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Chris Vacher

Creative. Leadership.

Last Build Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2018 20:49:35 +0000


This Is Why We Cut 75% Of Our Songs

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 17:11:21 +0000

One of the changes we’ve made in our worship ministry at the start of the new year is shifting how our worship leaders choose songs for our services. I’m always paying attention to the size of our library when it comes to worship songs. I believe having a repertoire of songs that are familiar to our congregation and to our worship team helps in lots of ways. Specifically, it helps our congregation learn the songs so they can sing with greater passion. Also it helps our musicians so they can play with greater excellency.     In our context at C4 Church, worship leaders choose the songs from our library. Typically we sing five songs each Sunday and we use Planning Center as our home base for those songs. We store and track lots of content for those songs – chord charts, videos, mp3’s, how often we sing the songs, what keys we sing them in, etc etc etc. Whenever we have new songs that worship leaders would like to introduce we use Planning Center to do that as well and we have all of our worship leaders agree on new songs that we’ll add to our library. For the […]

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Worship Leader Annual Planning Calendar

Sat, 13 Jan 2018 01:16:55 +0000

We’re at the start of the new year and by now you’re either thriving in the newness of it all or you’ve pretty much given up that anything will ever change. You may even have realized that you’re pretty much the same person in 2018 that you were in 2017.. and 2016.. and 2015.. We love the idea of newness and getting a fresh start. Worship leaders, you’ve bought that annual planner that you swear is going to change you’re life because this time.. I mean it.. you’re going to keep track of all those meetings, deadlines and action items, right? Right. Maybe. If anything, you’ll have the best looking planner with the coolest looking pages and the most revolutionary features. But will anything change? You have the opportunity now to set a course for a new year. Not just another year, but for things to not be the status quo in 2018 as they have been in other years. But it won’t happen by accident. I want to help you. After 20 years of leading worship and being in full time ministry since 2005, I’ve learned a few things about planning and succeeding in creative ministry. It’s possible but […]

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New Ministry Year, New Opportunities

Tue, 05 Sep 2017 08:30:18 +0000

September may not be the start of the calendar year but for most churches and most worship leaders it is the start of the new ministry year. Summer break is over, people are back from travelling, kids have returned to school and ministry activity is picking up again. As a worship leader, what are the new opportunities before you this year that you need to prioritize now? If you think forward to a year from now what are some of the things you’d like to improve on in your leadership? September is sort of a worship leader’s January so you have the opportunity now to focus on the year ahead and get some of these priorities on the calendar. Let me give you three suggestions of how a new ministry year can create new opportunities:   1. Get important dates on your calendar today I’ve written before about the importance of a blocked calendar and how it’s helped me in my leadership. There are some similar principles when it comes to prioritizing dates on the calendar at the start of the year. Before you realize it’s November here are some events you should have on your calendar now: Auditions – […]

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C4 Worship – Hallelujah EP

Mon, 04 Sep 2017 17:30:08 +0000

Over the last few years at C4 Church we’ve been writing songs, singing some of those songs and celebrating what God is doing in our church through these songs. It’s been an incredible privilege to lead these songwriters and this movement of worship across our church and I’m so excited that we’ll be releasing our first album of original worship songs on September 10. Buy your copy of C4 Worship Hallelujah EP on itunes now: The four songs, written and recorded by our team capture some of the beautiful work that God is doing at our church. Our hope and desire is that these songs give Jesus glory and inspire thousands and thousands of your own hallelujahs as you listen to them. We’re going to be making physical copies available beginning September 10 but you can order the EP now direct from iTunes and receive it as soon as it is available for purchase: The journey of writing these songs, recording them and now being able to share them with our church family and with you has been incredible. I’m so grateful for the people who have invested their time, their passion, their energy by helping to put to […]

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3 Strategies Of Doing Less So You Can Do More

Tue, 20 Jun 2017 14:23:12 +0000

One of the ironies of leadership – whether you’re a worship leader, a senior pastor or in any kind of position where you are leading people – is that success typically results in complexity not simplicity. A worship leader grows their worship team and now has to manage scheduling multiple worship leaders and multiple worship teams. More complex, not more simple. A senior pastor whose church is growing has to sustain new ministry programs, multiple worship services and perhaps launching new sites. More complex, not more simple. Success isn’t wrong and complexity isn’t necessarily bad but unchecked complexity will quickly be the downfall of what was once success. Success leads to complexity. Complexity undermines success. As leaders, how do we push and pray for success while at the same time remaining focused on the key things God has called us to in our ministry? How do we raise up new leaders while personally maintaining visionary direction over the areas we have been tasked with leading? How do I as an individual stay close to Jesus and connected to the source of my leadership and my effectiveness so that I don’t burn out? I’ve been thinking about this and working on […]

