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Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood Ep. 1



The story begin with Isaac the Ice alchemist drawing transmutations circle in the streets around town. His intention is to put the central command headquarters under ice. Roy Mustang was ordered to capture him with assistance from Elric Brothers and Colonel Armstrong.


The Ice Alchemist had a few technique that can manipulate water from surrounding and even from human body. Remember that human body is consist of 70% of water. The Elric brother engaged him a few times, but he manages to escape. In the end, he fell into King Bradley hand.

King of the road Chapter 1


I have created this comic during my time as a kid. I just using pencil to draw it. This is the first from five chapter.








Strip Comic



Sorry, I didn't provide the dialog.

But I hope you can understand by looking at it.

Unfinished work


I draw this comic in a long time ago. But I never manage to finish it.


Actually, this comic has some (or maybe more) Samurai X influence in it. Yes, I have copied the Samurai X style in my drawing. But it's just as my inspiration.




My simple comic


I try to make a simple one-page comic for this blog. So, I have opted to draw One Piece characters by using my style.


But I think it is too simple. I add the dialog using Commic Life software.

**One Piece is the artwork of Eiichiro Oda.

Drawing paper


Manga paper

This paper is always used by manga-ka to produce their art work. It has blue panels printed on it. The purpose of them is to make it easier to divide the panels. This paper has high absorbency characteristic to absorb inks. This paper is also suitable for ink pen, marker pen and screentone.

Textured paper

This paper has texture on its surface. It is good to be use by those who want to make some effect in their drawing.

Coated paper

This paper has two surfaces – one is slippy and the other is dim. That’s why this paper is more expensive compare to other paper. The slippy surface is suitable for inking while the dim surface is suitable for pencil drawing.

Simili paper

Simili paper is the same as the ordinary A4 paper. Its ink’s absorbency depends on the thickness of the paper.



Official Homepage>

Mangaka often use shadow in their drawing. Shadow is the result of illumination light or sunlight.
Other than that, shadow was also used to create a 3-D effect. To create shadow, a mangaka needs to determine the direction of light. Then the shadow must be applied to the opposite side where is covered from light.

D GrayMan 103 - It echoes in the long morning


(image) (image)

This is the final episode of D Gray Man series (hopefully they will continue the series in the future).
In this episode, Level 4 become more angry after being stabbed by Allen Walker sword. But with the assistance of Lenalee and General Cross, Allen manage to defeat the Level 4. At the end, all the generals are alive. General Tiedol has saved many scientists with his maker of eden, a power to ceate a garden that protects them. But Tapp and all the scientist that has been transformed into demon can't be save and turned into dust. The headquarters are heavily damaged and they will move to a new place later on.

(image) (image)

Cosplayer’s body size


Size is an important factor in cosplay because it will influence the overall appearance of the cosplayers. As an example, the height difference between character and cosplayer should not be more than 10cm.

Height: 140-155cm

Physical: Small and medium weight.

Cosplayer in this category has not much option to choose because many characters in this category were created in the age of 12-15 years old and with various personalities. Cosplayer has to be careful when choosing character that is suitable with his physical and personalities.

Height: 155-160cm

Physical: Medium height and light weight.

Usually cosplayer in this category will choose character in the age between 14-17 years. Most of the characters are weak in fighting but expert in course like magic, study, research or computer.

Height: 155-160cm

Physical: Medium height and medium weight.

Most of the heroes and heroin in shonen genre were in this category, it will benefit those who want to be other’s attraction. Because the characters in this category are more active compare to other category, the cosplayers also need to be more active.

Height: 160-170cm

Physical: Medium height and heavy weight

Cosplayer in this category can choose character that has big muscle and tough body. Cosplayer with this physical is suitable to bring armour equipment and heavy object.

Height: 170-180cm

Physical: Tall and medium weight

There were many characters in this category. So those who are in this category should not face any difficulty to choose characters that were suitable for them. Cosplayer is also advised to choose character that has smart costume to be looking more attractive.

Height: 180cm and above

Physical: Very tall and medium weight

Cosplayer in this category can choose charecters that are very tall, especially in genre such as fantasy.

