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By: Kent Pankratz

Wed, 14 Feb 2007 20:39:24 +0000

Does Novell Access Manager have the capability of doing single sign-on for non-http apps? In class Novell folks specifically indicated that apps accessed via the SSL VPN can indeed be single-signed on (somehow in conjunction with the access gateway, I assume) From my research, the answer is no. The Access Manager Gateway will not process non-http connections. The SSL VPN is used for non-http connections therefore the Single Sign-On feature is used only for connections with the Access Gateway. Here is the link to the documentation on this topic. "SSL VPN allows authorized access to applications and services that are behind a firewall. It also provides secure access to HTTP and non-HTTP based applications and performs single sign-on when authenticated to the Access Gateway". Here is another snip from the documentation that supports my interpretation of the previous quote: "Access Gateway: Access Gateway uses server certificates and trusted roots to protect Web servers, provide single sign-on, and enable the products data confidentiality features, such as encryption. "SSL VPN: SSL VPN uses server certificates and trusted roots to secure access to non-HTTP applications". A couple of options: 1) The solution for non-http applications through the SSL VPN connection is the Single Sign-On solution that we offer for the client. This is a different product that installs on the workstation. I would suggest setting up another conference call to discuss its capabilty with the customer. 2) Citrix Nfuse technology can be used for these non-http applications and the Access Gateway will provide Single Sign-on for the Citrix client. Thanks