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Snowflakes: Regular camera; extraordinary results


As most of you know I’ve been using snowflakes as a metaphor for everything becoming deeply personalized and “just right”. My dear friend Erik Duval and I have been writing and working on The Snowflake Effect for over ten years...

Stones and String are Snowflakes too!


Fascinating to watch the snowball effect (sorry couldn’t help myself!) of how things are happening around the upcoming introduction of the neat little “Pebble” wrist watch I wrote about last month. I wrote about how it is an example of...

Snowflake Effect on Financial Industry set to Double in 2012


Many of you were intrigued by some of my former postings such as Snowflakes Effect Hits Financial Models: Snowflakes funding Snowflakes about how the Snowflake Effect of mass personalisation is affecting the financial world and in particular with loans and...

Snowflake Wrists?


I wonder; will “wrist watch” become as quaint and oddly unrepresentative of the device as “phone” has become? In a previous post I wrote about Kickstarter as an example how “Snowflake Effect Hits Financial Models: Snowflakes funding Snowflakes”and more recently...

Snowflake Eyes?


Back in 2000 I had the honor of writing a vision paper for ASTD and the National Governor's Association called "Into the Future". I included some of my thoughts and excitement at the time about the notion of augmenting our...

What if the Secret to Success is Failure?


A recent NYT article “What if the Secret to Success is Failure?” is long by today's snack food reading standards but served up a VERY full course meal of great food for thought and is well worth your time to...

Seeing Around the Corner of the Future of Photography


I continue to believe that we are hitting the tipping point of the exponential curve of the evolution of what we currently call photography. I think photography and camera are becoming as ill fitting as terms like calling and phone.... I continue to believe that we are hitting the tipping point of the exponential curve of the evolution of what we currently call photography.  I think photography and camera are becoming as ill fitting as terms like calling and phone.  Don't you find it interesting that one of the things you do the least with your "phone" these days is actually call someone?  Or at least your smartphone now does so much more than just act as a telephone that it seems quaint to call it a phone. Capturing our world via sounds and images is being revolutionized as we see exponential increases in things like resolution, combining still and video capture with sounds, location and more and now being able to photograph things we can't even see such as with this recent development from MIT of cameras that can see around corners.  With the note that all of these are all technologies which now several years old, as are my posts about them, consider some of the following examples of how rapidly and fundamentally things are changing in these areas: Adobe and others have also developed cameras and what they call “computational photography” that can gather such complete information on a scene that focus becomes infinite and something we can adjust after the photo is taken.  Or how about things like Photosynth which can align and stitch together thousands of photos and videos to create a “model” of the whole building or space which you can then walk through. Add to this the ability to take photos with your “phone” and convert them into 3D models such as with apps like the Autodesk 123D series and how we are starting to see 2D printers replaced by 3D versions capable of "printing" full working 3D assemblies so you can “print” those models you’ve captured and snowflaked them to make them “just right” for you. Add to the mix things like the Sixth Sense technology and notions such as The Quantified Self  and you will start to see how we need to completely rethink and reimagine what “photography” means and consider what we need to learn in order to make smart choices and use the power of these innovations for positive good and gain. For now start to notice how the use of video is becoming more and more pervasive and consider that as the resolution of video cameras in our “phones” goes up and up, won’t still and video merge into one when you can grab just the perfect “frame” for a video anytime you want a “still photo”.  A little further out what if you don’t need to remember to take a photo or a video of an event before it happens because it you are capturing everything all the time.  Scary?  You bet!  Exciting?  Absolutely!  Inevitable?  I think so. [...]

Snowflake Effect: Mass Personalization of Manufacturing


Derek Singleton has written a good overview of some good examples of the mass personalization of manufacturing in a recent posting “Anyone can be a Manufacturer” and an earlier one “Three ways to bring Crowdsourcing into Mainstream Manufacturing”. They are...

Technology Can and DOES Change our Relationships; for the BETTER!


I like the concluding recommendation in this article and this TED talk by Susan Turkle for learning to love yourself better by being comfortable with and appreciative of solitude. However I think that Turkle's TED talk and her new book...

We Snowflakes are all made of Stardust!!


I learned one of the most amazing things yesterday and just had to share it with the rest of you in case you didn’t know this either. Every atom in your body was once inside a star that exploded! That...