The variety of stereotype in Manga and Anime


Stereotype 1 – A weak hero? Usually there are 2 different type of hero in manga/anime: a) A weak hero but has a concealed power or talent. b) A naive hero but has a kind and lover characteristic. Example: Souchirou Nagi - Tenjou Tenge; Shindou Hikaru- Hikaru No Go Stereotype 2 – Teenager or young age Age of characters are usually in the range 8 to 19 years old. They will behave like kids and frequently make wrong decisions. Example: Doraemon; Azumanga Daioh Stereotype 3 – Protagonist Group Protagonist character usually existed in a group which each member has their own skill and they also have the same ambition. Example:One Piece; Samurai Deeper Kyo; Naruto Stereotype 4 – Antagonist mission Antagonist group that was lead by a powerful leader and always make riot. They have their own ambition such as to control the world or get revenge of the protagonist group. Example:Homunculus – FMA; Juppongatsu- Rurouni Kenshin Stereotype 5 – Giant Mecha For fiction manga/anime, giant mecha is the fighting equipment existed in the battlefield. Example: Full Metal Panic; Gundam Seed; Macross; Neon Genesis Evangelion[...]

D Gray-Man Episode 98 - The Power of the Generals


Lulu Bell and akumas have invaded the headquarters. Allen Walker and Bookman were fighting a lot of akumas together, unfortunately they have been outnumbered. In the mean time, some of the scientist have been transformed into the enemy forces. Bookman has fall into the akuma's ability and then Allen Walker was also captured by Lulubell.

(image) (image)

As soon as the enemy are about to leave, the remaining scientists use the talisman to hold the akumas from moving. Suddenly Miranda and Marie appear into the scene followed by the generals, Sokaro, Tiedoll, Cross and Cloud.


The monopoly of AMG product in today's market


Nowadays the popularity of Anime, Manga & Games (AMG) product has growing largely in the market with a lot of products being sold worldwide. But is this just the case to meet customer’s demand or otherwise a marketing strategy to make money? Manga Evolution AMG product was produce in various steps from manga to anime and then anime to action figure and so on. Usually a new manga will be produced in a weekly magazine. It depends on the reader’s acceptance of the manga. If it was good enough, the publisher will take an action to publish the manga effectively.1. Printed media A well received manga will be compiled and then will be made into poster, wall scroll, and phone card. This is the beginning product for a new manga in the market. The production’s cost is very low even though it was produced in a large quantity. So, the price will be cheap and more customers can afford to buy it. 2. Anime & Games A popular manga will be adapted into anime and then being transformed into video games and trading card games. The Original Sound track also being produced for additional promotion to the anime and games.3. Action Figures and Plushies Action figure is a replica of AMG character that is following a specific scale and similar to the original character. While Plushies are doll; it is a cute version of the AMG character that was specially designed for girls. 4. Accessories There are a lot of AMG accessories can be found in the market such as keychain, bag, and many more.5. Special edition and Art book For a popular AMG, a special edition product and art book will be produced as a gift for the fans. Usually the product is limited and can be purchased in a specific time such as during anniversary etc. [...]

D Gray-Man Episode 96 - Yet the hands of time move forward


In this episode, Allen Walker was put under surveillance of Inspector Horward Link and Rouvelier because they were suspicious that Allen was involved with the enemy. Meanwhile, the scientists are working to investigate the Noah Ark especially the egg plant where the Earl manufactured Akumas. But during the investigation, Lulu Bell has shown up after disguising as one of the scientist. She brought a lot of Akuma with her and she also killed Oceania Branch Head and harmed Johnny, a scientist that is a close friend to Suman and Allen Walker.

(image) (image)

Zombie loan


Year : 2007
Total episodes : 11
Studio : Square Enix


Michiru possesses Shinigami Eyes, which allows her to see a ring on a person's neck, indicating their impending death. Michiru first meets Chika and Shito in the hallways of her school, accidentally tripping over Chika's hand. After she ends up finding out their secret, they initially think of killing her, but when they find out that she has Shinigami Eyes, they instead inform her that she will be using her powers to help them fight zombies, despite her protests. After various failures and meeting other members of the Z-Loan office, Michiru comes to accept her new job, largely because of the debt Shito and Chika took on to keep her from dying.

Michiru Kita


Akatsuki Chika


Tachibana Shito


Drawing a figure's action


Action needs impact and energy to show the character movement. Actually, a normal human's movement will not be so much energetic. But in order to give more satisfaction to the reader, the action can be overly drawn so that the character will look lively. The important element is the reader can see the effect from the action.

