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Dance Video Reviews

Dance instructional videos are everywhere, but how do you know whats good? We just built a review site that lists lots of videos for people to review. This is a community based site where you can build a profile and tell everyone what you know and hear

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Seven Amazing New Ballroom Dancing Instructional Videos!

Have you checked out all the great stuff has been up to yet? In case you haven't, they have just released a whole series of amazing videos!! Thats right, a series, all based around the Ballroom Dances. I've seen these videos, and believe me, if you have ever wanted to learn how to dance Swing, Foxtrot, Rumba, or the Waltz, these are the videos that will get you dancing!

As you have probably seen from our previous posts, we like the DanceCrazy team and respect their efforts to make the best possible instructional dance videos. Keep it up guys!! Seriously, each video covers a ton of steps, with multiple breakdowns, picture on picture style multi-angle filming, multiple sections for tips, and everything is demonstrated to real music. If this isn't the way to learn how to dance, I dont know what is.

DanceVideoReviews is serious when we find videos that we think can really help people. That's because we wasted so much money, time and effort trying to find instructional videos that we could actually learn from. I wish people were making videos of this quality back when I started learning to dance!

And of course, we are still looking for more reviews! Have you seen any of DanceCrazy's videos? What is your take on them? We want to hear EVERYONE's opinion!! So Check us out at and tell the world what's worth your buck.

To see's new videos, check out their site, or check out our Ballroom Dancing Page

See you next time...



Ok Everyone,

By now you should be well on your way to making great video choices for dance instruction. This is because our website Dance Video Reviews gives you honest reviews, accurate descriptions, and a huge variety of videos to choose from. How do you know the reviews are honest? Because you wrote them!! Well, maybe not you you, but fellow visitors like yourself. If you've seen or bought a dance instructional video, a dance cd, or even some of your favorite movies that are about dance, you need to check out our site and write a review! We want to know what the best videos are, what the worst ones are, and what everything else is too!

We've had our site up for a little while now, and we are starting to learn about a lot of different dance companies and their real representations. As you may have read from our other posts, their is one dance company that is going above and beyond any other so far. Who are they? SalsaCrazy.

Believe us, this is where it's at! They have some amazing products and websites that will provide you with everything you need to really learn how to dance:

First of all, it doesn't matter what type of dance you are hoping to learn, SalsaCrazy has the best videos for all types of dance on their new site DanceCrazy.Com. This site is packed with great information about all types of dance including how to dance, important steps, good practice music, history, and clothing! They are really working hard to provide everyone with the best of everything.

SalsaCrazy does not just stop there tho, they know that not everyone is willing to wait a week (!) for their video orders to come in. Thats why they have two amazing online dance schools! What is that? Imagine a membership based website loaded with dance instruction videos that are constantly updating and expanding to teach you how to dance all the way up into advanced levels! This idea is amazing, and so is the outcome. Check it out at Salsa Boot Camp.

Their newest online dance school, BallroomCrazy.Com takes the ideas of salsa boot camp, and amplifies it to all styles of dance. Amazing, you can have top of the line professional dancers teaching you how to dance right from your computer. You can learn any style of dance, pick and choose the lessons you want, and how often you need to view them, and you don't even need to leave your front door!

Check out some of their live events too! How about taking a salsa dancing cruise? Check out their site Salsa Cruise Crazy. That is sure to be an amazing experience! They also are promoting a salsa trip in Hawaii! Take a look at Hawaii Salsa Festival.

Thats a lot to check out, but it is top-notch stuff. We know you will be as impressed with this company as we are.

-Dance Video Reviews- Your place to go before purchasing a dance instructional video.



Hey Everybody!

Dance Video Reviews is continutuing to grow just as we promised. We strongly believe that this site will be the end of disappointing purchases when it comes to dance products and videos. Check out our site to see what everyone thinks are the best instructional videos and music albums for dancing. We've been adding a lot of exercise videos too, so if you are looking to learn pilates, yoga, or dance workout exercises, be sure to look for that on out site as well.

As you may have remembered from our last post, we have found a dance company that we love! Their name is salsacrazy and they have the best salsa dancing instructional videos and much more! See what they are up to:

First of all, (and most impressive) this company is expanding their repotoire to far more than just salsa dancing. They are working on a huge project to release high quality dance instructional DVD's for every style of dance! Check out their site at Here you can see all the dance videos they have released and find out when the next one are coming out. Their dvds for salsa dancing are the best on the market, so we cant wait to see the vdeos they realse for swing dancing, ballroom dance, and much more.

If that project wasn't enough, they also have This is amazing! An online dance school with top quality videos for all of the different styles of dance. As a member, you get unlimited access to all of their online videos, which is a huge collection, and can learn to dance right from your own computer. They have great dance instructors, and a great teaching method. This is a great way to learn how to dance!!

Well, those are huge projects, that must be the extent of what they do, right? Guess again! They have all kinds of live salsa dancing events to match. How about taking a salsa dancing cruise? They have an amazing vacation package at

They also have HawaiiSalsaFestival, another incredible salsa event!

You can see by all the work they are doing why we love this company. They are doing all they can to help people get dancing, and doing it with quality videos. Check them out.

