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Preview: Storage Jobs - Storage Area Network or SAN jobs

Storage Jobs - Storage Area Network or SAN jobs

Storage Area Networking Jobs :How to get job in Storage technologies : Full & Free Information. Interview Questions,Lots of Tutorials,Videos,Professional guidance to help you get a Job in Storage Software.

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Global Virtual Team of Career Success Professionals starting steps


I am working to build a Global Virtual Team of Professionals working towards a better Career in IT/Software or any interesting emerging fields.

The initial process is for you to email and write in detail answering topics mentioned in

Are you really serious about Getting a Software Job Fast?

Once I get your emails I will review and start scheduling a time to talk to you or may email asking some more questions to know you better.

The intent of this initial step is to know who are a good fit for this team - who has the right attitude and are willing to contribute their time,efforts and knowledge - those who are willing to help the team more than the kind of help they get from me and the team.

I want to know about what you've been doing so far towards your Career Goals and how you plan to proceed on achieving your next Goals or next Career plans.

This may be a conversation for 30 minutes or more depending on how the conversation is going and how much serious you are.

Do Not expect a lot of goodies unless you are willing to follow some instructions and show that you are willing to put efforts and are not making false promises about you willing to share knowledge and help the team more than the benefits you get from this team.

I am not asking you to pay me money - I am asking you to follow the instructions, own responsibility of different tasks and work with dedication to make progress towards your Career Goals.

I am interested to work only with those who are really serious.hardworking and dedicated in their efforts.

I've helped countless people in their career and I've mentored so many and helped them get their IT/Software Career started. Hope you are someone I was looking for

Email if you are really serious about Your Career and are a Self less team player.

60 Days Towards Getting Software Job


How You must Use 60 Days to its fullest so you can get a Software Job Offer

What you need to do to Get Job Interview Calls

What you need to do to Clear those Job Interview process and Get a Job Offer

What you need to do to make it all Happen

How you must use 60 days to increase your chance of Getting a Software Job

What process and preparation you need to follow to get that IT job you've been struggling for

This is what I plan to cover when I start my mentoring of "Global Virtual Team"

I call this a "Global Virtual Team" since I want this team to work as if they are working for an IT startup, follow the processes followed by the IT startup companies
Get familiar with the tools and the methods actually used in a Real Software Company
Be involved in Projects and Assignments which give them more clarity and confidence on how they can survive once they get a Software Job Offer

There is room for only very few dedicated and hardworking Job seekers

You are NOT getting Paid to be part of this team
It is a privilege to be part of this team since You are Getting to know a Lot of Real Practical help to help you "Get a Software Job and Keep that Job for longer"

This is like the Biggest Help you may ever get in your IT Career

Since no one else gives you a Software Job without expertise/experience
and without Expertise/Skillset/Experience you may not get a Software Job

If you want to break that vicious challenge then you need to be part of This Virtual Team - for that you must first Email and write in detail answering all the details mentioned in this next post

Are You Really Serious About Getting Software Job

If you are Not a Serious Job Seeker then please DO not email us
If you are not willing to put the required time and efforts to get a software job then please do not email us
If you are not willing to follow instructions and contribute time,efforts to help me and others then please do not email us
I need help to mentor this team - since I need a lot of work done to build infrastructure to help this team

I will be starting new webinar series covering various topics required for job seekers including - agile scrum process and how to get software job tips

Don't miss out this opportunity - reach out fast

Are you really serious about Getting a Software Job Fast?


If you are really serious about Getting a Software Job Fast then

- Email and write in detail what you've done so far to get an IT job

- What are your minimum expectations from a Software Job

- What are the factors you think you have which can help you get a software job

- How much efforts and dedication are you willing to put to get a Software Job

- How many interviews you got so far ( how many of them are over the telephone and how many in person )

Answer these in detail - if you are unable to take out sufficient time to write in detail then please do not expect me to help you

I am looking for Serious Candidates who are willing to put their best efforts and follow instructions - I intend to mentor them in their job search

But if you are NOT willing to put the time,effort and dedication required for Getting a Software Job then please refrain from emailing me.

I am willing to do Live Webinars to address specific areas which can help you get job

I will only invite those who are serious , who are willing to put efforts and do some work before they expect mentoring from my side.

I am forming a global virtual team who will be mentored by me and who will support each other in this process of getting an IT/Sofware Job.

Stop finding excuses to be depressed, take action and reach out to me and email me in detail

You must be willing to contribute some time and efforts to help me and others in this initiative of helping this Global team of Job Searching Professionals
If you are NOT willing to give back( support and help others) then this may not be the right team for you.

To put it in simple words - I need a team who are willing to give time and efforts if they wish to benefit from my efforts.

Testimonials for the Mentoring of My friend from those who've benefited


Below is a testimonial written by one of the people my friend has mentored.If you are interested to get the mentoring support from him you can email him & write about yourself.Read to know more about his mentoring.Below is the testimonial of someone who was struggling to find job in Software/IT & has got mentored by my friend raj. The person who got the mentoring is writing about raj & the support he received.>>> 1. I want to know how did the mentoring programme help YOUYou went deeply in my thoughts, problems and situations which makes you easily get the idea about me .you took some initiatives to understand our difficulties in getting the IT job. I had lot of commitments and dependencies when i joined the mentoring so to avoid that you took some initiatives to make that things affect less on us.You gave full access to a lot of learning materials, which helped me gain more knowledge on the domain I was focussed .you spent lot of time with me to know about myself and my goals which i set in my shared lot many technical & non technical knowledge which was very helpful. you gave lots of guidelines when I was trying to get a job in IT.>>> 2.  What did I doYou did the mentoring for me to get the knowledge on technical as well as nontechnical aspects of a Software told me to go through some advanced technical stuffs which really helped me to clear the interviews, you told me to take some presentations/discussions on technical stuffs to improvise my knowledge as well as communication draw the attention to my gave lot of talks on personality development, attitude and decision making which are very critical to corporate environment.your level of interest in helping me get a job,  to involve myself more effectively in preparation thats what helped me get results.>>> 3. How did it help youI had learnt how to impress the people on the technical areas and how to avoid the stage fear or fear of interview or fear of facing technical complexities .From you i had learnt how to spend time and talk with other people and and how to let others to help me. you taught me many lessons which am implementing nowadays and get the things done, you gave me lot of ideas which helps me to tackle my personal commitments and to live individually without depending on others.from you i had learnt  being helpful to others.your attitude and enthusiasm qualities impress me a lot to stay more dedicated in achieving the goals and to be successful in life.-------------This mentoring programme is not like spoon feeding you technical knowledge. If you are allowed to join the mentoring you are supposed to work hard- In learning lot of technology oriented topics including - Processes of Software companies/IT jobs, Lot of Software job terminologies , Storage Technology, Virtualization Technology(VMware), Operating System(Linux), Perl(Scripting)- Its more of a guideline based mentoring where you as a job seeker as expected to put more effort,time to learn above technical areas & be able to present them- There will be lot of assignments in terms of learning, being able to speak about them, mock interviews, group discussions,presentation contests etc- If you are someone who is just looking for training but not willing to work from your side then this may not be for you- Imagine if you get a job in IT you are supposed to learn things & get the work done - its almost like that in here - You are supposed to learn technical topics & you are supposed talk about them, present on top of that knowledge, discuss & take it forw[...]

