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Preview: Random Walk in Learning

Random Walk in Learning

Random rumbling during our journey through the E-Learning wonderLand - by Albert Ip (Fablusi P/L)

Updated: 2018-01-20T23:59:15.283+11:00


This is how these students go to school


Somewhere in China (四川凉山), these students risk their life everyday to go to school. Here is a video of them crossing a river by a broken suspension bridge. In the next video, we can see how young primary school pupils need to climb 200 meters to and from school twice every month. If these videos do not inspire you, think again. Education is the only way poor people can escape poverty. To

Comment on "Educators need to think long-term about the role of technology in learning"


"The third and final task remains the big challenge for educa- tional technology: personal development via experiential learning." [Source: Scientific American, Oct 2014, page 15] Yes, there is a way - Role play. By allowing the students to step into the shoes of other in a safe environment, the learning can be vivid and realistic. See my book The Power of Role-based e_learning

Learn Chinese the Read and Write Way


I have started a series of video on learning Chinese based on reading and writing. The youTube playlist is Please subscribe and leave me comment. At the moment, I have 5 videos starting with telling numbers.

I have started a new blog


I have started a new blog - my view on Australian politics.

Online education


We are faced with a dilemma. Online education is convenient and when is appropriately conducted can be a godsend for busy students. A lot of face to face education institutes actually puts their courses online, either as a supplement for those who may have missed a class or as a general community service for anyone who is interested in learning something. The acceptance of a qualification from

Allow me to hit you at your head first...


My American readers, Your country is not the greatest country anymore. The only three things which USA is number one are: 1. number of people in the prisons (per capita), 2. number of adults who believe in a god (by percentage in developed countires), and 3. largest military budget - more than the next 26 combined. The world is becoming more unequal, unstable and unsustainable. (That's from

Who ever says science is boring?


This is the best entertainment I have watched for a long while...

Science vs. the Feelies


High speed Ping Pong Ball


Subsonic and supersonic speed of Ping Pong Ball. Do not try this at home

Arithmetic, Population & Energy


This should be compulsory watching for every student every year to remind us how exponential function affect us *all*.

This was from 2008 and the situation has worsen


Evidence Of The Extreme Climate Change


2012:The Year Climate Change Got Real


To all my American readers, please DO something about this video


Please watch this very saddening video and then tell your government how you feel. Killing someone else is NOT a game and it is NOT for fun. Indiscriminately firing at civilians is WAR CRIME and should be treated as such even if it means you are reporting other Americans.

Is human culture unique?


Culture is defined as behaviour acquired from learning from the peers. In this case, chimpanzee societies cultures. Also published simultaneously at Atheist Bible Reading and Forum

Season Greeting


Please accept, and/or renew, without obligation, implied or implicit, the best wishes, referred to as this greeting hereafter, for an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, politically correct, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral, non-specific sexuality, celebration of the winter solstice holiday in the northern hemisphere and summer solstice holiday in the southern hemisphere,

Learning Technologies 2012 - Ray Kurzweil


Suspension Bridges from Ancient Times


Inca Grass Bridge [Actual footage starts at 0:20] Meghalaya's Living root bridges

How I started a sanitary napkin revolution!


Don't worry, this is about innovation and philanthropy.

Monkey Intelligence


Is this monkey at the same intelligence level as human's ancestor thousands (or tens of thousands) of years ago? How long ago?

How to walk a 10 feet tall, 5 ton Moai


Don't under estimate the power of human ingenuity.