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a journy leading somewhere.....

Updated: 2018-03-08T06:25:42.229+11:00


the blog is dead.... long live the blog


ok so i know announcing this blog as dead is a bit late... its been dead for yrs...

but i do now have a blog i will use and update... so hey check out

link love


Just giving some link love to my new webstore, you can get great prices on a iMac, Macbook and all the apple mac range, so click over and never pay retail again!

Also have a look at my wifes photography business fartoolittleattention

stay tuned to see if i ever start blogging again.... dunno if i do....

every direction communities


(image) well the big news has dropped and is public, I have decided to put the missional church ideas that i have been reading and speaking about for the last 3 years into practice! I have the blessing of my church to start a new missional community and to experiement with a new way to be and do church.

I must admit this is a scary thing but i am excited about the potential!

Please feel free to check out the website for more info. I will be blogging there regularly as well and will evaluate the use of this personal blog over the next few months.

this is not, the greatest post in the world, this is just a tribute!


ok so everybody has either noticed my blogging hasnt realy begun this year, or you are so far gone that im not even on your RSS feed.... oh the shame....

i have not got the creative energy to realy make this blog work just yet.... BUT i have a few little ideas that i am brewing and they might come to pass soon...

so this isnt a goodbye post, it is just a please be patient and wait....

A little sillyness


Well i supose i should get back to blogging soon.... here is something i whipped up on our summer camp with a few mates....

(object) (embed)

we gota get out of this place......


(image) Well the time has come for me and em to head off on a holiday.... we will be driving tomorrow to sunny Queensland and staying at Mooloolaba on the sunshine coast. I will be on blog hiatus till the 23rd Dec.... although its usually that long between posts anyway.....

Merry Christmas all :)

What would I do with $7,000,000 ?


1. Buy a nice beach front house at Maroubra with plenty of rooms for guests, communal meals etc

2. Buy a great big cafe space in Maroubra and serve some decent coffee

3. Invest $2M and draw a yearly salary so there would be no need for financial support of my ministry.

4. Invest the rest and use the interest to give to world aid and mission.

(image) Ok that what i would do with $7,000,000 let me tell you about a group seeking to get $1 from just 1% of all internet users, that is $7M! Then they are going to distribute this to the worlds poorest people! Go and make a hit for $1 today! and pass on the message....

Blog Tag: I am tagging these bloggers to answer the question "What would you do with $7M? Lets spread the wonder.

Journeys In Between

planet telex
if I Ever Feel Better
Mike Hardie
Backyard Missionary

The Worm and God's economics


Not wanting to weigh too heavily into the whole election process but... i would just like to comment on whether as Christians we should vote on what is good for "us" or on what is good for the whole country (especially those who are less fortunate)I have reposted this artical that can be found at the The Centre for Christian Ethics at Morling College Gods economicsby John McKinnon“The topic of economics is exceedingly difficult to talk about in most First World churches, more taboo than politics or even sex. Yet no aspect of our individual lives and corporate lives is more determinative of our welfare. And few subjects are more frequently addressed in our scriptures.”1Economics is like a game of musical chairs. There are not enough chairs in the world for everyone to have as many as they would like. But rather than play music and race to the nearest chair, we have an auction, and those with the most money can buy their chairs while those without are left standing. Assuming that Earth’s resources are scarce (not enough to satisfy everyone’s wants, as opposed to everyone’s needs) and that there are competing uses for them, economics is essentially about determining who gets what. The dominant economic system in the world today claims the best way to allocate these scarce resources is through the market – supply and demand. That is, whoever pays the most gets the goods. Hence the situation where the rich world spends more on ocean cruises than it would cost to provide safe water to the one billion people going without.Can this be right? Is there a Biblical alternative? Is there such a thing as God’s economics? In fact, the Bible has plenty to say on these two fundamental points. As Christians, we need to know the Scriptures, and speak and live prophetically – challenging the dominant but ungodly ruling paradigms of this world.So, first, is there not enough to go around? Walter Brueggemann reminds us that God created a world that was ordered, abundant, fruitful and very good, good enough to provide for its inhabitants.2 Passages such as Psalm 104 celebrate God’s abundant provision. As Brueggemann says, “the psalm makes clear that we don't need to worry. God is utterly, utterly reliable. The fruitfulness of the world is guaranteed.”Where did this notion of scarcity come from? Our greediness leads us to always want more and we fear that we will never have enough. In the desert God provided manna for the Israelites to eat. There was enough for everyone. When they followed the myth of scarcity and tried to hoard the manna, it turned sour and rotted. They did not need to continually struggle to get more. God would provide.Jesus continues the battle against the myth of scarcity. In Matthew 6:24-34 he states that we cannot serve God and money. We cannot spend our lives striving to get more; to “have enough”. And we don’t need to: “Do not worry…” he says. “Look at the birds...” (Matthew 6:25, 26).Luke precedes his version of the same discourse with the story of the Rich Fool; the hoarder who never has enough, who lives his life according to the myth of scarcity (Luke 12:13-21). God calls the man a fool. Twice in Mark’s gospel we read of Jesus feeding crowds with a few loaves and fish (Mark 6:30-44, Mark 8:1-13), demonstrating through the miraculous multiplication of food, the principle that God has provided enough for all.Paul understood this as well. When discussing his collection for the believers in Jerusalem he highlights God’s economics: Though Jesus was rich, Paul says, “yet for your sakes he became poor, that by his poverty you might become rich” (2 Corinthians 8:9). The aim of Paul’s collection was that “the one who had much did not have too much, and the one who had little did not have too little.” Paul is quoting from Exodus, from the story of the manna. He understood that God has p[...]

