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The Science subreddit is a place to share new findings. Read about the latest advances in astronomy, biology, medicine, physics and the social sciences. Find and submit the best writeup on the web about a discovery, and make sure it cites its sources.

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/u/masta on Software that can notify me when a device is connecting to my home network?


use Fing on your mobile Android device. it's free.

/u/masta on Russia revoked .ru domain of racist Daily Stormer


Sure, calls to violence are not protected forms of speech, and could be prosecuted as crime. But does that connect to registering domain? Can one not establish a domain for ever having in the past done the criminal kind of speech, and what happens if the violence speech was never prosecuted, or if prosecuted ..... the punishment completed?

Is registering a domain now the same as purchasing a firearm, one must have no prior felony conviction? Or is this left to "freedom of association" for corporations?

/u/masta on Just found out that a family "friend" has credit cards under my mother's name. What to do?


I'm not a lawyer, but I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, and changed my car insurance to Geico!

I'd say the contract might be negated, if your mother can show she wasn't capable of understanding the terms. The so-called incompetence defense for contract nullification.

On the other hand, if the guy is a drug person... perhaps you can acquire incriminating evidence on him, and then proceed to incriminate him. Of course, he has the option to .... convince you of his innocence... and perhaps (wink nudge node) his relieving your mother of his debt would help persuade you.

/u/masta on Russia revoked .ru domain of racist Daily Stormer


So i guess that settles it. The Internet is not a fundamentally protected place to do free speech things. If one cannot establish a domain, that is constructively suppression of speech.

I don't particularly care for hate speech, but it's protected in the USA, so I'm interested how all that stuff interacts.

/u/masta on Fedora 26 Linux 4.12 kernel is plagued with issues.


I am now booting into an older 4.11 series kernel to mitigate these issues. I've tried to downvote this contribution on Bodhi and I see a lot of users complaining about loss of wireless connectivity but the kernel is already in stable.

Please help here, enable the testing repos, and vote on these issues BEFORE they hit stable.

I am appalled with the QA process for critical component like the Kernel. I cannot see any revisions or fixes in testing and looks like I'll be sitting on 4.11 for a long time.

Again, YOU (the community) are the primary source of QA in Fedora. We simply cannot test every single hardware configuration out in the wild that a kernel might encounter.

A major kernel update should be subject to rigorous tests before it hits users. This is not entirely impossible given automated testing routines like openQA.

Are you volunteering your time and hardware? Would love some of that vigor you have available.

Anything I can do to remedy this or is this the general state of affairs?

The 4.12 kernel is out, so from here we can open Bugzilla issues to track your wifi. If you are a competent kernel person, feel free to triage a bit more, and see if there is a patch already upstream.

/u/masta on Because fuck you and your allergies!


My children's school would go nuclear if this when inside a home lunch brown-bag. It's postmodernist allergy krypton.

/u/masta on Replaced Broadcom card with Intel 8260. Move over stored WPA passkeys? (X-Post Dell)


maybe a sed script to delete the uuid in the ifcfg files?

/u/masta on Never forget - AMD said Vega delays were necessary to increase stock for gamers


By stock, they were probably referring to HBM2 which was actually in very short supply the past few months. It's still in short supply, but at least now there was some build-up.

/u/masta on Where is the "yyyy-ww-xx" on the DWE6423


It's on the label, it's sort of stamped or embossed into the open area of the label, so it's difficult to see sometimes. More of a contour or writing, visible when the light is at the correct angle.

/u/masta on A police officer ruined their Subway business, Utah owners say. Now they're suing.


So let me connect the dots here....

Cop has methamphetamine, possibly in his body, and is mandated to take a drug test.... perhaps this is a routine topic, or a random drug test as they sometimes are. The cop somehow is lead to believe a drug test is immanent, but fears positive test results. So then make up an allegation of drug poisoning against some innocent fast food employee.

However, the police officer tested negative for drugs, twice. So then perhaps the Cop was worried about testing positive for drug use that occurred so long ago they tests cannot detect, but is not willing to take the gamble of a positive result.

The refusing of polygraph is a red hearing, as those are well known to have errors, or even be circumvented by using techniques similar to meditation. However, it's ironic because knowing that is similar to knowing preliminary ion tests for drugs is even more error prone and unreliable. In other words willful ignorance.

/u/masta on Nvidia's CEO says new Volta GPUs not coming this year; GTX 1080/1080 Ti good enough against competition


Smaller is not exactly higher margin. 7nm processes are starting to hit against the physical limits of silicon semiconductors. Quantum tunneling effects begins too become too much interference. But beyond the inherent challenges, there are reportedly a much lower yield per wafer at 7nm. The result is less profit margin.

Vega will supposedly have a die shrinking in 2018 prior to Navi. This is most likely to test the new 7nm process out in a limited batch before committing to Navi large batch.

I would expect Navi to be integrated into an SoC alongside Ryzen, leveraging AMD's existing fabric. This would be for low power applications, similar to Nvidia's Tegra soc. You would also expect similar Navi core complexes with fabric in a traditional gpu card, for scale out AMD really needs to lower power first with die shrinking before clustering chips.

It's a big Gable AMD is risking, and I see graphics being a loss leader for them a while longer untill gpu's become more general purpose. Coin mining is the best thing to happen to gpu's long term.

/u/masta on Are Ethernet jacks connected to any switch on a breaker panel?


tend to agree, but asking dumb question is better than dumb mistake. don't be a jerk, there is a fine line... you crossed it with saying "ignorant" even if that's true its the ill sentiment how it comes across.