What really makes you achieve your Career Goals


If you are really serious about achieving your Career Goals :

Then you need a mentor or you need a friend/family/relative who is willing to give you quite a lot of time

Here is what is the biggest obstacle for anyone who is struggling to achieve something

People CAN NOT push themself towards hard goals
They need someone - someone who is as committed to help them as they are to achieve that goal.

So it has to be a mentor or a friend who does similar role.

You need someone who almost everyday listens to what you are doing
- Gives you feedback on what you are doing
- Helps you have a better roadmap to achieve your Goals
- Helps you have an accountability mechanism to monitor your progress
- Helps to check you at several milestones on how much you achieved
- Gives you necessary advice when you are stuck
- Asks you are you stuck due to anyting & listens to all that stuff you have to say which you badly wanted to share with someone
- Pushes you knowing your Limits
- Helps you extend your limits to increase your ability to cope with bigger responsibilities

Lot of times people dont even get any body to listen to them - let alone give them positive affirmative messages. People dont even get someone who believes them . Its a hard lonely path for many who are trying to get a Job, Build their career or take care of their responsibilties.

My friend is willing to do that for some - some chosen ones

But if you are a hardworking, dedicated, serious job seeker email him & let him know more about you

I am glad there is someone who is willing to take time for people who badly need support

You are Hired Whats your Best Skillset Whats your area of Passion


How many of you wish you get a job in an area you are very passionate about.

Write which area you are very passionate to work on & email about it to below email id.
May be if they like what you are interested in they may give you a chance.

Email & write about it . He is my friend & he is in need of some good number of skilled people in several areas.

MAKE SURE to email your resume & also mention what is your current salary , expected salary, interested to work full time/part time , any other things you want to discuss why dont you put it in the email in the first place (to reduce the time it takes for them to take a decision on shortlisting you for a call/conversation)

If you are a highly skilled programmer on

If you are a very talented graphic designer / artist

If you are very good in writing artices (content development)

If you are experienced with lot of web development , web site management, wordpress administration , blog fine tuning, SEO , Social Media Management

Please make sure to write as much details as possible about your previous experience or previous work/assignments you’ve completed - if you can share the links (if they are on the web) or send snapshots or documents/presentation files about your previous work that will be great.

Getting Job is Easy Compared to Keeping the Job and Growing in Your Career


Getting Job is Easy Compared to Keeping the Job and Growing in Your Career

Yes you will realise this soon if you are still trying to get a job. I agree effort & time it takes to get a job is really huge but still when you have a job then the required efforts & work is much much more.

Its not easy to do well in a Software Job - when projects or assignments start
When their complexities grow
When your responsibilities grow
When tasks you are supposed to complete grow
When hardware/software/infrastructure start giving lots of issues
When deadlines & schedules become tight
When you are unable to resolve issues & pending tasks keep growing
When you get very limited support from your team, management but are supposed to get a lot done
When you have very less time to gain the knowledge required to complete your assignments
When you have a lot of complex technologies to handle
When you are part of a team which is going crazy
When the management - Manager/Lead/Peers start giving lots of confusing tasks/instructions

There are a lot of things which can go wrong & can keep pulling you from meeting the expectations of the job.

I may not have been able to list them all. Why I am writing this is not to scare you - but to prepare you ahead of time - to ask you to work more effectively now, to gain more knowledge now so that you dont have to struggle when you have a job.

Work hard now & Work with you full potential  - though these days when you are struggling to get a new job (or change for a better job) seem like very tough - when you get that job ( I am sure you will definitely get that job sooner or later)
- When you get that job & when you get really busy with everything I've mentioned above then the previous days of you trying to get job - those days will really look like the best time of your career. Enjoy while it lasts. Enjoy this struggle enjoy the hardship & enjoy these experiences - chances are you may not be so lucky to have these days again

I wish you get a good job soon .

Live Webinar on Secrets from those who got Software Job


My friend wants to do a Live Webinar - But he wants to know your questions/Topics of interest before he arranges this . Below is an email from him - copying the full contentBrief Summary : FREE Live Webinar on Topics of Your Interest – Registration needed – Give inputs to make it more useful to you – Forward this to all those who may be interested to join this webinar.  - Webinar for people trying to get job in IT/Software . If interested email raj6000s@gmail.comThis webinar is mainly focussed on "What helped others Get Software job - How they landed their IT job "This webinar is completely free - but needs registration. This webinar is for action takers those who dont hesitate to follow the guidelines & to take required action.We are planning to do a webinar (Online Seminar – You can listen to experienced Software Engineers talking & Can see slides being shared from our desktop )We are still in the planning phase for this webinar ( But we can do this webinar very soon since we are prepared well on the topics to talk – We are just working out the logistics of arranging the webinar )Those who are interested to attend this webinar need a computer with internet connection (either at home or in cybercafe) to login to this live webinarSince this is a live webinar if someone wants to join he/she needs to login at the time when webinar is happening (time,date & login info will be emailed before hand to all who are interested & who have registered for the webinar prior )Nobody has to pay anything to attend this webinar. So feel free to register without hesitation. Registration (by or calling Phone No. will be updated in future – for now email to register.We need inputs from you & detailed inputs pleaseHere are the questions we want you all to answer. I am giving some example answers so you know what is the answer expectedPlease feel free to forward this email to others.Anyone who wants to attend this webinar needs to answer each of the questions below.Purpose of asking these questions is to know what exactly you are interested so that we try to see if we can cover what most people are interested.1.Write some of the questions or topics you want covered. You can write questions which have been very challenging for you or which you are badly trying to get answers for.2. Do you prefer a Complete Technical Webinar or Complete Non-technical WebinarExample :Tech Webinar (Software Testing Engineer his daily activities & What is expected in terms of technical skills from someone joining such a job)Non Tech Webinar – How to survive & Grow once you get job or Mistakes people make when they are preparing for their Software Job Interviewnot exactly same topics as above but I am giving examples so that you can get better idea.3. What is the maximum time you can attend the webinar forEx: 30 minsor 45 minsor if there is a break of 10 mins then 1 hour 30 mins (45 mins 1st session – 10min break – remaining 45 mins session) or write any time length of your convenience4. Which time of the day is more convenient for you to attend this webinarEx:  9AM  or 10AM or 6PM or 8PM   (mention the time of your convenience)5.  Which day of the week you will be more comfortable to attend the webinarEx: Monday or Thursday or Sunday (mention the day of your convenience)6. Do you think you know someone who may benefit from attending this webinar. If you do know can you mention their names & contact detailsEx: Name of your friend – his mobile no – his email idWe will call or email each of the people interested to register them . Only those who are registered will be updated about the details of webinar login,date & timeSo registering is important.Please write & register if you are interestedAlso feel free to forward [...]