Mike Frost on Missional Church


(object) (embed)

I have just finished watching a talk by Mike Frost given at the Presbyterian Global Fellowship Conference in Houston.

It is a great description of the "Missional Church" its about 50min so grab a cup of tea or a beer and watch it... very good....

Songs for mission


(object) (embed)

Here is the lyrics to the song, it is still in development but should be finished soon.

Also see the thread on Matt Stone's blog here

Love Wins

Let us be patient,
Let us be kind,
Let us not envy,
nor be boastful and proud

To seek not selfishness,
To not anger fast
Not pile up sins
Nor rejoice in evil

Pre Chorus
All else fades away
All else fades away

Our preaching will finish
Our singing will stop
We have seen the end
Love Wins!
Love Wins!
Love Wins!
Love Wins!

UPDATE: we did this song on sunday and well i think it kinda rocked.... look out for some sorta demo soon....



ok so as most readers of my blog know i am not exactly a prolific writer.... but i like to talk.... so hey here is my first vlog entry i will see how it goes i will just post random thoughts.....

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light globes and climate change


i got home from a meeting today to find 2 things. One Em had gone and bought some of those funky energy saving light globes which now are installed (by me of cause). And i also got an email of an article on a Biblical foundation for climate change action. i thought it was worthy of a post here... any comments?A biblical foundation for climate change actionby John McKinnonWas it Al Gore’s film? Was it the drought? Whatever the catalyst, climate change is now headline news every day. Is it just a distraction from our true mission, or is it an integral part of our Kingdom mandate?At least in living memory, Christianity and environmentalism have not been close partners. In 1967, Professor Lynn White wrote an influential article, “The historical roots of our ecological crisis,”[1] which accused Christianity of providing the foundation for environmental exploitation and degradation by viewing creation’s purpose as simply to serve humankind.Christianity has often viewed the material world as less valuable than the spiritual world. James Watt, US Secretary of the Interior in the Reagan government, expressed a popular belief when he wrote that the earth is “merely a temporary way station on the road to eternal life … The earth was put here by the Lord for His people to subdue and use for profitable purposes on their way to the hereafter.”[2]The Bible presents a different story. Creation is a demonstration of the glory of God, to be cared for and nurtured. It eagerly awaits its own renewal when Christ returns. Furthermore, to love our neighbours, as Jesus commanded, surely implies that we share the world’s resources with others, both present and future. Environmentalism, therefore, goes to the heart of God’s demand for justice.CreationIn Genesis 1 we read that “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good”. Psalms 8, 19 and 104, among others, speak of God’s glory displayed by the heavens and the earth. God’s dramatic reply to Job, in Job 38-41, demonstrates emphatically how the creation reveals God’s existence, power and character. In Romans 1:20, Paul declares that this “natural revelation” so reflects God’s glory that no-one can remain ignorant of God.Perhaps the most remarkable element of creation is the man Jesus Christ. In the incarnation, in which God assumes physical form and lives in this world, we have a remarkable validation of creation. Furthermore, the resurrection, first of Christ, and at his return, ours, in transformed physical bodies, is further validation of the physical world. According to Romans 8:20-22, when Jesus returns, all creation will be renewed.Paul refers to this renewal in his other New Testament letters. Ephesians 1:10 and Colossians 1:20 speak of all things being brought together and reconciled under Christ. God has not abandoned creation to decay or destruction, but through Christ has planned for its renewal. Christ’s resurrection is our assurance of this promise of renewal, what Paul called the “firstfruits”. The entire physical creation is part of God’s plan.Christians have been called to live out the values of God’s Kingdom in this world, even though its consummation awaits Jesus’ return. This includes our treatment of his creation. In our personal holiness, our relationships, our pursuit of justice, and in our care of creation, we anticipate God’s future rule.What about Genesis 1:28, which speaks of “subduing” and “ruling” over the Earth? Creation still belongs to God. We are never more than stewards, charged with using God’s resources to His glory and to serve others. Selfish exploitation of the creation was not God’s intention.So creation is good, reflecting God’s glory, revealing God’s character and power,[...]

