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Google is becoming more sensitive with the ads people can see


Google is becoming more sensitive with the ads people can see- Friend OR Foe?
In the U.K, Google is stepping up their game when it comes to monitoring ads due to certain legal restrictions that the U.S follows. Will this hurt or help certain business? What is your opinion?


Why Social Media is Good for More than Watching other People Live Life!


Did You Ever Have a Crazy Thought About Social Media Like it Helping with SEO?
Neither did we until we saw this article written by the geniuses at Results Driven Marketing LLC.
Give this a read if you want to learn how social media can be used to help your SEO value increase!

Digital Marketing Red Flags to be Aware of From Forbes


Some Words of Wisdom from Forbes for All You Digital Marketers
Forbes Community voice has recently written an article that highlights some red flags for all of those that are in the digital marketing industry but might not be aware of because they are not mainstream in the industry just yet!

Click the link to view:

Have A Fun Weekend!


Have a fun weekend everyone!!
Do not forget to stay up to date on the latest SEO news with Search Engine Land!
The world of SEO never sleeps.

Googl Girl's Introduction to : A Structured Data Memoir


One of the Google Girl's over at Results Driven Marketing LLC, has started her own blog series because she found a passion for structured data and wants to share it with the world! Check it out by clicking this link below.
read away!

Throwback Thursday SEO Style


Technology is truly one of the fastest moving, always evolving industries in the world. A lot of people do not take the time to think how amazing this is or actual examples of how technology has helped SEO evolve. Here is a little article to open your eyes and help you realize how amazing technology and SEO are from 10 years ago to now

Send us some examples of your own if you have any!

Wisdom Wednesday Post!


This week on wisdom Wednesday i have a fact for you about SEO that is going to blow you away!!
Did you know " Page titles are the most important on-page element after content (hubspot)."?
Your page title is what grabs people's attention from the get-go. You need to know the proper SEO practices to get the readers you want!

The History and Future of Women in Web Design and Technology


Women are slowly but surely going to be men's top competitor if not now, in the near future when it comes to who will be taking over the web design industry. We have some historical facts to back up this prediction we have for the bright future of women in the tech industry!
Click below to read a whole blog post that raves about this!

Want to Know the Future of Digital Marketing?


Want to know the future of Digital Marketing? This article by Forbes Magazine provides unique and cutting insight.

I really like what's being said here:

"By combining formerly disparate disciplines such as SEO, SEM, social media and traditional advertising, marketers are uncovering cost savings, convenience and consistency of messaging."

That's one of the keys to marketing on the web in 2018. Consistency throughout the process.

The Top 6 Marketing Lessons Hubspot Learned in 2017


Our professional marketing friends over at Hubspot that we learn a lot from had a pretty insightful year in 2017! This is amazing to all of us in the marketing industry because it goes to show there is always information that can help advance our knowledge! #awesome #knowledge #wisdom

Do You Know All Of The SEO Tools of Trade? If Not, Take A Quick Peek!


Hot Tip! Good SEO practices involve optimization, keyword research, quality content, and the proper coding for your site!


How Content Marketing will Help Your Strategic Marketing Process


Content Marketing is the strategic marketing process of establishing and distributing consistent content that is useful, enlightening and is entertaining for the potential customers. Content Marketing is important because not only does it help create authority for your brand, but it also sets you up with a community of devoted customers.Customers rely on search engines for solutions, and the best moment to win new customers is to be present when they search for things in your niche. This is precisely why it is pertinent to keep up with SEO trends. Here is a curation of the latest SEO trends that will influence content marketing in times to come:1.         Search engines are not text-only anymore: Have you heard of Alexa, which was developed by Amazon? Or Google Home? These are personal assistants that are taking the world by storm. They help answer any of your queries over speakers, just like if you were having a conversation with your buddy. You don’t have to type; your voice is the input.This easy access to searching has made it more omnipresent than ever. To remain relevant, you must create content that shows up in search results on these different formats and platforms. It is hence important to get into your customers’ minds and deliver what they want. This will help you open the door to rational and creative means of optimization of search.2.         Turning to user-generated content: User-generated content is the content that your customers create to talk about your business. It cements the “trust” factor, which is one of the driving forces of content marketing. You should encourage your customers to write reviews, share photos and videos to talk about the benefits they are getting out of your product.When you offer incentives for the customers to write reviews, it will encourage both offline and online word-of-mouth. However, user-generated content is a double-edged sword and will backfire if not employed correctly. Specially if there’s a disgruntled customer there are higher chances of him living a negative feedback than a happy customer leaving a positive feedback.3.         Think of the deep-rooted benefits of search strategies: When you prioritize organic search, it is common to focus on short-term wins. However, the problem about search is that the biggest profits are not visible forthwith.Search Engine Optimization is a mixture of a brand-building exercise as well as authority-building. Therefore, it does not help if you think short-term. Short-term strategies are fine to get started. However, you have to focus on long-term strategies to build a solid base for your brand.4.         Personalize for relatability: A study by IBM Digital Experience concluded that 56% of marketers believe that customized content boosts commitment rates. Another study notes that 80% of marketers believe personalized content is more efficient because it is direct and to the point. There are many studies conducted that conclude the same effect of content marketing. These studies are a huge driving force towards personalizing content.Personalization helps the customer remember a brand better and hence creates a stronger bond with the brand. Remember, you cannot please them all. However, what you can do is create content that the majority of the audience would like to see.5.         Being available even when you are not: Chatbots are a helpful solution for when the blog posts and videos aren’t cutting it anymore. They have real-time automated conversations with your customers. They change your image from a brand-focused business to[...]