Getting IT job needs responsibility and accountability in good amount


When someone is trying to find a Software Job - How can he keep himself focussed
How can he/she keep track of their progress

My friend does a lot of mentoring & training on these topics here is what he has shared:

If you really want to make good progress you got to ask yourself these questions. It helps if you try to write down answers for all these questions at the end of everyday.

1. What main career oriented activities you did today

2. What one main thing you learned in depth today

3. Are you really happy with your progress today - Explain

4. What you want to do differently so that you really make good use of the time tomorrow

5. If you are supposed to work 8 to 10 hours in an IT job when you get job - are you ready to work such long hours & still remain productive?

6. Are you focussed on clearing the job interview or you are passing time just learning things & forgetting about them the next day

7. What is your revision plan so that you have better memory of things you learn

8. Are you ready to attend a Job Interview Tomorrow where they may ask all questions on the single topic you mainly focused on learning today

9. What are your tech career expectations - what do you really prefer
Any job which pays OK or a specific job which allows you to work on things you are very interested to work on ( You are passionate about)

10. Why should you be hired for a Software Job in (area of your interest)

If you are serious about your intention to get job then you will take each of the above questions seriously & try your best to answer them honestly

If you keep a daily track of your answers you can easily see which topics you covered in last N number of days and you can also evaluate how well you are preparing.

Getting a Software Job is definitely not of the lazy people

Searching for Software Job How seriously are you working towards that goal


So many people are trying to get a job. Thousands or millions of them are trying for general jobs - some are searching for any decent job. Some are so desperate that they are willing to work on any job if only they get hired and they are paid. Its really really depressing to hear the sufferings of many of the job seekers. Society , Parents, Family, Relatives, Friends need to be a lot more supportive for the (Hard working) job seekers.I see a lot of parents stop supporting their kids after their education and even before the kids get a job. If some of those kids are pursuing some specific jobs like :Software Job or a Web designer Job or a Tech Startup building idea - how can they survive - how long can they lost without support from any body. Atleast parents who can afford to support their kids need to be bit more understanding . I saw several instances where parents keep pressurising their kids to get job very very fast and when those kids are unable to get a job in a span of say some months then parents think if they stop sending the money for expenses their kids will somehow get a job . If the kids(job seekers) are really working hard and still not able to land a job then do you think just stopping supporting them financially will really make them get job in some magical way ?  Dont you realise its not just your 1 kid but  - thousands and millions of people are struggling to find any paying legal job.The competition is fiercest - The mood in the industry is really not so positive - The investors are either pulling their money or cancelling lot of their investment plans - There is a huge crunch of money in the whole system . Its all I feel is the mindset/FEAR issue.When everyone starts fearing RECESSION - Recession it impacts everyone badly . I am not saying dont save money. What will be the impact on youth if they dont have jobs. What will be the impact on economy if people and families are not able to earn for even their basic necessities like food & shelter. Banks stop giving loans to business, Business stops expanding & hiring , People dont have money so they reduce a lot of consumption of Goods & Services - that impacts the Business. Everyone is in Fear & it becomes more like a herd mentality which is driving the whole economy & the health of the whole nation/world down.Is it really that hard to create jobs - No compared to changing the mindsets of Those in power, Those who are taking the major decisions & also lot of people who can contribute to the society  - Its not easy to change their fear/mindset . Its easy to create jobs if we just have mindset change.I personally have seen people with very very little financial savings taking risks & creating employment for others. Entrepreneurs I feel make a big change if only they get atleast minimal support. I am not just talking about people starting IT startups or technology companies. Its not just technology job creators we want.Today's economy badly needs those who can create jobs in all other segments - Healthcare, Manufacturing , Small scale industries , Services ....I hope more people with huge investments come forward & take the risk & create jobs in all other segmentsI am surprised to see IT startups getting million dollar funding - why dont other segments also get similar support from large Investors and Government ?What makes me sigh  is the Government itself is struggling to pay its bills - It really pains me to see the whole scneario. I wish more people who can really bring in the positive change - take action Soon - Very soon.[...]

How To Get Software Job How to Get into IT company career


A lot of my blog readers ask this question :

How can I get a Software Job .
How can I get an interview call even though I have my resume posted on all major Job sites.
How can I get shortlisted for a IT job interview in this recession.
Are Software Companies still hiring even in this recession.
Is there really a bad recession - is it really impacting IT companies & making them slow down their hiring

Lots of question - bottom line - you are someone who wants to get an IT job or you are someone who are trying to change for a better job.

So some answers from the insights I got from my friends & other acquintances in the IT industry.

Stop worrying about Recession . Dont use it as an excuse . Even if one company is slowing down its hiring due to recession there are plenty of other Job Openings . I know this very well I have been in touch with so many people who keep emailing when their interview is scheduled.
Even now during this tough Economical times there are still decent number of IT jobs. You just need to make sure are you skilled enough are you good enough & reach out with more enthusiasm.

Dont just rely on old methods of getting Software Job Interviews . Due to high competition its better you just done use the old ways :
Old ways :
Thinking that just because you posted your resume on some job sites you can relax - no you may have to do a lot more than just posting to all openings you see online.

Human - Personal - Social Networking - this is the best & ultimate solution to get Job interview opportunities.

I can not emphasise about it any more
A friend of mine is doing a webinar on this topic email if you want to join this webinar.

The webinar is about Creative ways of Getting Software Job Interviews.

Its definitely for those who are very active & hard working.

Getting an IT job itself takes a lot of effort & hard work If you are not willing to put it in the first place how can anyone believe that you will work effectively when you get a job.

So the world needs active & smart working (hard working + smart thinking) people - IT industry today needs people who think & act in a much effective /creative way.

More details about this webinar will be posted soon. Since my friend wants to do this webinar for only those who are really really serious about their job hunting he is limiting the number of people who can join.