heart of worship liturgy


Sunday night as a part of a series called "Experience" we did a communion liturgy based on the book of hebrews. I thought i would post it along with a few pics....Intro Video: Reading: Hebrews 1:4 So he became as much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs.Response (Together): I’m coming back to the heart of worship, for you are greater than the angels, greater than all created beings, Jesus you are great! Song: How great is our God (Chorus/Bridge) (Chris Tomlin)Reading: Hebrews 2:14 Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil—Let us bring the bread to the tableAction: {The bread is brought forward to the table}Response (Together): I’m coming back to the heart of worship, for you body was given for us, you shared in a fully human life, you know what we go throughAction: {Lift up the bread and break it then say} “The body of Jesus given for us”Reading: Hebrews 3:1-4, 4:14-16Talk: Focusing in on the OT sacrificial system and how Jesus replaces/ fulfills / is greater than The Angels, Moses/Law, the high priest and the sacrificial system.Reading: Hebrews 9:8-9, 9:12-14Response (Together): I’m coming back to the heart of worship, for you came to fulfil the promises of old and create a new, direct way for us to worship. Song: Nothing but the blood (Matt Redman)Action: {During the song the wine is brought to the table…}Communion: Reading: Hebrews 10:1-10Response (Together): I’m coming back to the heart of worship, for your sacrifice was once for all, we remind ourselves each time we come to your table, but it is finished, our sins are forgiven, thank you Jesus. Song: The heart of worship (Matt Redman)Benediction: So may Jesus remain at the heart of your worship, may you know that his death was once and for all, let us boldly approach the throne of grace knowing that it is finished, and he has won![...]



(image) ok so i am totally addicted to facebook.... i know the shame......

I must admit i have been rather reluctant to take on the whole "social networking" side of things. Myspace is dog ugly and bebo just seems so usless.... but so far facebook is real cool!

I have already connected with heaps of people who i know right now, as well as others i haven't seen for like forever!

So if my blog is slow then look me up on facebook... let it rule the world as our evil overlord... (no wait google hasn't bought it yet have they?)

Mr Deity, Divine child abuse and Eternal Subordination


This Sunday we looked at Philippians 2 and as a starter I showed ep2 of Mr. Deity.

(object) (embed)

Now this tends to lampoon our evangelical understanding of the Cross. It also seems to be close to the whole “divine child abuse” idea when it comes to penal substitution.

I would like to add just one little bit into the mix here….

If the “Trinity” is Co-Equal and not eternally subordinate (as some people tend to think these days) then for Jesus to submit to Death even death on the cross, means that he willing submitted to a plan that was developed by the co-equal trinity!

But if cross was but only the “Fathers will” and not a plan of the co-equal trinity then it does seem to be close to “divine child abuse”

How then do we explain the fact that Jesus submitted to the will of the Father? It is stated time and time again in scripture...

Well I think that Phil 2:6-8 and Kenotic Theory gives us the answer. That he gave up that equality for his earthly ministry and then submitted to death as being the plan that the Co-equal trinity had come up with.

Well that is my half assed attempt at this whole idea, you can also catch my talk from Sunday on the podcast.

Comments? I’m sure there will be…

Notes from Forge


(image) Here is the first set of notes from Mike Frost's first session last Friday at the Forge intensive. It is only shorthand so it probably doesn’t do it that much justice but here it is anyway.

3 Doctrines that undergird the Spirituality of Mission

Missio Dei
Defined as the Mission of God or more fully, the DNA of God is that of a Sent and Sending God. The Hebrew understanding was that God is involved in the world, that he is not aloof and just watching over but intimately involved.

Paticiparto Christi
That if we take the Missio Dei seriously then we are to participate in what God is doing in this world.