Normal punching action


Excessive punching action

Other example:


D Gray Man Episode 91 - Judgement



Finally, General Cross has appeared. I wrote this synopsis because for me it was an interesting episode to watch. In this episode, Allen Walker and Lavi was fighting with the transformed Tyyki mikk, but they can't match his power. While they were fighting, suddenly a magical circle appeared below Allen and he fell down. At the time he fall, General Cross was elevated up to the surface using the Grave of Maria. The general quickly holds Allen's leg and brought him up.

(image) (image)

After that General Cross duel with Tyyki using his another innocence, Judgment. Judgement is a gun that has "missile like" bullets that will not be ruined until it reach the target. He almost kills Tykii when suddenly Earl of Millennium came to obstruct him.

Serial Experiments Lain


Year: 1998
Studio: Geneon Entertainment

Total anime episodes: 13

(image) (image) (image)

This anime is one of the popular anime that was categorized as a thought-provoking category. The story is about Lain Iwakura, a girl who is addicted to internet surfing lives in two personality (cyber and reality). This story begins when Lain has received an e-mail from a friend who has died in one week before. In the mail she explains to Lain that she just abandoned her flesh. She assures lain that she still is alive and had found god in the 'wired' world.

After getting a new 'navi' and adding a 'psyche' circuit, Lain spends more and more time in the wired. It seems that Lain has at least 2 personalities, and Lain's first personality is changing even now. Next, Lain was shown as a character that has been confused about the difference between the reality and fantasy.

One Manga


Do you like reading manga online? If you like, I suggest you to go to this website: Onemanga
There are 700+ mangas available for you to read.

Some of the top viewed mangas are:

Naruto the setting down


A nice game...


Filename: NTSD_beta1.9.rar
Filetype: .rar
Filesize: 17.6MB

naruto the setting dawn version 1.9

Download here:




How to draw a figure's posture


Usually figure's postures are consist of daily activities like walking, running, sitting, eating, standing and so on. Some of us may think that it is easy to draw the posture but actually it's hard and need more determination. If it's not drawn with cautious, the movement will look unrealistic.

The pose must be near or base on the actual life. This is more difficult compare to when drawing character's action. Sometimes you can also draw simple habit for your character as a trademark. As an example is L's action in the Deathnote manga. It is a trademark that were always remembered by the fans.


You must also draw according to your character's attitude. Understand your character first. Every character has their own attitude that influenced their posture. With that, the differences of character's attitude can be shown obviously.

Screentones Tutorial


Screentone is very useful in manga because it can save manga-ka time and it also improve the quality of manga. Doujinshi-ka can also use screentones to make an interesting artwork. Screentones can be divided into line action, special effect, shading, and background. Line action is the screentone that can be use to make effect and impact from the movement of character or object in manga. While special effect is use for effect like cloth’s texture, emotion effect, exploding effect and many more. Shading is use to make a shadow effect or to make a dark surrounding like at sunset or night. While background is use to make a complex background and repeating background. Screentone can be bought from bookstore but its price is expensive. If doujinshi-ka know how to use graphic software, it can be made using Adobe Photoshop.

Steps to make simple screentones using Adobe Photoshop

  1. Open a new file in Adobe Photoshop with size of 8x8 pixel in JPEG/JPG format and white background. Don’t use bitmap/bmp format because we will use the Layer function in the next step.
  1. Zoom in to the maximum available.
  1. Then go to the Tool Bar and choose Pencil Tool. Next, right click on Paintbrush Tool, Pencil Tool is below the category.
  1. After that, open a new Layer. Use Pencil Tool to draw 2 point on your file. Both point must be aligned at 45 degree. To ease your work, think like this:

Your file size is 8x8 pixel. If your first point coordinate is (3,3) then your second coordinate should be located at (7,7).

  1. Next, open a new Layer and repeat step 4. But this time redraw both points on the same position, and make them bigger and reshape it according to yourself. Repeat this step until you get a variety of shape in different sizes.
  1. Now go to Select > Select All, then choose the first layer that has points on them (not the empty layer). Go to Edit > Define Pattern and name your screentone.

Repeat this step for every Layer. All Layer that have been saved will exist in Pattern category for your use.

Congratulations! Now your screentones have being made successfully.