Still email  - if you are too lazy to email then :) I dont know what else to say

I've asked my friend to cover above questions - questions I mentioned at the top of this blog post. He plans to cover each of the question in each of his webinar. He is planning a webinar series covering several aspects essential in Getting a Software Job.

Webinar on "Working in US Getting Paid thousands of US dollars per month"


Webinar on "Working in US Getting Paid thousands of US $s per month"I am seriously writing a book on "How To Get Software Job & How To Double Your Salary in IT Job" .I thought I need to get more people to contribute their writing,experiences to this book.So here is a way to encourage all of you to contribute to my Book ( and Im stating now itself that all the writings will be copyrighted by me including any of your contribution :)As a push to encourage you to contribute Im doing a Live Webinar on a very Interesting Topic.This is NOT a formal webinar - this is a very informal discussion sharing from some of my experiences.Disclaimer: For all facts you are encouraged to check all other sources(websites/legal experts/overseas consultants) & not just rely on what I say. I'm not responsible for your decisions and their consequences -i'm talking about the decisions you take based on what you get to know from this webinar.You must reach out to other sources of information to get all facts clarified before taking any critical decisions related to your Immigration,Career,Future.I'm not an expert on this topic but Im sharing few thoughts from my own & my known people's experiences after being in US for a year.Majority of people are interested to visit USA atleast once as a Tourist.Some of the people are keen to come to US & Get a Job working as a Software Engineer/IT Professional in an US company.For those who are interested to "Get into US & work in US" - they have lots of confusion & concerns since no one properly shares info For such who are interested in this topic I'm planning to do a Live Webinar where you can get to listen on some of the below topics- Are there still Jobs in US - Yes there are even in recession I've seen companies hiring & lots of interview scheduled ( I will talk about the kinds of jobs for which hiring is still ongoing)- Is working in US better than your own or any other country companies in terms of experience, tech exposure - definitely - I will elaborate on this in the webinar- How to get into US so that you are legally eligible to work (Visa stuff - few tips in this area - as its really vast - very little coverage on this area as you will be given links to websites which go in depth on this topic discussion)- Visa related links (websites which share the info)- Once you are in US with work visa - How to get job in US (preparing for the interviews)- How are the interview process in US- What different options you have to work in US ( types of job - contract, permanent ,internship,freelance - etc) - which ones are better- How much salary you can expect for say a 3 yr / 4 yr/ 5 yr IT professional- Is there good scope for technology which you've worked on in india( technologies like Storage,Virtualization,Software testing, Database administration etc)- How are the interview process- Joining as a Consultant(on contract) vs Joining as a Fulltime Permanent employee which option is better- Are there really people being hired even for Fulltime positions - Do you have a chance of getting hired as a permanent employee in an US company ?- How are the magnitude of companies - Startups, Small enterprises, Large multi nation corporations etc- Importance of documentation ( Legal papers, your Education documents, your work experience & other legal documents)There are lots of people who are working in their own city/Country or any other part of their Country - There are people who love their own city/Country or any other part of Country where they already have a decent paying JobIf you love being in your own city/Country & dont want to leave it then dont bother to attend this webinar.But if you are seriously thinking of trying your luck in getting to US on work visa & trying for a job in US - then this webinar may give you a[...]

Confused to Clarity to Comprehension to Comfort to Confident - Fino's Five


here is an email I recieved from Fino - which had some real useful info so thought of sharing with you with Fino's permission. Fino's email is below--------------------------------------------I have something I use in my workshops. I teach workshops for customers that are unemployed ... plus I do 1:1 sessions with my customers ... helping them with their resumes, counseling them, and identifying job referrals for them.Years ago ... I used to teach computer classes at a business college. We had students that would eventually graduate ... after a 6 month program and sometimes after a 9 month program.I made up something I call:Fino's Five C's- Confused- Clarity- Comprehension- Comfort- ConfidentEvery week my students would go through Fino's Five C's. Monday ... we'd cover some "totally new material" ... whether in WordPerfect or Lotus 123 or classes like that. Keep in mind ... this was back in 1993 and 1994.My students would be "totally confused" on Monday as we discussed lots of new topics, etc. By Tuesday after doing some homework on Monday evening ... thinks would look ... "a little bit clearer" ... and the smoke ... would start to clear somewhat ... so to speak.By Wednesday ... as we were discussing new material ... the students would start to knod their heads ... because by now ... the material was actually starting to make some sort of sense to them ... and they were actually starting to "comprehend" the material.By Thursday ... I would give my students a quiz. They would take the quiz ... and then work on some more homework ... while I graded everyone's quizes. At the end of class ... we would go over their quizzes ... and use the review ... for prepping for their "test on Friday". My students would go home and study on Thursday evenings.On Friday ... I would always give a "test". Invariably ... all of my students would ace the test and usually get 95's and 100's on their tests. The would now be totally "confident" on the same material that they found totally "confusing" on the previous Monday.The following Monday ... they'd be right back in "Confused" mode when we'd take up some totally new material. After a while ... my students ... got comfortable with the fact that they were going to be "confused" on Mondays .... because they knew that by Friday ... they would be in Confident mode.=====Here's the cool thing about Fino's Five C's ... All these years later ... I am still using "Fino's Five C's". I use them now when teaching workshops to our unemployed customers. I let them know that they are going to be "confused" ... when they first come into our centers ... looking for work. Literally by the end of the week ... after coming to our workshops ... and spending time in our centers ... we will have moved them from 'confused" to "confident" ... and soon they will be getting a new job ... & moving on with their lives and careers. Fino's Five C's ... helps them "be okay" with the fact that they will be "confused" at first ... but let's them know ... they will get to "confident" ... if they just plug into the system and "allow things to happen" for them. I've also shown them ... that when they interview for a job & get the job ... as soon as they start their new job ... they will be back to the first "C" in Fino's Five C's ... but "it's okay" ... because it's just a matter of time ... before they will work there way back to the final "C" ... "Confident" ... ;-)I've had many past students of mine tell me ... "Fino, if it hadn't been for Fino's Five C's ... I may never have graduated" ... ;-)I hope you find this helpful ... ;-)Fino[...]

