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reddit rss reader


RSS feed reader service based on reddit

RSS - Really Simple Syndication


What are some good web RSS readers to replace google reader?


With Google reader's impending shutdown on July 1 2013 it looks like I'm in the market for a new web-based RSS reader.

EDIT: Lots of active discussion going on over at hacker news

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Hey guys, I'm blind - I hope this post is visible to enough people. Can someone please please make a Siri RSS reader? $1000 reward!


I want to be able to add feeds and say "hey Siri reed my feeds / news"

And she should say "1. Blah blah blah, 2. Blah blah blah."

Where she adds a digit to each feed's post as it is read, so I can then say "hey Siri, read RSS 1 / read RSS 16"

Or "read feeds starting at 10" so I don't need to hear them from beginning.

I will pay 1000$ for this, and then you can sell it on Cydia.

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LPT: Turn an eBay search or username into an RSS feed to be notified when an item you want is put up for sale.


Older link modification methods are failing, but this new one works:


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[Discussion] How do you get news nowadays? I've grown tired of companies like Google and Facebook cramming down news down my throat using their horrible algorithm. I now use RSS reader again.


I've been trying out RSS reader services for the past month, and it feels so liberating when I get to curate my own news.

Now I kind of get why Google shut down Reader. They wanted to push their horrible news algorithm to everyone. What's frustrating is that they've had so many years to work on it but it's still shit until now. I'm looking at you Google Feed.

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[upcoming reddit change] Switching from RSS 2.0 to Atom 1.0


Update: This change has been rolled out as of about 26 Jan 2016, 14:30 PST In the next week or so I'm going to switch our RSS support over to Atom 1.0 Huh? RSS and Atom are syndication formats read by programs called feed readers or aggregators. You can access the RSS feed for any reddit page by adding .rss to the end of the URL, like this or this. reddit also has special authenticated feeds for things like inboxes. We've had this support for a really long time: the oldest reference I can find is from 2006. Why the change? RSS has poor support for HTML content, which has opened us up to potential XSS vulnerabilities in the past. Atom has better client support than RSS these days We claim to return RSS 2.0 but we are actually using a hodgepodge of different versions of RSS with some random Atom tags thrown in, which confuses clients. After this change the feeds should fully validate, which should fix some weird client behaviour Atom has better pun support and a wicked cool icon Everything is made of atoms What changes? If you're using a feed reader with Atom support (most of them), nothing. The URLs will all be the same and everything will just continue to work as if nothing happened. If you're using a really ancient client that doesn't support Atom, the RSS feeds will stop working for you. You might get weird errors or it might silently stop updating. The ghosts of ancient articles may haunt your dreams, begging to finally escape this world. Try updating your client. If you're using RSS as a poor man's API and parsing the response yourself, the output format may not work with your program and you may need to update it. If this is you, I'd recommend switching to the JSON API instead, or doing the feed parsing with a library that supports both. But you can also just update your program using the examples below. Irrelevant technical details: I'm using the Atom XHTML type for blocks. It's really hard to find a good listing of which clients support this format vs the HTML format that's more similar to RSS's style. XHTML is more technically convenient for the way I'm generating them, but if you know of an obscure client that doesn't support it please speak up. I tried to maintain the article GUIDs across the change, but it's possible that some items may appear updated or unread, even if you'd marked them read in your feed reader. This should only happen to items that are in the listing during the change. It shouldn't affect simple link listings much but may affect feeds from search results or comments pages. It's a one-time thing, so just mark them read again and you'll be fine. What does it look like? Here's an example of the change so you can update your clients if need be Before: The last bastion of Free Speech admins, anything goes. last bastion of Free Speech

Re: Facebook killing their Notifications RSS feed - I've got a Workaround!


