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[FS] DENON AVR-X1100W 7.2 4K Receiver (New York) $200


Selling DENON AVR-X1100W 7.2 4K Receiver with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay. This is less than 2 years old and factory refurbished. $200 + shipping.

submitted by /u/Ford_Perfect_lx to r/AVexchange
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What do?


(image) submitted by /u/Gordonsblue to r/MTGO
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New fan-made weapon class: Stampers!


The Stamper idea (as a weapon based on a stamp) has been thrown about on this forum for a while, but nothing really ever became of it. However, I think I finally have the perfect idea for this weapon class when I took at look at how Doomfist plays from Overwatch. Yup, it's a glove weapon. It has two different types of fire: The rapid fire which is gained from just tapping the button sends a small spread of ink around (kind of like a roller flick, but it does less damage). Holding the button down, however, causes the weapon to charge. Releasing the button causes the inkling to propel forward based on the charge duration. There is a sub-class to these weapons - the Double Stampers. Instead of one large Stamper weapon for one hand, these are two smaller ones for both. The tap-fire is the same (though the burst is spread between two waves), but the charged attack is instead rapid-fire punching in front of them instead of an ink-propelled charge. The weapons: Stamper (Standard Stamper weapon) Have you heard of the Octarians out in the Octo Valley? Well, turns out they have some really advanced ink-based weaponry out there. I actually managed to reverse-engineer one of their weapons used by their Octostamper. Meet... the Stamper! This weapon is a "handy" little device that fires spurts of ink if you just tap ZR. But, if you hold it down, you start to build up power. Release the button and "WOOSH!" You're suddenly rocketing across the battlefield! This technique is good for taking out players that are otherwise out of your range. This kit comes with the Point Sensor to see who to charge at and the Baller to retreat or push further in. Stamper Deco (Gimmick Stamper weapon) This version of the Stamper comes covered with fresh arrow stickers (and an arrow to stamp) but is otherwise functionally identical to the original Stamper. This kit instead comes with the Splat Bomb for some added offense and the Ink Armor for added defense for those charges. Good for those who want to be more self-sufficient while still providing support to the team. (The charge is an OHKO while the splash is a 2HKO toward the middle, 3-ishHKO on the edges of the waves. The charge is an OHKO) Rolling Stamper Sometimes, you just want to freely zip about the field like an Inkling who loaded up on caffeine- I mean, equiped Opening Gambit. That's where these weapons come in. What they lack in power, they make up for the speed at which they charge. It's about turning yourself into a battering ram and just... well, continuing to ram! The Ink Mines are the sub of choice here due to your ability to move around freely and plant them wherever, while the Tenta Missiles are for picking off foes otherwise out of reach. Rolling Stamper Deco What's better than a fast-charging Stamper? A fast-charging Stamper with RHINESTONES! While identical in stats to the first Rolling Stamper, the Deco has changed up the kit. This time, we have the Beakon to help your team jump to wherever you've probably jumped, and the Splashdown for easy splats after charging in close. (The Rolling Stamper is like the Bamboozler of the Stamper class - they charge extremely fast, but the charge does not OHKO) I have some more ideas for the weapons (I still have the "heavy", "light" and sub-weapon variations to describe, but this is just to start) submitted by /u/inhaledcorn to r/splatoon [link] [comments][...]

Bitfinex invitation code?


Could someone message one to me? Thank you!

submitted by /u/FHBruce to r/bitfinex
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WoD 18Dec17


2x10 Shoulder Dislocate


10-1 Dip Ladder

10-1 Push-up Ladder


7x [2-3-5] Bench Press @ 60-65% 1RM

For each Set

Complete 2 reps, rest 10-15sec, complete 3 reps, rest 10-15sec, complete 5 reps to make a total of 10

The workout is 7 total sets of that format. Rest 2 minutes between each set


4x (1-6) Pull-up Ladder


Cool Down

submitted by /u/Justanotherdude16 to r/TacticalAthlete
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Rigging a hand for motion graphics?


I've been banging my head against this problem for awhile. Everyone seems to have different methods of rigging models and hands are so incredibly complex.

Does anyone have a free tutorial out there for rigging and animating a hand?

submitted by /u/add0607 to r/Cinema4D
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Statics is easy


they said. Apparently I can't draw a free body diagram to save my life.

submitted by /u/bobthemuffinman to r/EngineeringStudents
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Hey guys, I recorded a mellow tappy thing to some Christmas Bells, then solo'd over it. [Feedback]


Ive been working on my recording chops lately so any input related to recording slap specifically would be very helpful <3

submitted by /u/Skkorm to r/Bass
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Best shipping service to use for the UK?


Should I drop more cash on shipping or just use the DHL/EMS cheapo service? The stuff I ordered was meant for a secret santa, but it will be done over new years bc most of the participants are away, so time isn't really an issue at all.

submitted by /u/Barnables to r/FashionReps
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My Most Used Reason Keyboard Shortcuts


After using Ableton Live for so long, I feel really dumb going back to the Reason sequencer after so long away. I have the shortcuts sheet I've been trying to master, but I feel oh so slow. Any quick tips or game changers that speed you up on the piano roll or chopping audio?

I'm still early in relearning everything, so my favorite shortcuts are weak but here are my favs so far:

  • F5, F6, F7 for showing/hiding mixer, rack, sequencer.

  • Tab obviously for front/back.

  • Ctrl T for new track.

  • Ctrl I for new instrument.

  • Shift Enter Back to start (this drives me crazy, keep pressing control enter)

  • Ctrl Enter for Record

  • Last but not lease - Q,W,E,R,T, Y, U for the different sequencer selection tools.

My main grip on the sequence so far has been not having these key commands down like I do in Ableton, and some of the sequencer features. I prefer the quantize and not drawing features in Ableton so far, but it's probably because it's what I'm used to new.

submitted by /u/2Chris to r/reasoners
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“John Anthony Motherfucking Frusciante”


Anyone have the link to the show where Flea says this? Can’t remember which show or which song. It MIGHT be Slane.

submitted by /u/DocsHandkerchief to r/John_Frusciante
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OT: Tips for how to "slow down" time over the holidays... (my vacation days are flying past at an alarming rate!)


You guys know how some days go by nice and slowly and others go by all too quickly?

The first couple days I was off (tail end of last week), things were nice and relaxing and leisurely. Felt like each day was plenty long to enjoy myself.

HOWEVER things started picking up speed over the weekend and today is positively whizzing by! It's almost 3:30 pm and I feel like all I've done is wake up (9:30 am, later than I'd prefer), make a big breakfast, take a shit, goof off on my laptop for a few hours, make a big lunch, take another shit, and now I'm goofing off on my laptop again.

I haven't even played any video games yet today! What the fuck! If I was working, I'd already be getting off in another hour and a half, and I've done nothing at all with the entire day!

Thinking for starters, tomorrow I should wake up at normal time (7-ish), shower, and run an errand or two nice and early in the morning, so at least if I'm a goddamn bum the rest of the day I will have done something productive...

Is time slipping by all too quickly for you guys as well? And/or do you have any advice for how to make it last longer?

submitted by /u/nana_strikes_ to r/imdbvg
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