/u/masta on Google cancels Neo-Nazi site registration soon after it was dumped by GoDaddy


No, it's NOT a conversation worth having. This is a settled and long decided topic. Free speech cannot be subject to your postmodernist moral relativity.

/u/masta on Al Qaeda calls to target 'vulnerable' U.S. rail network


If you perceive freight or passenger rail system as vulnerable to terrorism, just consider how vulnerable a hyper loop would be. The vacuum tubes want to implode on their own naturally, it wouldn't take too much physical force to get them fail. And I'm not talking about a minor derailment, which is localize to a specific area. A hyperloops implosion at any given point would cascade all the way down the track/tube, at the speed of sound. The inflow of supersonic air would cause a destructive shock wave, similar to an explosion, that utterly destroys the whole hyperloops, and anybody inside.

This is why Elon Musk has a boring company to tunnel under ground.

/u/masta on RX Vega 64 sold at $599 at Microcenter for single card. Batch buyers have to pay $800 per card.


Then it could be argued to allow the natural market pressures to take hold.

If enough folks rationalize & perceive the same as you just described, perhaps that MSRP might blow out some inventory sitting on warehouse shelving.

/u/masta on Housing down payments 101


I would advise people against a down payment.

This is controversial advice, and it goes against standard financial norms. So buyer beware, your miles may vary, it's your responsibility to do the math.

The TL;DR instead of paying 20% down payment with a low interest rate, instead pay 0% down with a higher interest, and then spend the 20% on the 1st mortgage payment extra principle. The key is to pay as much extra principle in the early part of the loan, ideally the first month mortgage.

So what happens? For starter the total life of the loan is reduced by a lot, typically 10 ~ 11 years (assuming 30y note). The total amount of interest paid at the end of the loan is about the same.

Why is this good? Because you pay the loan down faster, ending the loan sooner with the same amount of money spent up-front, the 20% down payment.

From a lender perspective, it's very risky because the whole point of the 20% down payment is to protect them from YOU. Borrowers who default on their loans go into foreclosure, and the property sells at negative 20% market value (on average). So in exchange for taking a risky loan, they will give you a really bad interest rate. For example, if you would normally qualify for 3.25% with 20% down, you would expect to pay 5.25% rate with 0% down. However, once the lender receives their 20%, they don't care if you foreclose or not, because they are protected. So in effect, from a lender perspective paying 20% down, or 20% on the first month is about the same thing.

So for a 300k home with standard 30 mortgage:

  • $300k, 0% down ; 5.25% rate ; $60k principle payment on 1st month:

    • loan ends 11 years early
    • total interest paid: $141,956
  • $240k, 20% down ($60k ); 3.35% rate:

    • loan ends in 30 years
    • total interest paid: $136,019

As you can see, the two loans end up paying about the same amount of interest, the main difference is one ends 11 years early. How much money could be saved in 11 years? Whatever your answer is, that is how much additional money you would have after 30 years. This advice is unorthodox, but if you're into paying off the loan early, it's worth considering!

You do the math, it's easy to see what I'm talking about when you compute the amortization charts for both scenarios. Generate one chart off any of the number of online mortgage calculators using the standard 20% down at an interest rate you would qualify to have. Then generate another chart without 0% down (it's full price) and a higher interest rate, at least a few percentage higher rate, and with 20% put toward the 1st month mortgage principle. You can see for yourself, all things being equal, I'd rather pay my loan off early.

/u/masta on Asia’s Harry Potter obsession poses threat to owls - From Indonesia to India, wild birds are being sold as pets to families who want their own Hedwig. Ecologists call for protection to help species survive


Adding another apex predator into an ecosystem that does not support it however could have pretty shitty results.

That is a common conception, but it's not really so shitty a result if you consider the reverse. Removing top predators from an ecosystem is catastrophic. Adding a competing top predator is just competition, which can lead to shitty results short term, but long term nature balances out.

There is plenty of videos or reading material about trophic cascades:

  • wolves [1] changing the shapes of rivers, or

  • how over fishing of sharks [2] or tuna threatens the entire ocean eco-system.



/u/masta on 5k Paycut from yesterday (UPDATE)


OP, please delete all incriminating content. Edit those posts, replace all text with a single space, or period (dot), then save. That alters the actual data in the Reddit database, then proceed to "Delete" the post, which actually just marks them hidden, and the data remains in the backed Reddit database. Deleting also removes the visibility of the username, so it's an important step after to fully scrub both the data and metadata.

You have to actively purge the data, then "delete" it

/u/masta on Would there be any benefit to combining an electrical engineering degree with a journeyman's license?


Probably not. The engineering role is probably a higher income, however... if it were to be combined for work into the sub-station design/implementation side of things.... then perhaps.

/u/masta on How the hell do you explain this?


It's pretty simple actually.

In the hobby of marine aquariums, the rule of thumb is never pair any fish where one fish/s mouth is large enough to fit another fish. OR, that there is insufficient hiding places for the smaller fish to take refuge AND not be stressed the entire time.

So basic rule violation, that fish has a large mouth capable of gobbling up the other fish, and there was nothing else in that tank to provide shelter.

/u/masta on The liberals on Tumblr might be learning


I wonder if pornhub does open floor plans? Does anybody who works there know? (I would hope they have walled offices for each and every member of staff)