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What's New in Wine Tasting

New ideas in the theory and practice of wine tasting.


Saltiness in Wine
Are Wines Salty? If so, what makes them that way.

Tongue Map Myth Exposed
Let's lay this ol' chestnut to rest once and for all. The tongue map just ain't true

Horsey Stinks in Wine
Brettanomyces character in Wine: Devlish or Delictable?

Identifying Those Elusive Smells in Wine
A technical expose' on the origin of different varietal characters in wine

Red Wine Astringency
An explanation as to the origin of the drying sensations produced by red wines

American oak in wines
American oak exposed as a wonderful match for Syrah

Sherry - perhaps the most interesting wine of all
The complexities of Sherry wines revealed

Cork taint in wine
Despite all the promises cork taint is still alive in well in wines stoppered under natural cork

Bentonite fining in wine
Whoever thought of adding a slurry of a rare clay to white wine to stop it forming haze in bottle?

Technical Wine Glossary Part 1
What do all those technical wine terms mean? Part 1

Technical Wine Glossary Part 2
What do all those wine terms mean? Part 2