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Write Worship Songs: 10 Steps from Inspiration to Completion

Sat, 01 Apr 2017 06:00:30 +0000

A few years ago I wrote a series of posts focused on help you write worship songs for your church. As much as I love to lead worship and equip leaders, I love writing songs and being part of a church community that love to work together on songs for our church to sing. Of course we sing songs from Hillsong or Bethel or Chris Tomlin or Elevation because those are opportunities to join in with the church around the world in a unified song of praise to God. But there are also some songs that our church needs to sing that nobody else can write for us. God is doing things globally which can be sung through our collective songs but God is also doing things locally which need to be sung in unique ways by your own church. To help you with this I’ve gathered all ten of these posts as a guide “from inspiration to completion” on how to write worship songs and it’s available now here as an immediate PDF download: Worship leaders wear many hats and one of the things we get asked to do is write worship songs for our churches. This is a […]

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10 Questions Pastors Didn’t Have To Ask 10 Years Ago

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 15:06:34 +0000

No value judgements, no statement on whether these are good or wise or helpful questions. So much has changed over the past 10 years that what was present only in the biggest, most forward thinking churches is now possible in almost any church in most of the world. As we lead in a new world and raise up new leaders who will lead in new ways we haven’t even dreamed of, we all have new questions we have to ask. The beauty of change is that we’re forced to wrestle with what we do and how we do it and sometimes asking new questions reveals better and more effective ways to reach more people with the gospel. So, pastors, what questions are you asking now that you didn’t have to ask 10 years ago? Here are some that I hear pastors asking today: Should we have one Facebook page for our whole church or one for each ministry? How do we deliver teaching by video to each of our campuses? Are we okay with our musicians reading sheet music off their iPad when they play with the worship team? How can we use YouVersion to help people in our church read the Bible […]

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Best Apps for Worship Leaders – 2017 edition

Thu, 02 Mar 2017 14:41:51 +0000

Technology has been both a blessing and a curse for worship leaders. What we can are able to do now in our worship services is at the same time easier and more complex. Our phones and tablets can now carry so much of the work which took so much time before. We also have so much new technology at our fingertips that it can be hard to sort through it all and find the ones which are genuinely helpful. As technology improves we can now find different and new ways to do our jobs as worship leaders. The goal is not to use as much technology but to find the right apps and tools to help us do our job better. It’s hard to imagine what we’re able to do with these small devices in the palm of our hand but at the same time there are so many apps out there how do you even begin to find the best ones?? I first released this ebook in 2014, a revised edition in 2016 and now and updated version for 2017 with the best iPhone, iPad and Android apps for worship leaders.   I’ve compiled my new Best Apps for Worship Leaders: […]

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Identifying and Developing Young Leaders

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 03:18:53 +0000

One of the responsibilities of leadership is not only to lead but also to identify, inspire, motivate and develop future leaders. Helping others see the potential of their own leadership – even when they may not see it themselves! – is an incredible privilege we have as leaders. Face it, you have not always been the leader you are now and at some point you were given an opportunity to step forward in a new way. Someone saw something in you that made them think you were worth investing in. And now you get to pass that on and do the same for someone else. And remember, all leaders are temporary. Whatever role you’re in now – whether you’re a worship leader or pastor – you won’t be there forever. Your time will come to an end with a new opportunity or a new position and someone will need to take your place. What better way to ensure that your successor continues your work in the direction you’ve set than to raise up that leader yourself! But how do you identify who these potential leaders could be? Especially if you’re at a small church it may just come down to […]

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Who Chooses The Songs We Sing?

Fri, 03 Feb 2017 15:59:19 +0000

Over the years as a worship leader I’ve had all kinds of relationships with the pastors I worked for and the teams I led. Almost always those relationships have been fantastic and have been the fertile ground where God was able to grow His work in the lives of people in our church. One of the key relational dynamics between senior pastor and worship leader is figuring out how songs are chosen for the church to sing in worship services. Is song choice up to the senior pastor? Does the worship leader get to choose the songs? Who gets to make the final call when there’s a disagreement or lack of clarity around what songs should be sung? I’ll preface this by saying that in some churches there is very little decision-making to be done. Either because of liturgical requirements or sometimes depending on the philosophy in a multi-site church the worship leader of that congregation really has no input at all in song choice. But in the majority of modern evangelical churches the responsibility for song choice in a worship service is going to fall somewhere on a spectrum between the worship leader/pastor and the senior pastor. Let me […]

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