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Updated: 2017-08-20T02:15:57+00:00


How do I motivate/get people to work for free? (Hip-Hop Blog, x-post from r/startups, r/startup)


So right now I'm running a hip-hop blog with a team of 30+ people. The site hasn't fully launched yet (we're still working on the redesign), but at the current moment, we're trying to get all of our writers to have at least 2 articles ready/fully written before our site launch.

The problem we've encountered though, is getting people motivated to want to work for our site for free. Right now we have no real capital, and we're not generating any profits from advertisements or promo with the site not being active and without a substantial/committed following of readers. So we can't motivate people with payment for articles at the current moment. Of course there's the promise that our site WILL be generating profits in the future, but that's just not the case at the current moment.

Some motivators we've already told our writers that this will be great for their resumes, and of course a great motivator will be "clout" or the hope that our publication will become prestigious and well-respected, and their contributions will in turn boost their own personal "clout."

But unfortunately what we are now finding, is that people are simply just not motivated to want to work for free. Many of our writers haven't even submitted a single article yet, and we need these articles to come in so we can assess how large our "article bank" will be for our launch.

So my question is, how do i motivate/get people to work for free?

submitted by /u/robertsada to r/Entrepreneur
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Can I take Mometasone Fuorate for a long time?


This is the only thing that has ever managed my Rhinitis. I've been taking it everyday (nasal spray, one spray of 50mcg at each nostril) for the past 2 months and it those were the best 2 months of my life.

Is it safe to keep taking it? It is a corticosteroid, that's why I'm worried.

submitted by /u/taeyeonssj3 to r/AskDocs
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[H] Corrupted arena bundle (PC), Sun kissed Amaterasu (PC), Enyo Bellona (Smite Tactics Founder's pack AP) [W] Paypal, Smite PC offers


Also have Khepri Convention (ps4), Artio +recolor (PC), rama nature's guardian (PS4/xbox), isis celestial (ps4) and dreamhack maeve (AP).

submitted by /u/vicky14 to r/SmiteTrades
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[H] [US] LFM Only the Pentinent. Forming now.


Looking for 3 more people to join a group for Only the Pentinent. We have cleared up to Staghelm so we are ready to roll once we get enough people. Also, free roll on mount from Ragnaros!

submitted by /u/iamporcupine to r/lookingforgroup
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Bal Trackers are like drugs...


...once you get hooked on using them, it is very hard to kick that habit.

submitted by /u/DarvK to r/PhantomForces
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[US-NY] H: Pops W:Trades


Have some pops that i dont want and looking to trade.


Have some others too but i havent updated the pic in a while. Pm me about those.

Can make offers not on my wantlist as my wife collects too (mainly rock candys and dc lil bombshells)

submitted by /u/arplud6 to r/funkoswap
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Hey I heard you guys have some really crazy orgies, please direct me to the nearest one please

submitted by /u/gregfox89 to r/rome
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Considering Ibogaine - 6 weeks until boot camp.


Hi, so I posted my main post in the sub below, but before reading it I just want to say, if you can refrain from the: “Don’t join the military in your mental state” comments, I would really appreciate it. There is nothing anyone can say that will change my mind. I was born to be a Marine, and I will be a Marine. I have 6 weeks (I can extend to 12 weeks if I have to) before I go.

Here’s the original post

Original Post

submitted by /u/kratomsucksass to r/addiction
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[SPOILERS] Does it get better after season 1?


I greatly enjoyed The Last Kingdom season 1&2 which led me to Vikings.

I just finished watching season 1. Frankly I didn't enjoy it that much. It's not a bad series and I'm not trying to argue The Last Kingdom is better, but I personally to prefer TLK to Vikings.

Imo, the writing especially dialogue is much better in TLK and plots are focused, characterizations done better. Vikings seems to have more loose plots, slower pace, and seemingly unimportant characters appearing for no reason. For instance what's the purpose of brother Athelstein in the show? Does he do anything other than giving the MC information about western world at the beginning of the show? Does he even show an interesting perspective highlighting religious differences and cultures? He seems to be just hanging around taking much screentime for no reasons. There are many more scenes/characters that I feel are purposeless. I didn't like rather shallow religious depictions either.

I lay out these complaints not to criticize the show but to simply state things I did not enjoy from the show. TLK has many flaws(costumes for instance), too, but I enjoyed it for its plots and dialogue. I would like to know if the show gets any more focused, faster paced, better written, have better characters in the following seasons, or if the season 1 sums up what I should expect from the following seasons.

submitted by /u/highsis to r/vikingstv
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I'm not completely against Judge going down


His discipline is way off. I mean, fair enough he is a star hitter, but he's struck out in more consecutive games than any player in history, including pitchers. He's struck out 3 times today. He chases pitches way outside and takes fastballs down the middle. Send him down to Triple A for some "rehab", work on getting his form back.

submitted by /u/HashCrandicoot to r/yankees
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Forward Grip CA Legal?


I just need to know if it's illegal to own a carbine with a forward Grip in the front of the gun?

There's this forward Grip that actually splits into a tripod with a push of a button but it acts as both a forward Grip and bipod.

Is this illegal?

submitted by /u/Pandanese90 to r/CAguns
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Best places to live as an empath?


Fellow empaths of Reddit, where are the best places to live as an empath? And why?

submitted by /u/nightmute-wombats to r/Empaths
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