Five skills to participate in what Christ is doing:
  1. Let Jesus be our reference point (don’t let “churchianity” rule).
  2. Foster a radical spirituality of engagement
  3. Be inspired by Prevenient grace.
  4. Follow the Missio Dei into strange places
  5. Inspire those around you to do the same

The Imago Dei
All humans are reflections of the image of God. Even if we are cracked images there are still fingerprints of God in everybody’s life.

Lots to reflect on, I might post up some other notes or reflections later. Any comments please feel free to debate argue or encourage here…

forging ahead


Today i am off to a Forge conference which should be cool, we have Mike Frost and Mark Sayers from Melb.

Will post some thoughts on the sessions as debrief in the next few days.

If I say you're Lord


I have been thinking a lot about what it means to say that “Jesus Is Lord” to allow him to be the Ruler, King of our lives both individually and corporately.

The earliest Christians, when they proclaimed “Jesus Is Lord”, were being intentionally counter cultural. In the first century Roman world you were made to say “Caesar is Lord” which meant that you believed Caesar and the Roman Empire was the thing that was going to save the world.

So for those early christians to say “Jesus is Lord” meant that they were also saying “Caesar is NOT Lord”

What is it in our lives that gives us meaning, that gives us purpose? Is it money, career, possessions? For if we truly claim that “Jesus is Lord” then all these things are NOT Lord.

In thinking about this I wrote a song…

Lord of the heavens
Far above us, watching over
Lord of the Earth
Come among us Come to save us

You said your kingdom come
On Earth as it is in heaven
You said your kingdom come
So here is my life, my God and King

And if I say you're Lord
Then all else is but naught
And if I say you're Lord
Then everything around me fades away

This is a cross-post with

jamming and pie - the new Bestie Boys


(image) Back in the days when i DIDN'T like hip hop there was always one band that i could stand... when the old skool beastie boys tracks came on even this white boy had to move...

I remember that some of the tracks off "Ill Communication" got me into hip hop, especially the very cool film clip for Sabotage

Anyway today i find myself listening to the beasties new album with no samples, no crazy rhymes and no turntableism from mix-master-mike!

Thats right peeps the new beasties album is all instrumental and all live instruments! that being said this is a seriously funky jam album! full of tasty beats some wacky organ sounds and sooooo much brown corduroy you would think they had invented the musical equivalent of a worm hole directly connecting them to 1971....

On pitchforkmedia Mike D said "Yeah, it would be a great record to eat pie to."

so grab your pie, sit on a beanbag and devour the tasty sounds of "The Mix-Up"

Track listing
01 B for My Name
02 14th St. Break
03 Suco de Tangerina
04 The Gala Event
05 Electric Worm
06 Freaky Hijiki
07 Off the Grid
08 The Rat Cage
09 The Melee
10 Dramastically Different
11 The Cousin of Death
12 The Kangaroo Rat

church ecosystems


(image) I have been thinking a lot about church systems and structures the last few weeks, as i read through the forgotten ways. One thing that has struck me is the importance of viewing the way we do church as an organic model, as opposed to a rigid system.

This means that we understand the interconnectedness of relationships, groups, missions and people.

It is funny that we are starting to understand this more and more as the church, but tech company's have been using this organic terminology for years. When Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were recently interviewed at the all things digital conference they both spoke about there products being a part of an "Ecosystem".

My understanding of this term is that if a product that they produce can feed the development of other products it increases the market of their core product. i.e. the iPod drives iPod accessories, Music Sales, Video delivery, Broadband Access... the list goes on. These two smart guys also understand that without the ecosystem then their products will not have as big a market.

If we are to continue to view church as a big amorphous blob of conformity where everybody looks and thinks the same and meets at the same time then we are not an organic church, but a fortress who's walls are not easily bridged by "Not-Yet-Christians". When we move to an organic system the core "product" ie the Gospel of Jesus is able to reach and impact more people in many different ways.

There has been some talk over at signposts about this (where i got my original idea). I am keen to keep exploring this idea of church as an ecosystem.

B-List here I come!


(image) well not content with sitting at the bottom of the blogpile i have now started my quest to become a B-List blogger... Why you ask.... well i dunno why not!

The first part of my plan for blog domination is that i am "Feature Pastor" at Ra'ah (thanks for the link love Wayne)

So look out Tall Skinny Kiwi and Jesus Creed here comes notyetfinished!

