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Published: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 20:45:50 +0100

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Required travel documents for Philippines
Required travel documents for Philippines: passport [...]

Electric power
Electric power: 220V / 60 Hz [...]

Area code to Philippines
Area code to Philippines: +63 [...]

Ma Cho Offerings
The local people that attend this Temple will place offerings. There are alot of Chinese/Filipinos in the area. This Temple is unique as the religion is a Taoist,Catholic,Chinese mixture!! I've only gone here for the wonderful views and don't really know [...]

Staying at the Beach is funner!
Accommodation Name: Many Description: There are many hotels, guest houses or resorts on the beach between San Fernando and Bauang. Many different prices but all are affordable. Most of the travellers would prefer to stay at one of those but there ar [...]

Jackfruit!! MMMMMMMMMmmmm Good!
For most of us people that aren't from SE Asia the Jackfuit is a very exotic Fruit! You can buy them in the market and you don't have to buy the whole thing. You can buy them already cleaned. You will find in them in plastic bags. They are delicous!! Give [...]

Ma Cho Temple
This is an interesting Temple that is set up on the hill. It is a great place to catch a cool breeze on a hot day! The Temple is an interesting mixture of Taoist and Catholic Chinese!! It can be found about 600 meters past the town plaza off from Quezon B [...]

View from Freedom Park
If you walk up Gapuz Zigzag Road behind the town plaza you can get some great views of San Fernando , the ocean and the surrounding area. Plus you get a nice breeze most of the time. Freedom Park is there too. Nearby is the museum which is temporarily bei [...]

Mendoza Beach Cottages
Accommodation Name: Mendoza Beach Cottages Description: There are a few cottages at Mendoza. It is a very quiet place. You get there by walking down the road through a cocount grove. Ask a Jeepney driver for directions. Comparative Price: less ex [...]

Name of Shop: Jasmine Shellcraft Description: The people here are very helpful and friendly!! They can also give you directions if your lost. What To Buy: Shellcraft items such as hanging baskets. What To Pay: it depends on how much work has [...]