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Last Build Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 17:10:15 GMT

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The Dears, Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique
Progressive Rock - artistic, ambient, euro influenced rock music.

Kathrin Shorr, besides
Folk - enchanting soulful folk

Steve Poltz, One Left Shoe
Folk - songwriting doesn't get any better than this

Dave Glasser, Uh! Oh!
Jazz - Dave Glasser with Clark Terry and Roy Hargrove

Shaking Tree, Matter Of Choice
Rock - Roots Rock with electric violin and mandolin

Cameron Dezen, Forever Young
Pop - Electronic tinged pop with great vocals!

Jordan, Celebrate Life
Electronica - Alternative, experimental electronica with melodic layers of acoustic, electronic and vocal textures

Emm Gryner, Pour Some Sugar On Me
Pop - '80s rock stripped down to the bare essentials

Bullfrog, bullfrog
Hip Hop - Montreal jam band meets dj kid koala, funk ensues

Cameron Dezen, Mary's Daughter
Rock - Cameron Denzen provides throaty vocals over a very chill house music background.

Heath Brandon, Introduction
Jazz - Soul-full music with jazz twist

Hayden, Skyscraper National Park
Rock - This CD is up for auction

The Cocktail Revisionists, A Murder of Crows
Alternative - High-energy alternative pop, on the rocks, with a twist!

Sarah Slean, Night Bugs
Folk - beautiful diversity wrapped in plastic

The Thurstons, Chapel Hill
Alternative - Awesome! Indie Band

Media Kreeps, Dessert
Media Kreeps, Dessert
Alternative - They put the POW in POWER POP!

Marc Thomas, "somebody told me"
Marc Thomas, "somebody told me"
Pop - This catchy pop song features Andy from Virginia Coalition on backing vocals

Jason Mraz, Sold Out (In Stereo)
Jason Mraz, Sold Out (In Stereo)
Folk - close your eyes and you're in San Diego

Kinnie Starr, Ophelia
Kinnie Starr, Ophelia
Hip Hop - The lady's got pipes

Vyletz, Love Me To Sleep
Vyletz, Love Me To Sleep
Folk - a Female Balancing act... Call and Answer

Media Files:

le tigre, feminist sweepstakes
le tigre, feminist sweepstakes
Punk - if i can't dance i don't want to be part of your revolution

the need, dear diary
the need, dear diary
Progressive Rock - not for the musically timid - new wave punk rock opera