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Preview: MMG Latest Network Marketing News

MMG Latest Network Marketing News

MMG Latest Network Marketing News

Published: Sun, 20 Aug 2017 13:38:12 -0400


Better Planet

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 17:01:02 -0400

I am not the owner:

What if I had a product that everyone uses and 100% has to have ...............

Everyone in the USA buys this and uses it but they can get it FREE with this company.

Endorsed by Shark Tanks Kevin Harrington this is ground floor opportunity and is not evening shipping yet but will soon.

You can get signed up now and be ready to go.

We share with our co op members the concept of
Better Planet members want to show you how to save $400 a year and earn $400 a month. By enrolling 3 customers, you will save up to $400 a year on paper purchases or more. Just depends on frequency.

Save from $400-$1000 a year on paper products. We will have many more items in the months ahead.

Receive up to $600 a year with gift cards toward other items you consume from our member store.

Earn from $100-$400 a month or more, helping to share our vision and enroll new subscribers.

Thousands available in benefits to you and other members for helping us share the story. We pay you because we do not have to pay the TV advertisers and middleman when YOU ARE THE STORY!

If you desire to earn much much more, refer more new customers. We do not promote income claims here on this site because we do not know if you're a Green Loving go getter or a tree hugging couch potato. You are rewarded in relation to your contribution, the way life should be. There are several other ways to benefit as a Co Op member with weekly sales growth dividends that you are connected to you. Details provided in our back office, you can enroll for free and learn more and order much later.

Genusity -

Sat, 12 Aug 2017 17:15:23 -0400

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Enzacta New Zealand Https://

Fri, 11 Aug 2017 03:49:38 -0400

Welcome. This page has been designed to give a brief overview of the Enzacta business. If you have already tried PXP Royale and LOVE it then you may want to look at the business side of things. Enzacta is the business and Micronised Purple Rice is the product. It is also known as PXP and Purple Rice. The Enzacta business launched in 2003 in Mexico it has since opened in USA, Mexico, Australia, Canada,Columbia,Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, New Zealand, Phillipines, South Korea, & Spain. England has since opened as well Enzacta is a referral business where you can receive financial rewards for recommending PXP Royale to others. PXP cannot be bought in health stores - all sales are through distributors who are called IBO's ( Independent Business Owners). Before embarking with the business it is my suggestion that you need to be taking PXP Royale and have got a result with it yourself. Telling others about it then becomes easy for you. I am a RAVING FAN of PXP because of what I have seen it do for myself, my family, my friends and many other people. So that's STEP 1 - Fall in LOVE with the product STEP 2 is - get on autoship - whether you are keen to recommend the product to others or just want to purchase PXP Royale at the cheapest possible price - autoship is the answer. That way you receive two jars of PXP for the retail cost of one. This discounted price is given in consideration of you committing to purchasing the PXP for 3 months. In New Zealand this means you receive TWO 30 servings jars for just $140 STEP 3 - Find two people who would also like to join the business and get them on autoship to start receiving commission payments. How much does it cost to join the business and what are the financial rewards? As at July 2017 it costs US $200 to join. That's equivalent to approximately NZ $285. It's a one off fee, there are no annual fees or minimum stock purchases required. You then become an IBO able to purchase PXP Royale at wholesale rates. You also receive a 30 servings jar of PXP Royale as a 'Thank you' for joining. You get your own free Enzacta website/ back office and a program Advanced Office is free for your first 6 months. REWARDS: What I LOVE about the business is that I get to put in as many hours as I like when I like and I also get to choose who I work with. There are FINANCIAL rewards that kick in quickly US $40 (NZ $55 approx) whenever you enroll an EXECUTIVE IBO and an average profit of NZ $60 whenever you sell a jar of PXP. Longer term you will likely find that the bulk of your income from PXP comes from BUSINESS VOLUME POINTS as mine does. Business Volume Points. I receive BVP ( Business Volume Points) for all that happens in my downline even though I have not recruited them. For those of you with experience of other referral businesses - no it's not like AMWAY, it's like ENZACTA. Up to 70% of commission sales are paid to distributors. It's a dual team binary system. There are no breakaways and no minimum stock purchases required to maintain levels. If this is sounding good to you and you would like to know more let me know and we can arrange a phone call/ Skpye conversation to answer any other questions you may have WAYS TO EARN Our compensation plan is very lucrative for our IBO's. Enzacta pay 70% in commissions plus, we offer unheard of bonuses including custom-designed trips for your family and unique Multi Dimensional Marketing earnings. MDM earnings start once we attain the Bronze level and as long as you retain your position (level) for two months you will receive this payment for 2 consecutive months. This bonus is also paid at Silver and Gold levels. The bonus payment is $1000 NZ Enzacta (the business) is a dual binary system We have to sign up a Independent Business Owner on our left side then one also on our right side to earn commissions. Dual Team Commissions Step Team (Left) Team (Right) Amount 1 450 bvp 225 bvp $55 nzd Every per[...]