Ok i am sooo deluded .....

music to change the world by


i have read through both of Mike Frost's books (The shaping of things to come and Exiles) and love a lot of what he has had to say... one point of contention has always been about his views on music, especially against those "Jesus is my boyfriend" type songs....

now i am not keen on songs with bad theology, nor am i keen on over sentimental songs (i am thinking back to one more for Jesus.... if you have done 40days of purpose then you know what i mean...)

but i do like songs of tender devotion, songs that do draw us to the intimate nature of God...

but i have been uncomfortable with some of the themes absent from Church songs today.... I first sung "God of Justice" at a Soul Survivor conference a few years back and i thought to myself "here is something missing... songs about social justice! Songs about Mission!"

After that a few more songs popped into the scene like "Missions Flame" by Matt Redman... but nothing prepared me for the song i heard while browsing over at Mars Hill Bible Church...

Bridges are more beautiful than bombs are
Bridges are more beautiful than bombs
Listening is louder than a lecture
Listening is louder than a shout

But love
Love can change the world
Oh do we still believe that
Love can change the world
Oh do we still believe in
Love love
God is love our God is love and
Love can change the world

An open hand is stronger than a fist is
An open hand is stronger than a fist
Wonder is more valuable than Wall Street
Wonder is more valuable than gold

2005 AARONieq Music (Admin. by Mars Hill Bible Church)

I think this is the sort of song that Frosty has been talking about.... that song that wakes us up to mission, that song that wakes us up to social injustice, that song that is critiquing our host empire, that song that recaptures the fact that God is LOVE not "we fall in love with God"

I like it and will keep it in our setlist for a while.... oh did i mention it is hooky as heck as well... you cant get this song out of ya head!! oh yeh... it also rocks!!

teens have changed the world


(image) i have been following a really good series of posts over at Out of Ur blog, about how teenagers and "Youth Ministry" have changed the face of the church as we know it.

one of the big elements i see within these articals is that youth ministry has been allowed to innovate, to focus on relationships and is good at getting peoples attention.

as an example of how i have seen this at play in my own life... at one of my previous churches we used to run a youth program before our evening church... it was not to dissimilar to church but we innovated our buts off... we had license to sing different songs, have interactive discussion, do all sorts of cool stuff and we ended every gathering with a shared meal....

there were some of us leaders started to say things after this program like "Ok we have had church now lets goto the after party" (meaning the evening service.... )

now we said this in jest but i truly believed that our pre-church group was being more "church" than the evening service....

now unfortunately due to a number of reasons this didn't end up changing the church completely.... but it did change me... i truly hope that those lessons learned with a bunch of rough teens will shape how i am able to "do" church.... but i hope i will also be able to change and adapt as the next generation is ready to change!

Below are the links to the 3 part artical

How Teenagers changed the church Pt1
How Teenagers changed the church Pt2
How Teenagers changed the church Pt3

love of ear bleeding guitars


(image) After much procrastination i finally got out to see a good ol indie gig in sydney with Mike and new sydney convert dave. The spectrum on oxford st was the venue and Love of Diagrams the act.

Firstly the venue, this was all class! sticky floors, weird eclectic decor and bathrooms that surely had seen more coke than a vending machine on central station. The PA was loud.... DID I MENTION IT WAS LOUD... yeh i still have ringing ears! the next time i goto this place its ear plugs compulsory!

Support was pretty crazy, a real melbourne love in, a chick called pikelet, who was like a cross between Joanna Newsom and a 1st year arts student, she was using a loop pedel to create weird live loop soundscapes... very cool, very cute... Following her was a band whos name escapes me... a twee bunch of teens that looked like they were straight out of Neapolitan Dynamite! The guy on keyboards looked like a grown version of the asian keyboard kid from School of Rock!

Anyway after that fun Love of Diagrams hit the stage with a blistering ear splitting set, quite dancable and even a bit poppy in places... they defiantly know how to make sound! I think i will check out there tunes in a few days... once the ireperetable sound damage has evened out....

whats that ringing i hear??

digital care


the last few months we have been doing a weekly roll for church and have worked out this is a great way to know who is with us and who needs follow up and all the "pastoral" stuff. I can totally see the benefit of this but i must admit it feels a little "clinical" a little systematic... all those things that i perhaps am not.

So why is it today i am reviewing and downloading church CRM software?? to track manage family data, attendance etc....

Now it does seem clinical and "mega-church" like.... but i dunno i reckon it might actually be good... i mean why not use the advantages of technology to better care and connect people in church...

just a thought