From Fear to Confidence from Failure to Success


You may NEVER have read an email like this from anyone else before. Because no one else shares stuff like the way I do . So when you are in touch with me why not reply & write a lengthy email with your thoughts/opinion/reacion to below email from me.----I'm writing a book from "Real Life Experiences of Friends on Life,Career,Success advice". I was struggling to choose a good title - help me to choose a good title - tell me which among below is good - or tell me your own if you have a better titleSome of my title thoughts are 1."From Failure to Success From Fear to Confidence"2. " Consequences, Confidence - Life & Career "3. " When no one helped I Still took steps towards Success "4. " I realized Teaching,Helping is more satisfying than being a Software Engineer"5. " Mistakes of a Software Engineer's Career Growth "6. " I Failed a Lot - Software Engineer's personal thoughts "7. " Emails which changed my Life "I can write atleast a page on each of above title thus making a small book just out of the titles :) So much I have to share but I fear that I may reveal too much personal info. You tell me frankly am I right or wrong in assuming - People hate to read failure stories what they want is Success stories & steps for success.Yes its not just about Career its about Life advice too meaning it includes enough personal advices related to non technical stuff just like some of my previous emails.If you joined recently or if you've not read some of my previous emailshere are some of the topics i covered in my previous emails1. 10 Tips between your Success and Failure2. Winners take action Losers get involved in too many pity thingswhat i intended to say by mentioning above email headlines -- I have a lot of helpful career,life,success advice to share & chances are NO one else shares them with you.I've learnt this the hardway - people in IT(Software domain) DO NOT share . A lot of IT guys/girls are so scared to tell you anything - they wont give away the best lessons they've learnt from their experience & their mistakes. If you dont believe me check out all your IT friends just ask them - "Can u share few tips to succeed in a IT career" & see their response. I bet you'll hardly get anyone who can even give you a couple of decent tips. If you get anyone you are really lucky.I'm writing from experiences of friends since I dont want to reveal my personal identity - I like to remain anonymous, I like to keep my identity secret - so I will be mixing lots of real incidents,stories,experiences of friends with my own experiences. Anyone reading the story even if he knows me personally can not trace it back to me - I will be writing like that. Since when Im sharing personal advice including lessons learnt from personal,career failures its not cool to say that I've failed. Sometimes its embarrassing just to even write about these mistakes & their consequences in my own & my friend's lives .So this book is invaluable for those who take time & who learn,implement lessons from what they learn.This book is planned to be printed as hard copy & published/will be available for purchase through soon. How soon I cant tell for sure right now.I just wanted to know from you few things0. What topics you prefer more - Career tips or Personal tips or what else?0.1 Can you mention some "sentences or areas or topic headlines" on which you want to read more in this book - I can write about it if I find interesting.0.2 Can you mention how can I make this book a lot more valuable & useful for you & people whom you know well. Tell me how to make this a best seller :)1. Would you prefer to buy a hardcopy book for $96 or a soft copy of same book for $462. Would you like to contribute anything from yo[...]

Storage technology training for SNIA EMC certifications - Storage online training for getting job in Storage companies


Hi,A good friend of mine who is a Storage professional with 8 years of IT experience is doing online training for people who want to get into Storage technology career.Below you can find the details of the course she does & all the relevant details. If you are serious about building your career in storage this course will be a boost in that direction. This course can also help take up Storage certifications. Do email back to me if you are interested in taking up this course. The trainer - she will be allowing you to attend 1 session so you can see yourself the quality of the training & clarify all your questions before you send the payment to be able to attend remaining training sessions. I've known this trainer for a long time & I've attended some of her sessions & I'm impressed by the way she teaches - its like learning from an experienced IT friend. Though dont always push thinking the trainer as a friend but she is very helpful.Lots of her students from US,UK,Australia,India & many other countries have vouched for the support her trainings have given them to advance in their career or to get job in Storage.This training is purely online for individuals & once you email me I will share your email id with the trainer so that she can followup with you & give you more info.I will say if you are seriously thinking of getting into storage this training is a must have. Do email if you are seriously interested in taking up this training.RegardsRogerCourse details are below - please take time to go through in detail. Storage Administrator Training Courses:-SNIA s10-101,Netbackup,EMC CLARiiON,Symmetrix DMX,IBM DS4000/5000,Brocade/McData/Cisco SAN Switches. Trainer : SNIA Certified Professional.,8 years of Industry experience.Contact : Email : roger.smithson10@gmail.comOnline Training for induvidualsClassroom sessions for Corporates.NOTE:Fee mentioned here is for individual students,for corporates,the fee will vary.**AS A SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR THOSE WHO TAKE ALL THE COURSES AS A PACKAGE,THE FEE WILL BE ONLY Rs.50000/-**Course 1:SNIA S10-101 (Duration:30hours,Fees:Rs.15000)Course coverage Details can be found below: 2:EMC - SYMMETRIX (Duration:30hours,Fees:Rs.30000) Storage System Introduction Data and Information SAN, DAS and NAS Basic Symmetrix Inside - Logical view Legacy Box, DMX 1000, 2000 & 3000 Architecture & Power system. DMX 800, DMX3 and DMX 4 Architecture & Power system.* V-MAX Architucture. FA, DA and Cache (memory Boards). Why Rule 17? FEBE Boards EMC physical disk and symmetrix device (logical volume) Read Hit/Miss, Write Hit/Miss and Data Structure. EMC Symmetrix Solution Enabler Symmetrix/DMX Configuration Manager Configuration Manager RAID - (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,S,0+1,1+0) Creating and Deleting of Hyper Volumes Mapping and Unmapping of Devices (Allocation and Re-claim) Managing Meta Devices Symmetrix DMX Series Director Pairing Symmetrix Time Findero Mirroringo BCV - Operations, Symcli commands. Global Sparing Hot Sparing Dynamic Sparing Optimizer theory EMC Health check, Drive Replacement and Inlines SRDF in details, SRDF all modes. Symmetrix TimeFinder Review SRDF operationsCourse 3:CLARiiON (Duration:30hours,Fees:Rs.15000) Basic architecture of CLARiiON Disk Array CLARiiON Models CLARiiON Management Utilities -Navisphere Manager 6 Disk Summary [...]

People make Miracles Happen not Technology - Personal blog post nothing tech on this post