Ilikebits -

Tue, 08 Aug 2017 19:41:38 -0400

On Pre-Launch - Join Free Now!
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ILIKEBITS 3X10 Pays Directly To Your Bitcoin Wallet - 100% Commissions -
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Alpha Cash -

Tue, 08 Aug 2017 16:34:32 -0400

Dear all,I would like to introduce a new MLM project to you that is based on the ETHTrade concept:Alpha CashSo what is so special about Alpha Cash? Well, you will soon realize that there are a lot of similarities with ETHTrade.Alpha Cash is offering a one stop solution. This is just a short list of services that Alpha Cash will be offering:-Multi-currency blockchain wallet-Crypto currency exchange services-Crypto currency debit cards-No risk investments-High yield investments-Career opportunitiesYou will be able to invest in 5 different crypto currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Monero. You can still use the old good US dollar (Advanced Cash) to replenish your balance. Having done that, you can easily buy any of those fine crypto currencies with no commission! That’s a huge benefit considering that some of the trading platform would ask up to 25% commission.Every deposit will work for maximum 360 days. It will expire whenever 200% net profit will be achieved. Monthly profits will vary between 10% and 15%. You can get your principal back with no fee after 90 days. You can get it out earlier if you’re willing to pay a fee. Profits will be accrued on Fridays.Investments from 10$ to 30.000$ are possible.The Alpha Cash investment plan, explained in 2 minutes:Alpha Cash - Explained in 2 minutesHow is the company making money?Alpha Cash is distributing the risk across four major investment areas:ICO is a term that is not familiar to everyone. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is an unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. In simple terms: a new crypto currency will be brought to the market.Affiliate program and career systemAttracting partners to Alpha Cash can really pay off. There are to ways of earning affiliate commissions: Active and Passive. And you can earn affiliate commissions across 5 levels depending on your status:With every status you will reach, you will unlock new levels. Starting with the status “partner” you will earn commissions from all 5 levels.So how to move across the different statuses?Your status will depend on two factors: Your own investment and the investment of your entire structure across 5 levels.E.g. if you want to become a “promoter” you have to have a deposit of 2.500 USD and have 10.000 USD turnover in your team.Weekly replenishment and withdrawal limits will be issued for the Beta phase and might be increased right after the Beta phase is over.Bonus system, explained in two minutes:Alpha Cash Bonus SystemHow to participate?During the beta test phase it will remain in Russian language. The beta test phase is likely to take around 6 weeks.Partners that are not capable of that language can use Google Translate until the English version will be available.In oder to register you will need a personal registration code. You will receive that code from your upline. Once you have registered, you will receive your own registration code that you can use to invite partners.Important note: It is not allowed to make your code publicly available. Codes that will be found online, will be disabled and you will no longer be able to invite partners.This measure will make sure that every partner will receive an individual consultation before making an investment decision. The goal is to have no investors that are not being supported properly by their uplines. Unfortunately that’s the case in many other MLM companies.That’s a real differentiating factor that no other company offers today.Pleas ask your upline for your personal registration code.If you have no upline yet and wish to receive a professional consultation and a registration code, please join the official English Telegram group: earnings!Limbix[...]

