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Need advice: Pros/Cons on switching from old Simple Choice to Prepaid Plan or Tmobile One... very confused


Hey everyone! So I've been on the T-Mobile Simple Choice plan for years now. I have the 2GB plan +1 GB for I believe $60 a month. Lately I have hit the data slowdowns more frequently, but more months with 3GB, wifi, and rollover I don't hit it. But I was still thinking about doing unlimited data for $70/month.

Then I randomly find out there are "prepaid" plans that cost LESS than what I'm paying but offer more data?! I could get 4GB of data (33% more data) for $45/month (25% less!) or 6GB of data (100% more data!) for $55/month (still less than what I pay now).

My instinct is to take this 6GB plan, it seems like there are no downsides to it. Sure, "unlimited" would be nice, but having 2x what I use now for less seems like a better deal, versus paying 20% more for data I probably won't use. That said, I have some concerns:

  • Is there some major difference between prepaid and uh "normal" plans? Will this switch screw me in some way?
  • Tethering: I use tethering sometimes, maybe once a month or so for business reasons when my laptop's not in range of WiFi. It seems like you can tether at full speed on prepaid up to your data cap... how does that compare to TM1? I can't afford to lose tethering
  • International: I travel out of country maybe once every 12 to 18 months. My experience with Tmobile's phone/data coverage outside the USA has been hit or miss on my Simple Choice plan, how would this look on prepaid or TM1?
  • I really really don't think I need "unlimited" data. I'm on WiFi at home and work, so really it's for business use, Skype/Discord calls, watching YouTube on a train for 20 minutes now and then (but not every day)
  • Any other considerations or downsides?

Thanks ahead of time!

submitted by /u/wingspantt to r/tmobile
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they claim that you can win by using Common law (no one can testify that they were harmed) for many charges Is this legit,?

submitted by /u/dawico1 to r/legaladvice
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Pan Men: Butch women?


Hey, y'all. I just wanted to know what pansexual men thought of soft butch/butch women. Would you date them? Why/why not? Thanks :)

submitted by /u/thelabeorohita to r/pansexual
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Who would win? Goten and Trunks vs Caulifla and Cabba


Discussion had at work wondering what everyone thinks. Goten is a prodigy youngest Super Saiyan of all time and Trunks is the son of Vegeta. The other two are new Super Saiyans but really took to the new power. I think the U7 Saiyans are a step above the U6 and personally think Goten and Trunks stomp them but wondering what everyone else thinks.

submitted by /u/mikek1993 to r/whowouldwin
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Single cup, no pod, not too expensive coffeemaker?


I'm the only coffee drinker in my house. Looking to get away from my Keurig and get a single cup brewer, not interested in ability to use pods, and not too expensive. Any recommendations? Thanks!

submitted by /u/ttiiggzz to r/Coffee
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Appreciation for this Sub!


Thanks to some advice I got on a post and some other threads I've read, I have definitely been seeing an improvement in my play.

I don't autopilot near as much, I'm now able to EDD reliably in game (also thanks to Roy discord) and I'm really starting to get out of some bad approach habits I used to have.

The thing I'm happiest about though is how I'm getting way better at beating people with really linear, annoying playstyles. I played against a "I'm going to sit here and throw projectiles until you come to me and then I'll grab you" Link main the other day and I really had no trouble with him.

Just wanted to say thanks for the help!

submitted by /u/Tablecork to r/CrazyHand
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Patrick Beverley


Would any of you be opposed to a straight up trade of Jrue for him. I know its highly unlikely, but imo he's the kind of guy this team needs.

submitted by /u/LADon79 to r/NOLAPelicans
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Can you flash a custom ROM without using your computer?


Hi everybody!

I've decided to flash a custom rom on my beloved Nexus 6. Now my USB port is pretty messed up and barely any cable will stick into the port. So my question is: Are you able to flash a custom ROM without using your PC?

Do you also lose all data that's on the phone? If yes, what is the best option to backup your data (Pictures etc.) and restore them afterwards?

I'm already rooted and running TWRP (Not sure which version, but I read somewhere that older version don't work with Pure Nexus or something).


submitted by /u/MaximusTheSmall to r/nexus6
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WSIB a classless RPG (e.g. Skyrim)


I want to play a game that I can choose what play style I want. Something like Skyrim and Dark souls (bonus points for open world)

submitted by /u/Zountack to r/ShouldIbuythisgame
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