Strange experience I want to share here.I got an email & then I got on a gmail/gtalk chat with a person who emailed me to know more about my storage training.I took sometime to explain him about my Storage training, I also told him about my Vmware virtualization training. We discussed tech stuff for quite sometime. He was an experienced Software professional but unfortunately out of job and was on the look for a job.Since I felt like helping him with a bit of my time. I offered few small tips to make sure he makes daily progress etc. Then out of nowhere we started discussing about "Brain waves" or "Audio tracks - MP3 audio" which are specially designed to help our brain to relax or to focus well or to remember longer. Then I got to know he knows these stuff a lot more than me.For those who want to know here is a website I've recently setup. These are audio tracks with affirmation messages & special sound waves to help people give importance and focus towards their weight loss efforts.I'm also setting up soon a website with audio tracks(downloadable MP3) files ofPowerful Brainwave for Relaxation- Audio for Peak Performance- Audio for Smart Focus- Audio for working on lot of Data Consolidation- Audio to help you overcome any Blues(any bad moodswings)Email me if you are interested in these.These are Powerful & proven audios. I'm using them daily myself as I've found good results by their use.So I started discussing brain waves with this person(whose identity I want to keep a secret) then we discussed about energy healing and karma (Doing Good things to have a good karma & avoiding doing any harm to others so as to avoid a bad karma).He gave me lot of practical tips, he gave me lot of advice and he helped me in some personal things also (like how to heal some health issues of a very close relative of mine). I do have a lot of faith in these as I've seen their results. I'm not talking voodoo magic here. I'm talking proven science based energy healing. Results of which i've seen in my own life.Whether you believe it or not I thank god for helping me come across this person who shared things to help me in my personal life.Imagine he reached out to me to ask tech based information and I ended up taking his help on my personal things. God keeps showing lots of miracles and this website is such a small miracle. I never intended to do so many positive things(career advice for strangers) what I have done after starting to write on this website(blog).Lot of people have benefited from this blog and the free information shared on this blog. I know a person who read my blogs & later met me - he said he took hardcopy printouts of all the posts on this blog since he found it useful. He said he saved more time by knowing nuggets from my experience than reading big reference books.(I suggest you read as many big reference books on the topic of your interest- blogs are just blogs they are no way as good as reference books).But my point is - People make miracles happen. Its not the technology.So if you are seriously looking for job instead of avoiding reaching out to people and finding an excuse like you are already posting to all job sites(technology) - Go out network(meet and talk) with people. Tell them your situation or explain them what you are looking for in a job. Meet the headhunters or talk to them on phone (DOnt just text chat - Talk on Phone or Meet in person if possible) .Its People - Not Technology which can make miracles happen in many Job seekers' lives.So dont be a tech rut. Dont say you've done everything you can to find job sooner. You've not done enough. You've[...]

Why People Fail to get job & Why People keep making the mistakes which avoids them from getting Job


People are a frustrated when they are unemployed. When they are struggling to get a job They loose rational,logical thinking. What most do is follow the same routine which thousands or million other competing job seekers are doing.

Everyone does the same mistake of just uploading some crap resume to 100s of job sites. What people think is they can compensate quantity over quality. They spend all time to forward resumes & hardly work on effective networking with individuals who can help them get Interviews or even Job in some cases.

People are dumb I was dumb I did same mistakes which Im talking about all over here. I made a huge mistake of avoiding job opportunities for myself for too long. Just like all others I hated improvising, I hated optimisation since it was hard work since it was brainy work. I was ready to sit & keep applying to 100s or 1000s of Job postings on Job sites rather than using the same time to make small but effective changes in my resume, in my approach towards the hiring process, in my approach to reaching out to people in my domain, my target companies.

I was the most screwedup shy shitty guy. Since I crumbled with the thoughts of talking to people asking them favours to forward my resume or asking them to refer me for any of their company openings. I really hated asking people favours but I had no choice I saw the reality I saw that I cant make progress until I talk to people, network with people still I was shy for a long long time - Thats the biggest mistake I made & many Jobseekers keep making. I dont know you want to call it a looser's attitude or whatever its just that we are NOT comfortable to socialise we are NOT comfortable to ask favors. We hate to beg others to help us get job - BUT thats the most logical thing to do.

Alas it takes so much time & so much painful experiences before we come out of our shell to take those dreaded steps & do the right thing.

Talk to the ones who can help you get job soon - There is no better way

People help People Get job.

Its not the Job sites Its not your Soft copy of Resume

Its People who help Other People get job. So try to overcome your introvert attitude & be a little more people person everyday.Push yourself to go & talk to people, since its people who interview you & decide to give you that job offer.

Good luck

Storage Interview Questions Live Webinar Register now


Register above if you want to get email notifications of our planned Live Webinars on Storage technology job interview Questions.

We are doing a Live Webinar with a Storage Professional & you can join for FREE this live webinar only if you register in above Free Email notification subscription.

A lot of people email us asking what are some of the technical interview questions asked in Storage technology jobs. So here on this Live Webinar you may find some of those answers.We plan to cover a minimum of 10 or more questions in detail & ofcourse we plan to answer these questions too. So if this is worth your time do register now & also send an email to if you need more info.

We often do paid Live Webinars for few interested folks where we share more than 30 interview questions for just $97 . Yes these are more than 1 hour Live Private webinars for those who paid to be on the call. People often feel if they can get an idea on how the questions will be they can better prepare for their interviews.

Disclaimers:Focus of these webinars are just to discuss what kind of questions are probably asked - We are not claiming any guarantee that same questions will be asked in your interviews. That may never happen as most of the interviews are very dynamic in nature .It depends on your resume,job requirement, the interviewer - what kind of questions comeup it can never be predicted since these factors are very changing. But we just are discussing few prominant areas which storage job seekers should not ignore.Its like these are basic questions which have some chance of being asked if someone is not asking them its just that they have more tougher,scenario,practical based questions to ask & they have limited to time so they are not asking all questions.

1 line summary - None of these questions may appear in your interview.
Thats not our focus.
Our focus is to let you know - these are some basics make sure to cover these too.But prepare even more exhaustive & prepare much more seriously for your job interviews.

Never attend interviews just based on the questions we are sharing & DO NOT ever comeback to complain these questions did not appear in your interviews.