1000btcezy -

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 03:53:01 -0400

I'm not admin

A new platform online business to helps millions of its members worldwide to connect our platform to make money from bitcoin based on donation

affiliate 5 tier system, You can register 100% free and starting to make money easy from your home.

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Mon, 24 Jul 2017 20:13:25 -0400

We have eliminated all the excuses.

We sell, close, followup, advertise, drive traffic to your site and do
all the administrative work for you.

You sit back and collect the cash.

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Automated Income System!

Low to High Ticket Passive Income

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This is the fastest growing cash generating system on the planet.

Lot's of imitators but there is only one complete system

No talking to anyone!
No emailing anyone!
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No mailing postcards!
No passing out cards or flyers!

100% Done for you!

*We create your pages, we advertise your pages, we sell and close for you and
send you cash! Plus earn a big % of everyone of your referrals sales.

*Earn a huge monthly passive income. Up to $2,700+ Daily!

*PLUS passive income from referrals sales of up to $2,650!

*If your looking for something that actually works...we have your solution!

Watch the 3 minute overview below and get started today.

Our Sizzle Call Number is 618-355-1121

Our Promo Code is 2042

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Hbn Express -

Fri, 14 Jul 2017 22:16:08 -0400

POWERLINE LAUNCH - Get in NOW! This could be a really good opportunity....join now and get your position
in the organization!

Its time YOU make the decision to start your journey of health!

Are YOU ready to partner with owners you can trust -
that treat you like family - marketing ORGANIC PRODUCTS
THAT WORK targeting the obesity and inflammation epidemic,
powered by our exclusive DUAL INFINITY INCENTIVE PLAN
that pays like a MATRIX & BINARY at the same time, on the
same team!

We invite you to grab your free spot in the hottest
You could literally have people on your team overnight &
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TAKE YOUR FREE TOUR, then join our Facebook family to
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As you start to use Mind, Body & Soul users report initially
noticing how much better they feel. Sleep is improved and
appetite is decreased. Many users share that they feel
happier and calmer. As you use the products please share
your testimonials on our FaceBook page.

We look forward to getting to know you better, promise to do
our best in supporting you along the way, and know that we
will enjoy this exciting journey of improved health together!

TAKE YOUR FREE TOUR, then join our Facebook family to
read what everyone else is saying about us, and watch our
system work for you too!

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First cut-off is July 31st!

Royaltie Gem's -

Fri, 07 Jul 2017 15:25:49 -0400

Hi -This will get you EXCITED!!This is Steve Downing with Royaltie. We sell the Royaltie Gem - a breakthrough in local advertising!Any town or city is a gold mine for this product. Network marketers, affiliate marketers, realtors, business owners and advertising/marketing professionals love our product.We are going to do a ton of retail, meaning that you will earn great commission bonuses - and you will be rewarded with even greater residuals.If you can get involved and commit 6 months to this, I believe you will never look back!The Royaltie Gem will automatically transmit a business message and a link to any Android device (Samsung, LG, Motorola, SONY, etc.) that is within a distance of 300 feet. This is known as beacon technology and a single Royaltie Gem will cover an area of approximately 30,000 square yards! This is a HUGE global opportunity!Android represents 80% of the international smartphone market! Do you have any friends in Korea, Hong Kong or India? Are you starting to get excited? Ever heard of the 3 foot rule? You know, in sales and networking, etc., you talk to everyone about your business who are within 3 feet? Well, the 3 foot rule is dead! It's been replaced by the 300 foot rule!Everybody within 300 feet gets your marketing message (and website link) on their Android smartphone - automatically, no app required!Sitting in a Starbucks, 20 people get your message.Go to a trade show and 5,000 people get your message!Go to a major league baseball game and 10,000 people get your message.Go to an NFL football game and 30,000 people get your message!Get the message?We can do this!Getting excited??Royaltie is the first company to implement beacon technology on a simple and affordable, small-business level, without the need of downloading an app!Beaconing is an additional marketing channel that improves brand awareness and consumer involvement, and is a proven technique that drives sales. The Royaltie Gem is a business tool that every business needs!As I said, businesses love our product. And, don't think small. We have had initial orders of 100, 200, 250, etc.The Royaltie Gem can be used effectively by ANY small business owner, anywhere in the world: India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, North America, South America, Korea, etc.!Staff can carry Gems on their keychains, they are that small. You can locate Gems in places where your public are likely to be, such as Starbucks, etc. Royaltie Gems are a great way to expand your marketing reach and increase your sales.The ultimate marketing bomb would be to go to a professional football, basketball or baseball game with a Gem on your keychain. You would reach tens of thousands of people at one time! How about bringing a Gem to the Superbowl! You would reach VIP celebrities and entrepreneurs and business people from all over the world!Go to a trade show in Las Vegas and reach every booth in the venue - at the same time! Where can you locate your Gem today? A better question is, "How many people will I contact today?"This is a great part-time or full-time situation - and a great way to create a residual income. The only requirement in becoming an affiliate is the purchase of a single, Royaltie Gem, to be used as a demonstration unit. But, that monthly cost will be canceled as part of the compensation plan, where you can easily earn up to three, free Royaltie Gems. This is NOT a problem! You'll do much better selling Royaltie Gems if you have one yourself. Remember, demonstration is the Holy Grail of selling. People believe what they see - because seeing is believing!Please contact me for details about our compensation plan.To purchase or enroll as an affiliate:##########################################1. Click-through this link: http://www.LocalAdvertisingBuzz.com2. Click the "Order Now" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.3. There is a question [...]

