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In Uruguay, Where Abortion Is Legal, a Judge's Ruling Grants a Man the Right to Stop a Woman’s Decision

Sat, 04 Mar 2017 14:36:09 +0000

"It’s a moral regression for women, for we are again not masters of our own bodies. There's a law, but it’s not applicable for you."

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What Worried Latin Americans in 2016?

Mon, 26 Dec 2016 17:49:17 +0000

"How philosophical, how profound are the doubts that trouble the Latin American minds of our times."

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She Needs Justice: The Week That Was at Global Voices Podcast

Fri, 14 Oct 2016 18:54:03 +0000

This week, we’ll introduce you to women seeking or achieving justice in Poland, Uruguay, Russia and Syria.

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Former Guantanamo Prisoner Risks Death From Hunger Strike in Effort to Be Reunited With Family

Thu, 13 Oct 2016 02:54:27 +0000

"They have closed the doors on me and left me without any solution and this is the only path that I've found."

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Many Names, One Sweet Latin American Confection

Thu, 06 Oct 2016 18:00:44 +0000

Its name doesn't matter, it's an essential ingredient for confectionery. So much that alfajores are unimaginable without a spoonful of this sweet made out of milk.

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The Women Who Resisted Uruguay’s Dictatorship Get a Film Honoring Their Heroism

Sun, 02 Oct 2016 17:33:27 +0000

Manane Rodriguez's “Migas de Pan” tells the story of a group of women tortured and sexually abused by Uruguay's dictatorship, set thirty years after the regime's fall.

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What Kicked Off in Uruguay that Lasts for 40 Days?

Mon, 01 Feb 2016 17:52:06 +0000

It lasts for 40 days and is considered the longest carnival in the world. The Uruguayan Carnival brings together traditions born Europe and Africa, and offers a whole lot more.

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Remembering Uruguay's Disappeared Through the Eyes of a Photographer

Fri, 04 Dec 2015 09:24:11 +0000

Juan Urruzola spent 12 years in exile during his country’s dictatorship. He's made it his mission to remember those who were disappeared by the regime through photography.

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A Day for Mate, A South American Culinary Infusion

Wed, 02 Dec 2015 00:30:22 +0000

Argentinians consume up to 100 liters of mate per year, however, there was a time when this popular South American infusion was banned.

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Latin American Authors ‘Help’ to Rescue Andean Indigenous Languages

Sun, 27 Sep 2015 17:00:49 +0000

Works by Latin American writers, including Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel García Márquez, will now be available in Quechua, an Andean indigenous language, thanks to a government initiative in Cusco.

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Radio Ambulante Roundtable on Copa América 2015: FIFA Corruption, Team Analyses and Predictions

Thu, 18 Jun 2015 15:49:53 +0000

Daniel Alarcón, executive producer of Radio Ambulante, talks to other journalists about the latest FIFA scandal and its effect on Copa América, the most important football tournament in South America.

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The Uruguayan Prison with a ‘Human Touch’

Tue, 09 Jun 2015 18:05:13 +0000

In Uruguay, you'll find a prison called Punta de Rieles ("Rail End") that practices an unusual "human approach" to incarcerating and reforming convicts.

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Why Are Latin Americans Naming Their Children ‘Onur’ and ‘Sherezade'?

Wed, 20 May 2015 16:50:29 +0000

One Thousand and One Nights, a Turkish drama series, enjoys incredible success in the Mecca of soap operas: Latin America. But what questions does this success raise?

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Words from the World of Uruguay's Ex-President, José ‘Pepe’ Mujica

Mon, 11 May 2015 00:24:52 +0000

"It's that simple. Because the most glorious thing one has is life. And although life is so elemental its the thing we most forget."

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Latin America Mourns Eduardo Galeano, One of the Continent's Greatest Writers

Fri, 17 Apr 2015 15:17:51 +0000

Best known as the author of celebrated book “The Open Veins of Latin America”, the Uruguayan writer and journalist died this Monday, April, 13 in Montevideo.

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