-Dance Video Reviews



Hey everyone,

Our new review site, Dance Video is continuing to build everyday with more and more dance instruction videos, hollywood dance movies, and great dance cds! If you're a dancer -- or want to be -- you need to check us out. We are dedicated to the cause of helping everyone buy the best instructional videos on the planet. Through the process of submitting reviews about our products, website, and even the actual person reviewing other products, you can seriously help an innumerable amount of fellow instructional-video-buyers in their future purchases.

During the course of our research for all dance instructional videos, there has been one company who seems to be consistently praised for the quality of their videos and teaching styles. They are called SalsaCrazy, and they are lauching a lot of new and great stuff!

The biggest news they have just released is their two brand new Salsa DVD's. These are the SalsaCrazy: Salsa Dance Footwork DVD & Dance Movement & Spins DVDs. They are packed with the same well-respected quality teaching styles as the previous videos, plus some nice DVD features to help their viewers learn easier. These videos are the only ones on the market that are covering such important lessons and information about salsa dancing. Check out their new videos at

As if this was not impressive enough, this company is also lauching, a new site that sells their entire DVD catalog, which is constantly expanding, and will eventually cover all styles of dance!! The site will also include tons of information about the steps, history, music, and more of each style of dance. This is quite an undertaking, and we look foward to learning from each new video and installment. Check out their website and see all the videos and information they have already!

But wait, we aren't done explaining everything the SalsaCrazy team is contributing to the dance community. They also have online dance lessons! First there is which is packed will amazing instructional videos of the same great teaching styles as their DVD's. This is a membership site, where members have unlimited access to all of the videos on the site, which is a huge amount. Videos include all kinds of salsa, as well as bachata, and lots of other latin styles. Check this site out.

They are also taking this bootcamp idea to the next level by introducing, which will carry all the same online video ideas into every style of dance. This company is clearly working as hard as they can to get everyone dancing.

Have you seen any of SalsaCrazy's videos? If so, what did you think? We have added their entire DVD collection to our site, so we want you to come and review it!! See what everyone is saying at Dance Video




We now have hundreds of instructional videos, dance movies, and great cd's to dance to on Dance Video Reviews. Which ones are good? You tell us!!! We want to know!!

Everyday, people are looking up instructional videos and cds all over the net and becoming completely overwhelmed by the endless amont of choices there are. Some of these people might make a guess and be happy, but the rest of us will just be either confused or upset at the videos we ended up with. This has to end. You can end it!

We, at are committed to creating a place for people to tell about their experiences with instructional videos and whether they would recommend it to anyone or not. That is why we are adding new products to choose from everyday!

If you've seen it, we probably have got it listed on our site. If its not up there, let us know! We care about everybody's experience because it can help other people out. I wish someone was doing this before I spent way to much money hoping to learn how to dance and ended up with just some crummy videos.

So check out and start reviewing!



Hey Everyone,

We are expanding Dance Video Reviews all the time. We don't just want reviews for all kinds of dance videos, we want them for dance CD's too! Have you ever bought a cd you thought would be great to practice dancing to, and then when you played it you just hated it? Or maybe the music was ok, but it was just too fast or too slow for you to dance to? Or maybe the music was just the wrong mood for dancing? We want to hear about these stories so other viewers don't make the same mistake. We also want to know which cd's are really great for dancing to and what level of dancing you are at. We want as much information we can get so that you can buy better DVD's and CD's easier in the future.

But wait! Dance CD's aren't the only things we've been adding, we just put up some of those higher-budget Hollywood movies about dancing. Were these movies great nostalgic experiences for you, or were they the worst 2 hours of your life? We want to know! We also want your suggestions for other movies we could add. There's a ton of movies out there...and we need your expertise about which ones people should know about.

We just want to help out everyone really. There are too many dance videos and CD's out there for anyone to know whats good right off the bat. is meant to be a tool to cut down all the confusion and help people get the products they will be happy with.



Hey Everyone!

Just checking in to keep you guys updated on whats happening at We are currently adding more cool videos onto our site. We want to cover as much video ground as we can so everyone can submit reviews to videos they have seen.

What instructional videos or dance related videos have you seen? We are always looking for suggestions because there a lot of videos out there and we are not sure exactly which videos are popular and unpopular. If you have suggestions, you should visit our site and become a member. In your member profile, you can list the videos you have seen so people people will know that your opinion comes from experience.

There is a lot of really lame videos out there, but some really great ones too. Your reviews could save everyone a lot of time and effort, so get started!! We will be continuely adding more videos all the time.




Hey Everyone,

I've been trying to learn how to dance for some time now and have wasted a lot of time and money in the process...

Trying to learn dance moves from videos seemed like the only way I was willing learn because I was afraid of being embarrased in a big class setting. The only problem with this method is that they are alot of dance videos out there and its hard to know which ones are any good. As a result of this, I ended up with a lot of basically useless videos. Some of these video instructors probably couldn't even teach someone to dance the hokey-pokey.

Some friends of mine were running into the same problem so we started a review website in hope of helping everyone out. The idea behind our website ( is to have a space with a large listing of dance and fitness related videos that people can review. If you've seen a really helpful instructional video, we like to know about it. If you seen a totally horrible video, we want to know about that too.

One very cool feature about our website is that you can actually build a profile for yourself (the reviewer) which can be reviewed as well. This means that when you see a review, you can find out what the background of that reviewer is. So if you know something that most people probably don't...Show it off! We want to know who's writing reviews.

If you had similar misfortunes or great luck with instructional videos, check out, make a profile, and let people know whats good or bad. There are a lot of people who need your help!