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Published: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 19:18:20 +0100

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Electric power
Electric power: 240V / 50 Hz [...]

Area code to Norfolk Island
Area code to Norfolk Island: +672 [...]

Bloody Bridge
Cause of popularity: the tyrannical overseer was killed and entombed in the bridge during construction. Legend tells the next day the replacement overseer saw blood oozing from the mortar... It was built during the Second Settlement by convict labour, in [...]

English is the common language on Norfolk Island though the Pitcairners have their own language, simply called 'Norfolk' (or 'Norfuk'). It's derived from the speech of the Bounty Mutineers and their Tahitian wives and companions who settled Pitcairn Islan [...]

Kingston is Norfolk Island capital, township founded on Norfolk by the First Settlers. It' s the main administrative and historical centre of the island, built on the only flat, sea-level land available on Norfolk. Major attraction: the ruins, predominant [...]

The history of Norfolk Island is governed by the different settlement periods.

Discovery: captain James Cook did it in 1774, he liked it so much he named the island in honour of the ninth Duchess of Norfolk.

First Settlement: Lieuten [...]

Flora and fauna
There is a prolific bird life on Norfolk Island and in the lagoon and open reefs, there are hundreds varieties of hard and soft corals. The island is a home of the Norfolk pine (the largest of these magnificent trees is 57 m and has a girth of 11 m, used [...]

Norfolk Island National Park
Norfolk Island's National Park has some of the world's best remaining rainforest which can be explored via walking tracks on foot or bike. It covers around 10% of the land of the island and contains remnants of the forests which originally covered the isl [...]

Norfolk Island is a 3855ha, 8km x 5km, three million year old volcanic outcrop located in the South Pacific Ocean, approximately 1000 kilometres east of the Australian coast. It has no land boundaries with any foreign country and has 32km of coastline. Th [...]