Icoinmarket -

Tue, 27 Jun 2017 15:08:04 -0400

ATTENTION!!! ICoinMarket Is World's First Done For You Crypto Currency Trading + ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) Launch Platform !

The Purpose of ICoinMarket is Simple.

1) To Bring Transparency To The Crypto Currency Trading World By Taking Care
Of Interests Of Both Investors And Daily Traders

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Other Investment Vehicles

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We are in prelaunch right now and over next few days and week's , thousands
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This is the time when u want to take massive action and build a team as
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1000's of people globally and u could be making massive
commissions from Day 1.

Ok, it's time to start. Join us for FREE and be givin $10.00 in Your wallet to start trading with Visit My Website.


Coinxl -

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 10:20:13 -0400

Am Not The Admin

>>> Link for Registeration <<<


the first truly transparent Bitcoin trading platform in the marketplace. Our team of Cryptocurrency Experts have been quietly building the infrastructure and patent pending algorithm bot trader for the past two years. Now the timing is perfect to release it to the world.


Full Transparency
Real-time Currency Trading
Full Time Customer Support
Sustainable 1% Returns Daily
Up To 20% Binary Bonuses
Fully Patented Trading Algorithm

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Winnex+ (winnex Plus) -

Thu, 22 Jun 2017 06:38:13 -0400

Winnexplus Presentation


The Winnex + manages a portfolio of companies, and you invest in Winnex +

The Winnex + applies its investment in its digital and physical businesses.

The Revenue received in the coming months to Winnex + shares with you.

Features Winnex +

You do not have the required value and no experience to buy a franchise of a great brand?

Meet Winnex +

With a small investment you get bonuses of all franchises make up and add our portfolio.


You sign up in Winnex + and choose the plan that you want to thrive.


The Winnex + inserts investment in companies that make up its portfolio to generate and increase business income.


The profits generated by companies, Winnex + transfers for you, according to your investment.

Financial Independence

Here begins the path to your financial freedom. Winnex + offers 8 The opportunities for gains to have the life you always dreamed of.

Trader Sports

The Trader Club was created to train competent professionals in buying and selling football action and get your real sustenance and enrichment and financial independence.

The market for sports betting, reached $ 70 billion in 2016, and this number only continue to grow.

14bit Exchange Bitcoin

Home buying and selling bitcoins. More than $ 5 billion in bitcoins traded daily on exchanges around the world.

The bitcoin market grew by 438% in the last three years.


High quality Burgers franchise, in a nice environment to serve our customers with very rich products and natuais where the customer chooses each ingredient of your WinBuguer.