2 Day crash courses in Bangalore for Serious Job seekers


Special 2 days Training for just 4000 Rs call now to register 91-8971969548 (Four thounsand INR). Training is held in Bangalore . This 2 days training is covering Vmware VI3 ESX installation,Networking,Storage configuration,VM Creation,VM OS installation,Vmotion,HA,DRS. This is a crash course of just 2 days.Storage 2 days crash course covering Fibre Channel,SAN,NAS overview & interview questions on these Rs 4000 (Four thounsand INR )Job Winning Secret tips (NON Technical) - 2 day crash course (Rs 1,000 ) on - How to prepare for interviews, writing optimised resume, Answering common questions, answering in much better manner so as to clear several rounds & move to next rounds, How to avoid mistakes & do the right things to clear interview rounds, Tips for making sure you give a good impression.How to get more interview calls, how to make more employers consider you & shortlist your resume for interviews.[This course is completely non technical & can be of benefit for anyone who is trying for a job]call now to register 91-8971969548 or email - make sure to give your complete details - ur domain,experience,career interest etc when u are sending ur email.Batches can be held either on weekend(Saturday,Sunday) or on Weekdays - but we will inform you about the schedule of the batches. These are crash courses hence please be willing to sit for 3 or more hours every day. No Hard copy materials are given only soft copy materials are given. Please make sure to write in detail about yourself - what is your education,years of experience, which technology , which domains you've worked on. We need this information mandatory as we may NOT accept everyone for the crash course.Course is held in bangalore. Batches will begin from 27th March 2010 coming Saturday.Special 2 days Training for just 4000 Rs call now to register 91-8971969548 (Four thounsand INR) Email . Training is held in Bangalore . This 2 days training is covering Vmware VI3 ESX installation,Networking,Storage configuration,VM Creation,VM OS installation,Vmotion,HA,DRS. This is a crash course of just 2 days. | | |Storage 2 days crash course covering Fibre Channel,SAN,NAS overview & interview questions on these Rs 4000 (Four thounsand INR ). This is a separate course , separate from above mentioned VI3 course.Email | | |Job Winning Secret tips (NON Technical) - 2 day crash course (Rs 1,000 ) Email . This course covers - How to prepare for interviews, writing optimised resume, Answering common questions, answering in much better manner so as to clear several rounds & move to next rounds, How to avoid mistakes & do the right things to clear interview rounds, Tips for making sure you give a good impression.How to get more interview calls, how to make more employers consider you & shortlist your resume for interviews.[This course is completely non technical & can be of benefit for anyone who is trying for a job].This is a separate course , separate from above mentioned storage course. | | |call now to register 91-8971969548 or email - make sure to give your complete details - ur domain,experience,career interest etc when u are sending ur email.[...]

How to get job in IT companies related to Storage technology videos


Storage technology for beginners Part1
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Storage technology for beginners Part2
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Storage technology for beginners Part3
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Storage Area Network(SAN) Jobs:Tutorials& InterviewQuestions
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Software Career advice Live Online Webinar on 19 Feb 2010 Do NOT miss it


Registration Web Link: next 6 hour webinar on Software Career Advice - Software testing interview Questions.Read this if you really have time & interest to know how to do a Live Webinar.Our team with my support did a Live webinar on Software Career. They coveredtopics like "Tips for preparing for a Technical Interview" "Career opportunities in Software Testing" ,"Best ways to answer Software Testing Interview Questions with an example of20 Interview Questions with answers"So after doing several Live Webinars here is the overall experience.Doing a Live Webinar definitely requires preparation. Live webinar for peoplewho are not aware of is like a Live Seminar just that people login on internet/onlinesome people can use telephone to login too. No matter how people login they all participate on this Online Live Seminar. Those who login using internet have anadvantage over the ones logged in using telephone, which is the ones on computerget to see the presentation along with hearing the audio.Then this team did another Live Webinar covering "20 Interview Questions with answers on Software Testing" which nearly 400+ people registered out of which only 20+ turned up.This was a little more shocking 'cause the topic was of soo much interest to soo many.Those who want to listen to this can check out see a replay of this webinar.The reason why very few logged in live may be 'cause the time of webinar was not suitable to many people & the day being a thursday evening many people were busy with their work. So for the 1st Live Webnar on "Career Opportunities in Sw Testing" nearly300 people registered . These webinars were hosting using Gotowebinar so interested people first register & then they get an email with a link which if they click at the time of the webinar they can Login & participatein the webinar. So out of 300 people who registered only 40 people actually logged in & participatedin the live webinar. Our team did not get an idea like why so many missed attendingthe Live webinar. It may be because this one was done on a Sunday was the mostconsoling answer my team got.Those who want to listen to this can check out see a replay of this webinar.So my team is planning to do some crazy thing this time. They are planning to doa 6 hour marathon(lengthy) seminar on "Software Testing, Software Career Tips,Interview Preparation tips all combined" webinar is completely FREE.Above is the link to register for this 6 hour lengthy webinar on Tech,Career stuff.Whats the reason they want to do a 6 hour webinar - to accomodate people from differenttime zones to login at a convenient time & to get real valuable info. To help those people who get reminded about the webinar only after it got ended that this is not a1 or 2 hour webinar to end so early so you still can login & listen however long it is fine for you to listen. Definitely since they are going to cover lots of technicalstuff related to Software interview preparation, Software project process & things like thatyou may NOT to want to miss this.Take note video replay of this 6 hour webinar will not be made available to general public. So make sure you attend the live webinar without fail.Atleast this time around my time aims to see 60% of those who register to attend thisLive Webinar event. Please dont feel bad if you get lots of reminder emails aboutat[...]

6 Hour Live Webinar on Software Career advice register now or loose a ton of useful information


Hi Everyone,We are very happy to see that lots of people are registering for this Mega event. The crazy 6 hour long Live webinar which is being held is driving lots of interested people. They are registering and also emailing us to ask for more info. They are asking1. Are we really doing a 6 hour duration Live webinar2. What are we covering in this online webinar3. Can they inform others to join itHere is the link where you can register,once you register you will receive an emailwith a unique link, when the webinar starts click on it and you will be able to loginto the webinarRegistration Web Link: about this Online event on your Blogs, Social Networking Site accounts, Facebook, Myspace walls,Orkut/Linked in pages - email us the link & we will give access to 20 Interview questions video for free.Email once you've posted about this event on your accounts with link to see those pages/site/social networking posts. You help us promote this online Live event & we will make sure we share more Videos, PDFs, Interview Questions lots of free stuff with You.Help us to reach out to more people and we will thank you in a big way.To answer some of the above questions we thought of sending out this email.If you are too pressed for time right now please ignore this email.Yes we are doing a 6 hour long Live webinar but its not necessary thatyou strictly be logged on for 6 hours. You are free to take breaks & joinat your convenience but whoever is online for most part of the webinar willbenefit the most. We clearly understand not everyone can be listening for6 long hours. Our main reason why we are doing a 6 hour long online live eventis 'cause many people can login at any time of their convenience and still be ableto benefit to some extent by learning atleast few tech stuff.Also we've seen people will be busy with soo many things that they are able to loginonly at one specific time - you login whenever you can and still you can get somereal cool Job advice or Tech info which helps in your next interview or next job change.What are we covering - we want to cover practical tips which people can benefit fromWe plan to share several experiences of people attending interviews,people preparing their resume - kind of small improvements in their resumewhich got them their interview as well as job several things like that & we also want to cover some interview questions with answers on Software testing so people still get their expected technical part of this webinar.Lots of people have registered from soo many places we wanna thank themSims Anthony : Codesen : Dhara T: Rob C: Prasanna V: Avinash Agarwal : Siva K :Christine: Neena R:Chandana R: Ashish A :Prakash B : Farrukh B: Mohan G:Suresh K : Vivek J:Keerthi V : Rachana SPlease do forward this email or the registration link to many more peopleas this is a free live webinar it helps them all. Do a favour to your best buddiesby forwarding this email & helping them get benefited by this live event.We are planning to give away some cool gifts to some of the participants.We have some more Videos on handling Technical Interviews,We have videos on Interview , HR Questions, Salary NegotiationThese videos we will give away to few lucky winners of a random email contest.The winners will get access to a membership site where they can see above mentioned videos.Make sure to email and share what are the topics you would like us to[...]