Dev for Swipe for Facebook here. As most of you guys here must have probably heard about by now, Facebook has just recently killed their RSS Feed for notifications (amongst other things). There was a post here previously if you'd like to read more about it. Basically, there used to be an RSS Feed you can access via This has since been removed. So if you've been using any wrapper app lately and haven't gotten any notifications, this is the reason why. This was a very big hit for us developers of wrapper apps as practically all of us were reliant on this for app notifications. I've been working really hard for the last week on this (which was only exacerbated by the fact that they up and went Install Messenger on us again), but I have FINALLY come up with a solution that does not use the RSS Feed, but also fetches notifications in both a more reliable and a more stable way - basically a lot better than before! I've already shared my solution with the devs of Folio and FaceSlim, but if any wrapper app devs are on this subreddit that are looking for some help (I mean, there's like 2/3 a million people subscribed here - I'm sure there will be), I am here to help. Just send me a PM and I'll send you my solution as to how to tackle this issue. I'd really love to spread the love around with regards to notifications and get all other wrapper apps up and running as they used to. It doesn't matter if you're on Swipe, Metal, Folio, Toffeed, etc. My solution is for everyone. :) I would also like to reach out to everyone here on this subreddit. If you're using a wrapper app in which notifications have recently broken, please send an email to your wrapper app's dev about this! They may not even be aware of the issue (I wasn't til 3 days ago!). Of course, I am exceedingly more than happy to help if you'd like to send them this way. If this seems strange, the reason I'm so adamant on helping others - I mean, helping the competition is kinda strange, no? But the reason is because Facebook has been a real bitch lately. Putting up with their shit has been getting increasingly difficult, and I can only imagine it'll only be getting moreso in the future, so we app devs need to get on this together. And of course, whenever we can get some help from on r/Android - that would be so very much appreciated! So please, please, PLEASE I implore you not to leave a negative review if something like this had affected you. This isn't the dev's fault and I am sure that they are pushing out a fix as soon as they possibly can. As much as Facebook throws us these curveballs, I (as well as many others) am here to see that there is another and another and ANOTHER workaround made for it! We can do this r/Android! We can do this together! Edit: Thank you for the gold, anonymous stranger! :D submitted by /u/jcbsera to r/Android [link] [comments][...]

Wanna develop leadership skills like Vajpayee, Modi and Parrikar? Check out your local RSS Shakha!


Vajpayee, Modi, Parrikar - three leaders with totally different leadership styles. One common basis for their success: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh principles and training. Seriously guys, if you want to develop leadership skills like Vajpayee, Modi and Parrikar, check out your local RSS shakha. Here is a small list of benefits you get from RSS: Learn to manage yourself - self-discipline, physical fitness, self-confidence, moral compass, personal principles & values, etc. Learn to work with teams. For a supposedly fascist organization, RSS is all about team work and consensus building and moving together. Decisions are almost never imposed by dictat within RSS. Learn to lead teams. RSS will give you ample opportunities to exercise your leadership muscles. It is a fact that most great leaders start exercising their leadership muscles at a young age. It is also a fact that most people don't do this through most of their lives. If you never got the opportunity to practice being a leader, you are missing out. Social organization. This is one of the qualities that Obama kept touting as his great talent before he became the president. You will learn how to do social organization with RSS. A few years with RSS will make you a greater expert at this than Obama. Diverse life and work experiences. As an active swayamsevak you will be exposed to many kinds of life experiences and work experiences that you can never dream to have if you live a normal life going to home and office. These experiences are absolutely essential to be a successful leader. Handling responsibility. A typical civilian doesn't usually learn to handle responsibilities bigger than those at his home and work. As a result, he never discovers the full potential of what he can do. RSS teaches you to accept and handle progressively bigger and bigger responsibilities through out your life. With responsibility comes true personal power and authority, which no position or title can give you. Incidentally, RSS principle is that there are only responsibilities, there are no titles or positions or hierarchy. You might have noticed Modi and many other BJP leaders express this philosophy and mindset many times, again and again. Succeeding through differences and diversity. Although we live in an extremely diverse country like India, most of us don't have to handle a lot of differences and diversity to get work done. RSS will give you the training and the opportunities needed to work through differences and diverity in order to achieve greater good. Nationwide / worldwide network. Most successful people will tell you that one of the secrets of their success is a supportive network. The moment you are a Swayamsevak, you will have a nationwide / worldwide support network which is like your own family. They will support you through good times and bad times. We can sit here and debate online day and night. But if we want to get out and do something really interesting and personally enriching while contributing something worthwhile to the nation and society, RSS is one of the best opportunities in India today. Edit: You may have differences with their "communal" ideology, but if you volunteer with them, you will get all of what I have posted above. The best part? You don't even have to adopt their "communal" ideology for yourself. You can just do the training and service work with them and have a[...]