The power sector had revenues of over R $ 614 billion in Brazil in 2016, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Food Industries (ABIA)

Asirvia Go -

Mon, 15 May 2017 23:16:07 -0400

What is the Asirvia Go and how can you utilize it

Create endless leads offline on complete autopilot by just doing what you do everyday already

Discover our world class marketing system that you can share with Entrepreneurs worldwide that will basically sell this technology for you.

Learn how our extremely lucrative compensation plan is designed to help you hit a home run by simply sharing technology every Network Marketer, Online Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Small Business & Entrepreneur will want.

Now you can send a Text message to anyone's phone that comes 100 feet to you on Autopilot. You have to check this out!!!


Besteasywork -

Tue, 09 May 2017 03:18:39 -0400

We are seeking to partner withindividuals who want instant results.We Offer You The Following: FREE INSTANT WEBSITE SETUP,NO Selling, NO Talking, NO Hassles, Unique 5 Minute Simple Strategy - That Works, Average Weekly Income $3K - $5K. GET PAID DAILY!3 Hour Work WeekNote: Our Admin Closes The Sale For You----------------------------------------------Our FREE Members Earn A$25 Referral Affiliate Commission PayoutFOR EACH PAID MEMBER THAT THEY FIND. Our FREE Member Option Is Designed ForThose Who Honestly Do Not Have TheMoney To Invest In Themselves. As Freebers Advertise,Our FREE Members Earn A$25 Referral Affiliate Commission PayoutFOR EACH PAID MEMBER THAT THEY FIND. Our FREE Member Option Is Designed ForThose Who Honestly Do Not Have TheMoney To Invest In Themselves. OPTION 1$88 ONE TIMEFOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPYOU EARN UP TO $50Per Each $88 Signup That Activates.NO OVERRIDES, NO BONUSES! OPTIONS 2 - 10INCLUDES OVERRIDE BONUSES!b OPTION 2$188 ONE TIMEFOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!YOU EARN UP TO $120Per Each $188 Signup That ActivatesPLUS $30 OVERRIDES FROM EACH $188+ SIGNUP! OPTION 3$288 ONE TIMEFOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!YOU EARN UP TO $200Per Each $288 Signup That ActivatesPLUS $30 OVERRIDES FROM EACH $188+ SIGNUP! OPTION 4$500 ONE TIMEFOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!YOU EARN UP TO $350Per Each $500 Signup That ActivatesPLUS $50 OVERRIDES FROM EACH $500+ SIGNUP! OPTION 5$1,000 ONE TIMEFOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!YOU EARN UP TO $750Per Each $1,000 Signup That ActivatesPLUS $50 OVERRIDES FROM EACH $500+ SIGNUP! OPTION 6$1,500 ONE TIMEFOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!YOU EARN UP TO $1,200Per Each $1,500 Signup That ActivatesPLUS $50 OVERRIDES FROM EACH $500+ SIGNUP! OPTION 7$2,000 ONE TIMEFOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!YOU EARN UP TO $1,600Per Each $2,000 Signup That ActivatesPLUS $50 OVERRIDES FROM EACH $500+ SIGNUPS! OPTION 8$2,500 ONE TIMEFOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!YOU EARN UP TO $2,000Per Each $2,500 Signup That ActivatesPLUS $50 OVERRIDES FROM EACH $500+ SIGNUPS! OPTION 9$3,500 ONE TIMEFOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!YOU EARN UP TO $2,900Per Each $3,500 Signup That ActivatesPLUS $50 OVERRIDES FROM EACH $500+ SIGNUPS! OPTION 10$5,000 ONE TIMEFOR LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!YOU EARN UP TO $4,000Per Each $5,000 Signup That ActivatesPLUS $100 OVERRIDES FROM EACH $5000 SIGNUP! EXTRA FEATURED BONUS$2,500 Members That Joins TODAYAND FINDS A HIGHER LEVEL MEMBER,ADMIN WILL BONUS THE SPONSOR TO THELEVEL THE NEW MEMBER PURCHASED. EXAMPLE 1:A $2,500 SPONSOR FINDS A $3,500 MEMBER,SPONSOR WILL NOW BE BONUSED INAT THE $3,500 LEVEL. EXAMPLE 2:A $2,500 SPONSOR FINDS A $5,000 MEMBER,SPONSOR WILL NOW BE BONUSED INAT THE $5,000 LEVEL. EXTRA FEATURE BONUS IS ONLY AVAILABLETO $2,500 PLUS MEMBERS FOR FIRST TIME VISITORS.Note: Our Admin Closes The Sale For YouJoin Here[...]

