died. His machine kept rolling.