Software Testing Interview Questions Live Webinar on Jan 28 2010 (Paid webinar)


My friends from bangalore are again doing one more Live webinar this time covering 20 interview questions on Software testing. They are not revealing to others what some of those questions are but I forced them to share a few with us.They plan to cover technical questions but more than that questions which many struggle like : Explain your overall experience in Software testing, Explain your projects in detail & what was your contributionExplain what are your strengths,weakness talking purely within the limits of Software testing/Your experience in application testingExplain why you should be hired against others who are competing with you for this Software testing positionDefinitely the questions will be answered with Manual Software Testing background.If you are interested to know more about this live webinar of Jan 28th 2010 Go check out here are some more details about this webinar covering Testing interview questions.Email with more details about this webinar is copied below------------------------------------------------------------Feel free to forward this email to others who may be interested to learn about Software testing interview questions.Here is the details on Live webinar on Software Testing Interview Questions (Live Online Event)Go here to register of you are preparing to attend a Software Testing InterviewWhat you are searching for are Interview questions asked & answers for those interview questionsWe are doing a Live Webinar(Online) where we are covering 20+ interview questions on Software TestingAll these interview questions are focused on Manual Software Testing.This is a webinar you can attend by paying just $10If due to any reason you missed out attending & you had already paid you will get a link where youcan listen to recorded replay of the webinar so you can listen to it at your convenient timeWe plan to cover some of the most frequently asked interview questions in this webinarWhat is the advantage of attending this webinarYou get to know how these questions are answeredYou will also get to know when you answer a question how they may more questions based on the kind of answer you provide them also how they may twist a straight forward interview question & make it appear like a tough one.Knowing how to answer these 20+ questions is to just make you feel more confident so that you can go back revise on your Testing foundation, perfect more concepts gain more hands on experienceand then tackle your real interview with better preparation.Most of the real Sw testing jobs may ask questions like 15 to 20 per person so listening to these questionsis like alsmost going through the experience of someone attending a real interview.But as you know interview is a very dynamic process so there may be several questions asked in real interviewwhich may be very different from what we cover. Please do NOT attend interviews just based on these questions.We are NOT claiming that these same questions will be asked in every interview. Its not possible.Interviewers may ask various other questions. The focus of the webinar is to share that these are some of the valid questions for Software job interview & learn how to answer these. You need to prepare on your own forall Software Testing Concept, Experience based questions in the same lines . OR improvise your interview answering capability by listening &[...]

Software Testing Training Online course details


Our friends from bangalore have conducted a webinar on Software testing on 17th Jan 2010. They are starting online training on Software testing & below are the details for people who are interested to join it.---------------------------------------------------------here are the different training options we are providing if you are interested to learn Software testing.These are the topics which will be covered whether you choose Option A OR Option B.Course coverage: (We are giving short info on coverage here but each topic will be covered in much detail & in video or live webinar presentation)Software Testing IntroductionWhat are the different profiles in Software testing for which you may be hired forTesting Life CycleDefect Life CycleProcess of reporting Defect & what a Testing Engineer has to do as followupTypes of Software TestingTest planTest CasesHow a Testing project is executed in a companyCommon interview questions asked in Software testing job interviewsThere will be technical coverage on Build process,Configuration management etc.Option A:if you want to participate in Live webinar where you get a chance to express how you are progressing & get things clarified. The cost of the training fee is $197 (US $) approx Indian Rupees 9,000 You get access to not only Live webinar sessions but also to a membership site where you can see recorded videos & learn at your own pace. We also create an account for you in which is online project tracking software. In this online project tracking software we track your progress, you can update your learning & request for support when you are about to attend interviews.Basecamp is a 3rd party online interface not owned by us but we use its service to help & support our students.Know more about it by seeing the video tutorials here Option B:If you are not interested in Live webinar access but want to get access only to recorded videos membership site the cost is only $97 (US $) approx Indian Rupees 4,500 . Your progress is still tracked using Basecamp. The only difference is you will not be able to participate in Live webinar series. But you will get videos of webinar replays so you still will learn everything.Let us know if you need any more info.Below webinar links may take time to load as each of them is 1 hour long video. So please allow it to buffer.Here is the link where we've already uploaded yesterday's (17/01/2010) intro webinar is a link to our earlier webinar which we did on a similar content as above can join by clicking the payment buttons on any of these pages or scroll down here to find the buy buttons. Once you make a payment we will email you & notify when the live webinars will start. We may take 12 to 24 hour to respond once you make payment so please dont worry if you dont see any response immediately after your payment is processed. You can make payment using credit card or using your paypal account if you have one using the Buy buttons on the above website links.$197 for Live webinar access & Also access to recorded videos membership site$97 for Recorded Videos membership access ( You will not be able to participate in Live webinars , but can listen to recorded webinar sessions)We also do training live in person if you can attend in our Bangalore centre for these training. If anyone is interested to come d[...]

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I have a team in Bangalore,INDIA which is doing a Webinar on Software Testing below are the details about this webinar & there are some videos from their previous webinar do join the webinar registration if you are interested.Important Note: Scroll Down to see Videos on Software Testing Interview Questions----------------------------------------------------------------Please see if you can join this & also forward to all who may be interested to join this , also ask them to forward to others.------------------------------If you are interested to know more about Software testing or if you are already searching for job in Software testing here is a webinar (Online seminar) which may be of interest to you .On Jan 17th a Webinar is being conducted on "Software Testing Career Opportunities & How to get job in Software testing"Go here http://www.SoftwareTestingCareer.Com & Register now. You can logon to the Webinar from your internet enabled computer or use telephone to login. Telephone no.s for your respective country will be displayed once you register.Everyone who attends the seminar will get access to a Free PDF on Software testing interview questions & also Video on Software Testing interview questions & interview preparationsYou don't need to pay to attend this webinarSince its a Webinar you can attend from your home or a cyber cafe wherever you have an internet connection. You will receive reminder email with link to attend this webinar. Also feel free to email which topics or which areas you would like to be covered on this seminar,We will try to cover them if there is demand for it from more people.Go now & register http://www.SoftwareTestingCareer.ComWhat is Software Testing What is a Software Bug or What is a Software defect in Software testing process? Types of Testing Bug Life Cycle or Defect Management Process in Software testing Discussion about Automation testing vs Manual testing[...]