Gorilla Marketing Pro -

Mon, 01 May 2017 20:39:01 -0400

"OMG! This Works...Over 6,500 in 3 Weeks!"
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Have you ever heard of TIM SEBERT and RANDY THOMAS?

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William Berg

Change Cheng -

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 08:59:23 -0400

New investment project Chang Cheng (Great Wall)
Asian project with exclusive marketing.
Start in May 2017 Pre-start registration is open.
Limited investment certificates (investment share).
The price of the certificate is only 20 dollars. Input and output to Bitcoin.
Guaranteed payment of 200%
Weekly profit of 5.52% — 13.02%
The referral program is up to 5 levels from deposits and up to 3% of the investment profit of your first line.
To active partners up to 10 referral levels !!!
An innovative chance to independently raise the investment and referral percentage, to unlimited opportunities.
Internal exchange, Lotteries, Career growth, Many types of bonuses.
Start building teams now.

Ipronetwork -

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 11:18:42 -0400

Hi I would like to introduce you to something 96% of the world has no clue on or knowledge about, this is a revolutionized innovation disruption about the same as going from horse and buggy to the automobile which is what a world disruption means.What you are going to learn is a revolutionized platform designed to bring the 3 most hottest growing trends into a innovation first of its kind and you if you pay attention will be in the forefront of opportunities to make capital.What this Innovation platform will do is bring online shopping, and crypto currency (nothing to do with Bitcoin) and revolutionize the way we do buisness over traditional ways. You either learn it here or learn it down the road. This is not the future, it is here and it is here now.Everybody online shops or has from one sort of another retailers site. These brand name companies have started to gaining more from online shoppers than the brick and mortal has and learning it is a growing interest to their customers. Customers love and look for the deals, discounts, even rebates and it is well know.I like to use the Green Stamp concept when we (people at least 40) in our younger years should remember the fun it was to go to the Green Stamp (S&H) store after collecting them from grocery stores or even buying fuel including truckers in those days to buy products like anything from furniture to toys. Imagine if there were only so many of those Green Stamps and they caused them to have a appreciating value.....Well this is what we have here with the Merchant Platform this company has accomplished with big name brands plus 1000's of others creating a buyers club sort of speak for the companies members. These Merchants want your business so by being on the platform they have arranged discounted prices along with rebates by shopping thru the platform which will be obtainable by downloading a free app. (The APP is the Platform).Now with those rebates, we wont get green stamps lol, but we will receive equivalent of the rebates in CRYPTO CURRENCY. This crypto currency coins will be usable on day one. You have 3 choices of the crypto coins when you spend fiat currency (the dollar or what ever your countries fiat is) thru the platform with these merchants and receive these rebates:1. You can sell them on a forex for cash2. You can use them at a 2nd platform like the (S&H) green stamps store full of merchants that want your crypto for their products up to 100% in your crypto... or3. You can hold them in speculationLet me explain the speculation real quick. Many of you have heard of Bitcoin and probably most of you haven't. It was born out of the 2008 economic meltdown thru the innovation blockchain technology and has been considered the best solution to the fiat currency inflation. At first the bitcoin was nothing but rose to a monetary value of over $1200 by 2012-2013 then crashed back down to $70 many people considered it a pump and dump like all the 700 created since bitcoin which is 100% true! Now today, the knowledge is revealed as the Bitcoin has re reason to over $1000 a coin again cause it now has a usability to were many merchants will except it and governments have declared it a currency in many countries too. The USA has declared all crypto currencies a commodity so that they can collect a tax on it. So you see, Bitcoin finally has set the turf for usability of the coin.The coin we will be using thru the new company has it's IPO. This makes this coin like no other and this coin is usable on the first day. Yesterday during the ICO the coin was worth $0.03500 today it is worth $0.0400 that is a major capitalized earning on the hol[...]

Platincoin -

Mon, 03 Apr 2017 17:53:34 -0400

I am NOT the Admin or OWNERProjekt: PlatinCoinPrelaunch: 11.04.2017Official: 01.05.2017In our team, you are at the forefront, worldwide! We have the direct contact to the CEO through the Innercircle. Better start-up requirements combined with hundreds of years of network experience of our leaders will quickly lead you to real success. In addition, you will be supported with free marketing tools that will successfully implement the latest traffic generation strategies. It's all about a solid crypto-coin!For the first time, a technology company from Switzerland comes with a hybrid blockchain (10x faster than Bitcoin) and is launching an immediately listed Crypto-Coin.Even though the Crypto-Coin is immediately tradable, it is also revolutionized by a social media platform with a recommendation network worldwide and an amazing compensation plan.We will reach the million-user limit in a very short time. The price development is always easy to speculate, but the great thing is that a large part of the income flows IMMEDIATELY into real investments (precious metals, company shares, etc.), thus guaranteeing the intrinsic value.The highlight, it is no future music, it will start in May. For many Coin providers usually the Crypto-Coin must be created first! This is a process in which you have to get your tokens through a mining process (coin rights) . This takes a few months until this process is done and you will recive your ready Crypto-Coin ! This time increases more and more according to the difficulty level! After the creation of the crypto-coins you usually have a blocking period!During this time the crypto-coin is not tradable! With our new crypto-coin there will be no such lengthy processes for the members!The technology behind the Hybrid Blockchain is so far unique! We have a mix of Proof of Stake (POS) and Proof of Work (POW)!There will be no token, no blocking periods for the members! So a crypto-Coin, which stands out from other Coin vendors clearly! It is a 100% liquid crypto-coin! A GUARANTEED repurchase of the crypto coins by the company itself ! The course of the crypto-coin is supported by constantly increasing investments (starter packages), the ever increasing investment of the company in precious metals and investment in company shares.At the start, the course is at € 0.10 / Crypto-Coin and will probably be € 1 or more by the end of the year. A profit for investors is to be expected!Specials: Immediately from the start: We are listed on 2 stock exchanges for cryptic currencies and immediately tradable! Lucrativ unilevel plan up to the 11 level (unilevel plan follows)Purchase of the crypto-coins via starter packages (5 € - 10000 €) There are 7 different starter packages. The prices of the starter packages are 5 €, 50 €, 250 €, 500 €, 1000 €, 5000 € and 10000 €!Content of the Starter Packages:Crypto-coinsHigh-quality Business AcademyCrowdfounding / Likes : Community votes about projects.Advertising pointsAfter purchase IMMEDIATELY the Crypto-Coins will be transfered into your personal SECURITY (Patented) E-Wallet (No Tokens)No tokens / splits / difficulty levels or blocking periods for members! PROTECTION / Support of the crypto-coin by precious metals and participationsFIRST Crypto-Coin with a Real Material Value! Course to start: 1 crypto-coin = 10 centsExample:By purchasing a starter package for 1000 €, you get IMMEDIATELY 10000 crypto coins in the e-Wallet credited! 10000 Crypto-Coins times 10 Cent = 1000 € In the starter package for 250 € 2500 Crypto-Coins are immediately credited in the E-wallet! 2500 crypto-coins times 10 cent = 250[...]

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FREE Divvee Social Shopping APP, A Brand New Way To Shop, Save, and Earn! From Your Phone

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Edited July 31, 2017 to add:

Divvee is Now Nui!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new company: Nui. Over the last year as we have worked to develop Divvee Social and Rank & Share, we united with several other companies that are dedicated to our same cause: Bring hope to the masses, foster change, and strengthen our families. We ecstatically bring you the new face of our community and cause: Nui. In the Hawaiian language “nui” means bigger, greater, more. We felt that this name perfectly explains our purpose and passion as a company. “Kokua” means to serve or help others. Our passion is to help people all over the world have a greater, more fulfilling existence.

We at Nui are looking forward to the new possibilities that are awaiting us as we roll out the new face of Divvee Social. We are excited to help spur change and foster hope in this world. Get excited, because…We are Nui.